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ST:MAC113 | "The Lorkavian Incident"

With the situation rapidly detorating on Tu'Vons, with a MACO Task Unit being comprimised and captured. The USS MacAlpine is tasked to provide aid the Lorkavian Refugees and to provide direct action assistance against the Lorkavian Empire due to the threat they pose and have been to Federation personel.


--- STARDATE 97146.8 ---


Eve looks to the three MACOs and Calypso Steele that are part of her team, the only Starfleet personnel that are going into the capitol dome. She leans back into her seat, still thinking over the task ahead of them and the markers for the fallen MACO's that were in the landing base. Se'fe sits down next to her, lightly placing her hand on Eve's shoulder before she speaks.

"Whats, on your mind?" Se'fe asks.

"Just thinking about the mission, always knew I could get an order like this, but does not mean I have to like doing it..." Eve trails off.

Se'fe nods slightly, "I can understand that I am guessing it does make it easier with your team being the only team going on."

"No, it doesn't, but at the same time, I know that the away team is needed for that aid mission and the rest of the MACO's need to rescue those resistance fighters," Eve adjusts the gun bag next to her slightly, to make sure it is resting against the wall of the maglev.

Se'fe nods before she leans back into the seat to relax for the final few moments before the train reaches their drop off point, she glances at the resistance team that is further down the carriage. Taking note of how they all look agitated and on edge compared to the MACO's who are all relaxed, most of them with their eyes closed as well.

It is not long before the maglev reaches the old station on the edge of the dome, the resistance fighters stepping out of the train quickly to make sure the platform is safe before the MACO team steps out onto it.

Eve glances at Calypso who is looking tense, lightly placing her hand on her shoulder, "Steele, relax. It is going to be fine, stick close to 3, and they will keep you safe."

"Ok...I will," Calypso says while she takes a deep breath to try and calm her racing heart and is only slightly successful.

Eve nods slightly before she steps away and keys her communicator, "Silver, Artemis 1, passing Bear, over."

The response comes in with static, "Arte...Silver, copy...bear, reading...weak and distorted, over."

"Copy that, Silver. Will establish at next point. Artemis 1, out," Eve motions for her team to start moving, "Right people, got weak comms with Sliver at the moment, assuming it is due to being underground and the radiation above ground but the plan stays the same. Activate holo disguises, and mind these will only hold up under light scrutiny."

Eve activates her holo disguise while she follows Se'fe out of the station onto the street while she shoulders the gun bag. Se'fe has stopped just outside the station while she looks on in shock at the state of the street, the back street is filled with rubbish along the sides of the road while an air of fear permeates everything.

Eve lightly places her hand on Se'fes shoulder before they start moving out again, walking past broken windows, smashed down doors and a number of buildings marked by a diamond with a cross through it.

Eve nods to one of the symbols while they walk, "What does that mean?"

Se'fe glance at it while they walk, "It is a symbol from the last war, the symbol of the Alliance...they were the ones that started the last great war, no idea why their symbol is here now."

Eve frowns slightly while they keep moving, taking note of the few people on these streets, and when they did pass someone they where keeping their heads down. It is not long before they reach the building they were heading for, quickly stepping inside with 4 and 5 of the MACO's moving through it to make sure it is clear while Eve and Iara secure the door.

"Building's clear," the call comes from T'Su.

With that call, they deactivate their holo disguises while moving up to the top floor to get set up.

"Silver, Artemis 1, passing Cheetah, over," Eve transmits in the hope that the signal has improved.

"Artemis 1, silver, copy. You are coming weak and readable, over," Commander Carter says over the comms.

"Copy, Artemis 1, out," Eve says before she reaches the floor, they are setting up on, "Right, 4, get the spike set up. 5, keep security. 10, get your gear set up."

While Eve speaks, she grabs a table and sets it up with its short edge looking towards the window, Iara grabs another and lines it up next to it. T'Su has opened there rucksack and is starting to set up the signal booster to try and push their comms signal through the radiation and the dome. Calypso is unpacking a few devices and setting them up on one of the tables, before connecting them together and to her PADD, while Iara starts to adjust the spotting device that is feeding the data to Calypso so that it has a good view down the street and to the plaza where a crowd is already starting to gather.

Once everyone is set up, Eve starts to unpack her gun bag and assemble the Gauss sniper setting it up on the table before she keys her comms.

"Silver, Artemis 1. We are passing Emu, over," Eve says.

"Artemis 1, Silver. Solid Copy, reading you, loud and clear, over," Carter transmits back.

"Roger, Artemis 1, out," Eve says and ends the broadcast.

Eve grabs a chair and sits down in it behind the rifle, adjusting it slightly so that she has a good view into the plaza for once intel has confirmed the target.

"Now we wait, take up a shift guard. Should only be here for about an hour max but still, better to be on guard just in case," Eve says.

The MACO's nod with Iara settling down next to her gear while T'Su and H'Rall taking up security in the building. Calypso sits down next to Eve, keeping her eyes glued to the PADD and to the spotting scope in front of her, while Se'fe settles down to be ready if needed.

" do you seem so calm about this whole thing?" Calypso asks Eve after about 10 minutes of quiet.

Eve glances over at Calypso for a moment before looking forward again as she speaks, "Training and experience, never been given a kill/capture order before, not many of them are ordered to be fair. But experience in the field and trust in my team keeps me calm, I trust them to do their jobs, so I don't have to worry about watching my back and can focus on what is ahead," Eve says.

Calypso nods slightly, "Ok...still don't have a lot of field experience, especially with situations involving MACOs."

"Don't worry, you have 3 watching out for you directly and just stick with the team, and you will be fine," Eve says.

Calypso nods before she falls back into being quiet.

After about another 15 minutes, Calypso taps Eve's shoulder.

"I have movement on the platform, several guards and someone with a bag on their head...possible ID on the target, trying to confirm," Calypso says.

The MACOs key up from their relaxed postures with the promise of action, while Eve brings her eye to the scope of her rifle and slowly scans it across the platform.

"Attempting to acquire, got the her, can we confirm?" Eve asks, with her crosshairs resting on the target.

"Wait it, positive ID on the Ace of Clubs," Calypso says.

With that confirmation, Iara keys her comms, "Silver, Artemis 3. Passing Hare, over."

"Silver, Artemis 3. Solid Copy, you have execute authority, over," Carter transmits back.

"Solid Copy. Artemis 3, out," Iara keys before she taps Eve on the shoulder.

Eve slows her breathing to steady her rifle and is getting ready to shoot when the Ace of Spades suddenly removes the prisoners hood to reveal a male Klingon.

"That's one of the captured MACO's!" Calypso says after taking a second to scan and confirm their identity.

"Plan stays the same, this is a public execution. They are dead no matter what we do," Eve says, her voice flat and low.

She takes a few deep breaths before exhaling fully and in the pause following her exhale she squeezes the trigger, sending the projectile downrange, taking the target straight through the chest. She quickly readies herself to fire again if needed while her team start to pack up to leave.

"Target is not moving, no life confirmed dead," Calypso reads off, taking a deep breath to try and steady her shaking hands.

Eve nods while she folds up her rifle and throws it in its bag before slinging it over her shoulders.

"Silver, Artemis 1. Passing Tapir, over," Eve transmits while the team quickly makes it way back downstairs while they reactive their holo disguises.

"Artemis 1, Silver. Solid Copy, over," the team HQ says.

"Copy. Artemis 1, out," Eve says before they quickly step outside and swing around to start moving towards the Imperial Intelligence building which makes up an entire wing of the central senate building.

"Right people, Se'fe, guide us in. Make sure everyone stays alert, they know someone is in the dome now so they will be on alert, so we are going to have to be quick and get the intel we came here to get," Eve says quietly and over the teams' comms while they walk.

The team splits in two while they walk to try and draw less attention to themselves, while they move through the streets the sounds of panic starting to ripple through the dome. Eve hugs the sides of the street, keeping her head down when a squad of soldiers rushes downs the road towards the plaza and away from the senate building.

--- STARDATE 97147---


Luna is sat on the bridge of the MacAlpine, she glances around the bridge looking at the crew and taking note of the senior staff that were slightly on edge. Only some of them knowing that the aid mission is only part of the away missions while the rest that was on edge had served long enough on other ships or with this crew to pick up on how they were feeling.

Luna stands up out of the captain's chair before she walks over to comms station and LTJG V'lel.

"Any update from the planet?" Luna asks.

"None, since the last update with the away team providing aid to the refugees," V'lel responds.

Luna nods and is about to head back to the captain's chair when one of the ops consoles against the back wall of the bridges pings a sensor alert. LT Ela Alves moves over to the console when the Petty Officer stationed there signals for assistance. Luna is standing next to her chair while she looks over at Alves to see what is going.

"Commander, you are going to want to take a look at this," Ela says.

"On screen, what are we looking at?" Luna asks while she sits down and looks at the screen once the sensor readings were put upon it.

Ela quickly moves back to her console in front of the command chairs, "Picked up a build-up of energy from the planet. It seems to be centralised in one place, roughly 10km from the capitol dome," Ela says.

"Are we able to contact our people on the ground to let them know?" Luna asks.

"Negative, Commander. We won't have a break in the radiation clouds for another hour," V'lel responds.

Luna rubs the bridge of her nose while she tries to think it through in her head, while the turbolifts doors open.

"Captain, on deck," the call comes from one of the security personnel near the turbolift.

"As you were, number one. Sitrep," Fiona says while she walks over to the captain's chair, her cane ringing out when it meets the floor.

"Captain, we have readings of a large energy build-up coming from the planet, and we are unable to contact the away team," Luna says while she gives up the captain's chair to take the first officers chair.

"Ok. Helm, how long would it take to reach the planet?" Fiona asks.

"Roughly 3 hours, Captain," LT Olivia Calder answers.

"That is too long, whatever is happening is happening now...helm, prepare the ship for a short jump. And alert engineering what we are doing," Fiona orders.

--- TU'VONS ---


Eve peeks around the corner towards the door into the Imperial Intelligence building, before she leans back in to speak to her team.

"Right, so that is our entry point, and you are positive that our disguises will be pointless, once we are inside?" Eve asks.

"Yeah, despite the size of the building, the on-site staff is fairly small, and they don't move about much, so they might not recognise it as a disguise, but they will question you," Se'fe answers.

Eve nods slightly, "Ok, helmets and shields up, 4 pass out the phasers," Eve says while she activates her EV suits helmet.

T'Su nods while she unpacks her bag and hands out the phaser rifles, with Eve giving the coil rifle to Se'fe and all of them activating their EV suits helmet.

Eve quickly checks her phaser rifle before she leads the way towards the door, the MACO's forming a diamond around Se'fe and Calypso before the compact against the wall.

"10, your up, get us in quiet," Eve says while she steps forward to let Calypso try to crack the door code.

"Give me a moment, should have our entry shortly," Calypso says.

True to her word, it is only a few moments before she has the door code cracked with its opening and Eve folding through the doorway and into the hall.

"9, take point and lead us to the control room," Eve says to Se'fe who is on the other side of the hall from her.

Se'fe leads them through the halls, and as they had said before making entry, there is no one moving about in the halls. After climbing a floor and moving further into the building, Se'fe stops before she points to a door in front of her.

Eve taps the top of her helmet with a closed fist before pointing at the door on the left side of the hall. 5 takes up position on the tail of the stack, with 3 and 4 the point two people, leaving Eve to look after 9 and 10 in the middle. They pass shoulder taps down the line to 3 on point, who after a count of three opens the door and quickly moves in hooks to the left. As they step into the room, they drop one of the Lorkavians who was in the left corner who had a weapon, 4 drops another that had a pistol on the right of the door when they step into the room. The rest of the team quickly follows, with 5 holding on the inside of the door to keep security while the others make sure the room is clear.

"Room clear, 10, get us the intel," Eve says.

Calypso nods slightly, trying not to overthink what just happened, while 3 and 4 quickly restrain the two Lorkavians that were in the room in case they wake up.

"As we know, we are on a timer now, so let's get this intel and then..." Eve is saying before Calypso cuts her off.

"1, you are going to want to take a look at this," Calypso says.

Eve moves over to the console that Calypso was at, "What is it?" she asks.

"Got security cameras showing Maco prisoners being taking downstairs below the ground floor," Calypso answers.

"9, see if you can find if there are any other prisoners here and do you know where they could be going?" Eve asks.

"Will do, and I do. There is an old tunnel that runs out of the dome, it was constructed to be an emergency exit for the royals when they still ruled, but recently it has been getting used to transport people to a research facility," Se'fe says.

"Right, that is probably going to be our new exit. 3, plot us a route. 9 and 10, eta?" Eve orders before she turns to look at Se'fe and Calypso.

"I have the location for the prisoners, they should be near an entry point to the tunnel," Se'fe says.

"Just finishing the download now," Calypso says.

"Good, once you have it, we will get moving. 3, you ready to take us out?" Eve asks.

"Aye, 1, ready to go," Iara says.

Calypso nods as she removes the external drive she downloaded to the data to, "Got it, ready to go."

Iara nods before she steps back out into the hallway and quickly leads them to the staircase, the general pace of the movement being faster than it was getting to the data centre. When they are approaching the detainment sector, alarms start to blare throughout the building, Iara drops a guard that steps out from one of the side doors before they can call out an alert.

H'Rall taps Iara on the shoulder before the two of them push into the room that the guard had come out from.

"Room clear looks to be a control room," Iara says as she steps back out.

"Copy, 10, let's see if you can get the cell doors open," Eve says while she nods to Iara.

Calypso quickly steps into the room with Se'fe, the two of them taking a moment to open the cells before stepping back out into the corridor.

"Let's move it quickly then, don't have long until they figure out where we are. 4 and 5, you take cells on the right, me and 3 will take the ones on the left," Eve says.

The MACO's start to push into the cells while Se'fe and Calypso watch the hallway, they start pulling a number of the captured MACO's out of the cells and into the hallway. All of them showing signs of their captivity either with malnutrition or torture, the ones who were able to walk on their own would be helping those that were struggling or unable to. Once all the prisoners they had found out and in the hallway, goes over to one of the more able looking ones who the others seem to be looking to.

"I'm Artemis 1, let's get you lot out of here," Eve says.

"Thanks, I'm LT Bachmann, Lead of 2nd Platoon. Do you know where our Task Unit commander is?" He asks.

"I don't, we did not find them, unfortunately, but we believe they may have been moved before we got here," Eve says before she turns away, "Let's get us moving, 3, lead us out."

Iara nods to Se'fe before the two of them lead the group towards the tunnel entrance, their pace has slowed down drastically now that they were escorting the rescued captives.

They are just approaching the entrance to the tunnel when Eve's wrist comp flashes an alert.

"Right people, that's our time up. The sensors we dropped in the detainment centre have just be triggered," Eve says.

Everyone hurries through the door, onto a magrail station with a single track that leads into the tunnel. Before H'Rall closes the door behind them, the sounds of boots hitting the ground could be heard coming down the hall and getting louder.

"We will never be able to outrun the guards at this pace," Iara says.

"I know...10, take the rest of the group down the tunnel. 9, is there other exits before the next station?" Eve says while pulling out a small beacon device and handing it to Calypso.

"There is, there are several exits along on the route for emergencies," Se'fe says.

"But...what about you lot? The shuttle won't be able to wait around, and this is the only beacon," Calypso says.

"Don't worry, we're MACO's, we will make our own way home. Now get going," Eve says.

Calypso goes to say something before she stops herself and starts leading the rescued prisoners down and into the tunnel, while the MACO's start to get set up on the platform. Se'fe crouches down next to Eve behind a bit of cover.

"What are you doing?" Eve asks.

"If you are doing a rearguard action, you will need all the guns you can get. And the tunnel will be empty so the rest of them will be fine," Se'fe answers.

Eve nods slowly before she glances at the rest of her team, H'Rall would be setting demolition charges on the support beams and the sides of the tunnel for when they pull back into the tunnel. While Iara and T'Su would be hunkering down behind what cover they could get to watch the doorway.


--- U.S.S. MACALPINE ---

"Captain, we might have a situation," Ela says.

"What is it?" Fiona asks, looking over to the Ela.

"The energy build-up is continuing to grow on the planet, but it seems to be reaching a critical mass. Readings are showing increases in movement throughout the planets' tectonic plates," Ela responds.

"Do we have comms with the away team yet?" Fiona asks, her eyes going over to V'Lel.

"Negative, Captain. We sent the signal for them to send a shuttle up to act as a relay through the clouds, but we did not receive a response," V'Lel says.

"Damn it..." Fiona says while she rubs the bridge of her nose, "Take us to Yellow alert. Helm, plot us a course to take us into a low orbit and prepare for planetary entry. Commander Hunt, alert your group and prepare for atmospheric operation."

With the orders given the bridge jumps into action with the ship moving to yellow alert before they break orbit of the planet they were hiding behind and starts to fly towards Tu'Vons.

--- TU'VONS ---


Eve ducks behind one of the beams running down the sides of the tunnel when a burst of rounds impact next to her, "5, blow it!" Eve shouts over the sound of the gunfire that fills the tunnel.

H'Rall signals her acknowledgement before she quickly taps on her wrist comp, the MACO's and Se'fe hunker down behind as much cover as they can when their comps beep with the alert of the detonation beginning. The charges explode, catch the front lines of the Lorkavian soldiers in the blast before roof the tunnel over the station platforms gives out filling the mouth of the tunnel with rubble and dust.

The MACO's hold their positions for a moment to make sure the rubble has settled before they step out and activate their EV suits helmet lights that illuminate the area they are looking at.

"Right then, that should cut off pursuit from that direction, but we need to keep up the pace, 9, do you know a..." Eve was saying before she is cut off by the entire tunnel shaking and more dust falling.

Once the tremors stop, Eve glances back at the rubble to make sure it has not shifted before looking at the others, "The feck was that? That was not the charges," Eve says.

T'Su is looking at her tricorder before she looks back up to Eve and speaks, "I am picking up a massive energy build up down this tunnel, it seems to have power lines running from the dome to wherever this leads."

"Let me see those readings!" Se'fe says while she looks at the tricorder, "This can't be right...they should be nowhere close to a final prototype."

"What is it?" Eve asks, the other MACO's looking about as confused.

"If I am reading this build-up right and from what I is the final form of the NEXUS project. The things that Captain Skye was held in, they needed a lot of power to read her brain, and our researched showed that the bigger the source or, the more compact the storage we needed more power," Se'fe says.

"Ok, so what is exactly going on here then? What is the energy build up?" Eve asks.

"The energy build-up is they can attempt to meld the device with what they are trying to draw the knowledge from, I was not privy to the full scope of the NEXUS project, so I can only speculate to the purpose. But for that amount of power that is still rising, there is only one thing that big...the planet," Se'fe says.

"Wait, you are trying to say they are trying to read the mind of the planet?" Eve asks, her surprise evident in her voice.

Se'fe is stopped from responding when another tremor hits the tunnel, it is only a short one and over in a few seconds.

"Not entirely, it's not a mind-reading device, it just seems like that is what it does. If I am right, they are trying to meld into the planet to aeons of knowledge in the planets atoms...but that is of secondary concern right now, if they are not stopped these tremors will continue to grow while the planet's core becomes more unstable which will then result in..." Se'fe trails off as the full realisation hits her.

"The death of Tu'Vons. Don't worry, we will not let that happen. Right team, new objective, we need to stop the NEXUS project. 4, lead us out," Eve orders.

With orders, the MACO's quickly go back into full mission focus mode and make their way down the tunnel, making good time. Despite their fast pace, the tremors continue to grow in strength and duration the closer they get to the source of the energy build-up.

When they make it to the station that the energy is leading to, the tremors have started to crack the walls of the tunnel, with small bits of rubble falling out and landing on the tracks. T'Su and Iara are the first two out of the station and out into the wastelands outside of the domes. They continue towards the source of the energy build-up with small fissures starting to open up in the ground where the tectonic plates have begun to pull apart.

It does not take long for them to be nearing the source of the build-up according to their tricorders, but all they can see in front of them is what looks to be a cliff face. Eve is just about to scan for local energy signatures that could indicate holograms or cloaking when suddenly the image of the cliff face vanishes to be replaced by a wall built into the side of the cliff. Along the front of the wall would be several turrets, the other MACO's form a circle with Eve facing the wall when groups of other turrets pop out of the ground all around them.

A hologram is soon projected to stand tall over the team, and Eve looks up into the face of the Eskaratar (Empress) of the Lorkavian Empire.

"So, you are the ones that have been causing chaos on my planet then," the Eskaratar says.

--- TU'VONS ---

--- U.S.S. MACALPINE ---

"Captain, exiting the radiation clouds, in 15 seconds," Oliva reports.

"Copy, V'Lel, as soon as we are clear I want you to establish contact with our people," Fiona says.

V'Lel nods and turns back to her console with the ship exiting the clouds. With their sensors able to get accurate readings again, Salli turns from her science console to look towards the command chairs.

"Captain! We have a major problem," Salli says.

"What is it?" Fiona asks.

"The planet's core has started to go critical. It will not be long before the tectonic plates essentially burst," Salli says.

Fiona takes a deep breath before she gives her next order, "Begin planetary evacuation procedure, coordinate with our ground teams to set up beam out zones. Beam them directly to the cargo bays where I want security and medical set up to receive them."

One of junior operations officers deals with sending the alert throughout the ship while Ela begins to coordinate with the transporter pads.

"Captain, away team is reporting in, they are getting pattern enhancers set up now," V'Lel reports.

"Captain! Picking up multiple small craft on an intercept vector with us!" Nesaea Steele cuts in before Fiona can speak.

Fiona nods as she turns to the CAG Commander, "You have your scramble order," Fiona says before she turns to Nesaea, "Steele, Battle stations but no shields. We need to keep them down so we can evacuate the planet. Trust in the CAG, they will take the intercept but stay ready with the point defence."

Nesaea nods while the battle stations alarm starts to sound throughout the ship.

Down in the MacAlpines main hanger, the battle stations siren sounds behind the scramble alert and orders to clear the flight deck, while the pilots sprint to their craft.

LCDR Laura Knight springs up the ladder into the cockpit of her Valkyrie before she puts her helmet on and starts flying through her pre-flight checks, the pre-flight checks moments due to the craft having been thoroughly prepared before launch. Laura gestures an ok to the deck crew who responds with one as well, with the go from them she does her launch checks before she keys her comms.

"Crusader Lead, taking off!" Laura says before she throws her throttle forward and shoots out the hanger, the other 11 craft in her squadron moments behind her.

The other two VFA squadrons are not far behind either as they launch from other hangers. The three squadrons form up at different altitudes on their interception course with the Lorkavian craft.

--- TU'VONS ---


"Why are you doing this? You have to know you are causing the death of the planet," Eve says while she faces down the hologram.

"The planet will be reborn free of your Federation influence or those that would turn against it," the Eskaratar says.

Eve gestures at the ground that is starting to rip itself apart, "This is not rebirth, this is death! Your desire for power is dooming your world and your people!"

"No, no! It will be reborn with greater power, and we will be unified together in one cause!" the Eskaratar proclaims, hints of madness visible in her eyes.

"There is no rebirth on this path, only more death," Eve says while she taps the MACO's next to her to get ready.

The Eskaratar looks at them for a moment before she nods, "You are right, there is more death on this path, yours. Fire!" they yell.

Eve and the rest of the team dive for cover at the shouted order before they look up slowly following the sound of explosions but no impacts around them. Eve slowly stands back up and looks to see the Eskaratar looking shocked before she looks to see all the turrets around them have been destroyed.

"...Artemis, do you copy?" the transmission comes in weak through the storms.

"This is Artemis 1, to unknown station, identify and authenticate," Eve says as she keys her communicator, keeping an eye on the still in shock Eskaratar.

"This is Sundown 1, I authenticate tango. Stand by for transport," the pilot says.

"Authenticated, what about the NEXUS project? The energy build-up, we need to stop it," Eve says.

"No time, the core has already gone critical, we have 30 minutes at best. Planetary evacuation is already underway," the pilot says in response.

Eve falls silent at the news while they get transported back to the MacAlpine, the Talon-Class craft having tagged them with their advanced sensors.

--- TU'VONS ---

--- U.S.S. MACALPINE ---

"Captain, all federation personnel that are accounted for are aboard. And we are at evac capacity," Ela says.

"Copy that, recall the CAG and get us out of here. Helm, as soon as we are clear and the CAG is docked, set course for the closest starbase at maximum warp," Fiona orders while she leans back into her chair and lets out a small sigh.

The CAG has managed to disengage from the Lorkavian fighters and dock before the MacAlpine has reached the Radiation clouds.

"Captain, CAG landed and secured. We also have multiple unknown ships leaving the Lorkavian space station and from planetside," Ela reports.

Fiona nods slightly before she turns to Nesaea, "Can you get a lock onto the NEXUS facility?"

"Affirm, captain," Nesaea responds, already beginning to lock onto it.

"Good, single Quantum torpedo as soon as you have a lock," Fiona orders.

Nesaea quickly finishes her targeting solution before she fires the Quantum torpedo from one of the aft launch tubes. The torpedo impacts with the facility, which sets off a chain reaction with its energy storage, causing a massive explosion when the Iraatium is set off.

With the MacAlpine breaking atmosphere and the planet starting to break apart behind them, Fiona slowly stands from her chair.

"Number 1, you have the con," Fiona says while she walks to the ready room, the sound of her cane hitting the ground filling the quiet.

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