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ST:MAC111 | "Symbol of Faith"

After gaining entrance into the local settlement and listening to the High Priests of the settlements speech. The away team must gain entrance to the holy building to try and ID the source of the energy and if the Lorkavians are involved.


[10:33] Fiona@falconecoose: ((

[10:34] Fiona@falconecoose: --Previously on ST:MA--

[10:34] Fiona@falconecoose: --The away team sent to Lacertae II having discovered what they believe that has been causing the energy readings__

[10:34] Fiona@falconecoose: __They must now attempt to infiltrate the Holy Building that is giving off the energy readings to try to confirm the source and if there is contamination from offworld.--

[10:34] Fiona@falconecoose: --Now the continuation--

[10:35] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: looks at the main door of the temple, and the guards in front of it, before she scans her eyes looking for another entrance "Any ideas how we get in?"

[10:37] Alyssa@crystyll: perks a brow, "A door would be optimal"

[10:38] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "It would be unless you want to blow a hole in the wall."

[10:40] Septah@annpc#5570: "Could we transport inside? Perhaps whatever is inside won't let us get to it directly, but we might be able to bypass the main entrance and whatever security it has."

[10:42] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "We could try it, but we risk being spotted beaming in without eyes on the inside."

[10:44] Septah@annpc#5570: "That's true..."

[10:45] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: glances at Alyssa "We could try the front door and try knocking..."

[10:46] Fiona@falconecoose: | While they were talking a couple of the aliens in civilian garb would be seen walking past the guards with their heads bowed into the temple

[10:47] Alyssa@crystyll: "Well we entered the city under the guise of being pilgrims to the temple" she nods towards the observed aliens, "Perhaps we should follow suit"

[10:49] Septah@annpc#5570: "Might be the safest option. Still, the risk of not answering properly to questions related to their religion, but likely more avoidable than other risks."

[10:49] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: nods slightly "Let's try it then. What is the worst that could happen." with that she steps forward towards the temple

[10:50] Septah@annpc#5570: nods and follows.

[10:51] Fiona@falconecoose: | As the away team reaches the bottom of the stairs, the guards look at them but make no move to challenge them as they start up them.

[10:53] Septah@annpc#5570: tries to look natural as he steps up the stairs.

[10:59] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: leads the away team up the stairs and into the temple

Once the away team entered the temple, they would be greeted by rows of pews with a couple people in them while the priest gives a sermon with the sound of the choir in the background.

Septah: "Need to go up, yes?"

Calypso Steele nods slightly

Calypso Steele: "Yeah we do, will probably be stairs down in the corners, if it is like most holy buildings."

Septah: "Let's find one and try to access. If we're not allowed, sure they'll tell us first before evicting."

The two guards would be watching them as they stand in the entranceway

Calypso Steele: "Aye, probably better to move away from the doors as well."

Septah steps into the middle to not look as suspicious.

Calypso Steele follows suit and starts walking down the aisle, taking in the temple as she does so

As they look around the temple, they would see it's highly decorated ceiling, walls and pillars. Each of which would be decorated with paintings and sculptures which look like they would have taken years to complete.

The aliens in the pews would be watching the priest, or appear to be deep in prayer and not taking any notice of them

Septah moves further ahead, trying not to look too suspicious.

Calypso Steele keeps almost pace with Septah while they walk, glancing over her shoulder at Alyssa as they approach the cross-section of the temple in front of the main altar

Behind the main altar would be standing a priest in the simple light grey robes that most of them are garbed in. But behind him would stand a large statue that almost reaches the ceiling with a distinctly feminine look to it with long pointed ears. In contrast to the two smaller statues which would look somewhere between the large statue and the aliens themself

Septah looks around for stairs as they approach the last row of pews.

There would be a spiral staircase in each corner of the of arms coming off the cross-section.

Calypso Steele glances at each of the staircases

Calypso Steele: "Now to get up them...the one on the right looks easier to get up unnoticed."

Septah nods and makes for the right one, still trying to look natural rather than intentionally sneaking around in case the latter gets them into more trouble.

Calypso Steele lets Septah get a head start before she starts to follow.

Septah casually strolls toward the staircase to see if anyone minds or even notices.

Septah casually strolls toward the staircase to see if anyone minds or even notices.

Guard watches them stroll past, not seeming to mind while they stand guard with their spear resting against their shoulder.

Calypso Steele walks past the guard as well, one quick glance over her shoulder as she makes for the stairs

Septah sets foot on the first stair to see if anyone minds before proceeding further up.

The guards seem not to care, confident in the fact that only those true of faith were in the temple.

Calypso Steele once Septah was up a couple stairs, Calypso follows her up, waiting for Alyssa just beyond the first full turn

after a 'couple flights' of stairs, the away team reaches the top floor

Septah looks around for guards first, then signs of technology.

There would be no signs of any guards, just faint muttering could be heard from up ahead. There would be a large pad in the middle of the cross-section that at a glance looks like a very basic transporter pad

There would be the faint of machines, along with beeps and other noises from machines working away

Calypso Steele steps slightly to the side of Septah as she looks around as well

Unknown: "Why won't this work! Can't get anything on this backwater..."

Septah takes a scan of the pad to see what exactly it is.

(To Septah): Scans would show that is indeed a transporter if a basic one it also seems to be giving unstable energy readings

Calypso Steele glances at Septah while they scan ahead of them and at the muttering, they hear

Septah: "Looks to be primitive transporter technology. Similar to 22nd-century prototypes, at best. Seeing unstable readings from it as well."

Unknown: "Damn it...why now...Juno is going to be so mad...never mind the Anisratar Sravina"

Septah speaks quieter since he hears someone else is in the area.

Calypso Steele speaks quietly as well before she starts moving forward

Calypso Steele: "That would match the readings of it being Lorkavian..."

Septah follows behind Calypso.

Septah: "Think I hear a familiar name. Lorkavian too I believe, could be wrong..."

Calypso Steele nods slightly

Calypso Steele: "Sounds like it, from what I read in the dossier anyway."

Calypso Steele sticks behind the pillars for cover while she peaks forward

Septah does the same with a nearby pillar.

As they move forward, they start to see more of the area, with towards the front entrance there being what looks to be two of the pods that Captain Skye was held in

Unkown "Damn it...need more parts..." while they talk to themself, they walk towards the transporter pad and stand in the middle of it

As the speaker stands on the transporter pad, the away team would get a clear view of her and be able to positively ID her as a Lorkavian before she teleports away

Septah: "Interfering with pre-warp civilizations. Troublesome, but not unexpected."

Calypso Steele nods as she steps out from behind the pillar and moves into the cross-section area, still keeping a lookout in case there is more

Calypso Steele: "Yeah, let's see what we can find and get out of here before she returns, then I think. Alyssa, can you keep watch for us?"

Alyssa nods before she moves to stand by a pillar and watch the stairs

As they step into the cross-section, they would see a large blue object that faintly glows towards the main entrance side, and to the altar side there would be a small console and a holoprojector

Septah: "Quite a lot of technology. Question is what to do about it. Removal may cause unexpected developments and only a temporary solution. Underlying interference must be addressed."

Calypso Steele nods slightly before she moves towards the consoles with a glance towards the blue object

Calypso Steele: "True, and I guess that is what is causing our readings. And how do we do that then?"

Septah steps up to the transporter to check if he can find out where the Lorkavian went to.

Septah: "The Lorkavian intervention needs to stop. Not sure how much authority the Federation has over it though. The Prime Directive only applies to Federation members. Stopping Lorkavians would be the right thing, but diplomatic implications...complicated."

The transporter would seem to be only just holding itself together due to the Lorkavians very basic understanding of the tech they have reversed engineered. All Septah would be able to glean from it was that it was to somewhere near or on the planet.

Calypso Steele picks up a PADD from the table she is stood at and reads the message that is still on display on it.

Calypso Steele: "True...but then there is General Order 24...if a 'planet has been culturally contaminated to a point where correction is no longer viable and said culture now poses a direct threat to Starfleet personnel or Federation civilians, he may order the destruction of a planet's surface to occur within a time limit set upon invocation.' maybe not of this planet yet, but of the Lorkavians."

"Also, have a look at this."

Calypso Steele would offer the PADD to Septah.

Septah steps over to examine the PADD.



Watch out, spies report that the MacAlpine is close to you. Do not draw attention to our plans, you know the stakes. We are so close.


Septah: "Wonder what their goal is. Very likely, not something good for us if they achieve it."

Calypso Steele: "That is what I was thinking...the Commander will want to know about this, and this hideout the Lorkavians have here."

Calypso Steele downloads all the data on the PADD to her mission device before she puts it back on the table how it was before

Septah: "Agreed. That'll be a difficult decision for Command..."

Calypso Steele nods while she starts imaging the setup, so they have the record of it.

Calypso Steele: "What do you reckon, we tag the place, grab what we can and get out before we are discovered?"

"Worst case scenario to stop the influence here, MACOs...or an act of god..."

Calypso Steele trails off as she seems to have had an idea

Septah: "Maybe necessary, yes."

Calypso Steele: "I've just had a really bad idea..."

"Since they seem to worship the Lorkavians as gods, what if we presented another Lorkavian, like the one on the Mac, to denounce the one here as having been cast out of their god place."

Septah: "Would alienate the Lorkavians from the locals...but with their level of development, they won't be much help after that. Plus, it may cause casualties if relations turn violent between the two."

Calypso Steele: "I did say it was a bad idea..."

Septah: "Maybe useful in undoing whatever teachings the Lorkavians have given to the inhabitants here, though. Impact of meeting technologically advanced beings is more cultural than technological at this stage in their development."

"Probably best to do after the Lorkavians no longer present an issue, to ensure they don't begin using their superior technology on the locals when their ruse is broken."

Calypso Steele: "Yeah, but that is a choice for Command anyway. Let's get out of here."

Septah: "Indeed. Let's not stay long enough to be discovered. Will present even more problems for CommandCommand to solve."

Calypso Steele plants a tag marker under the table for any future missions that they perform here before she taps her combadge.

Calypso Steele: "MacAlpine, three to beam up."

MacAlpine: "Copy that away team, stand by."

With that, the away team is beamed back up to the MacAlpine


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