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ST:MAC112 | "Kemet be Danret"

After picking up a distress signal and moving to render assistance. The MacAlpine has discovered that the ship was a Lorkavian ship with only emergency power still on, with sections of the ship failing all together, with an away team being sent over by shuttle, what will they find?


--Previously on ST:MA--

--After picking up a distress signal and moving to render assistance. The MacAlpine has discovered that the ship was a Lorkavian ship with only emergency power still on, with sections of the ship failing altogether, with an away team being sent over by shuttle, what will they find?--

Calypso glances at the others in the away team while she fidgets in her seat slightly, her hand resting on her phaser

Calypso: "I am sure it will be fine..."

Isha: "Derelict ship from a species known to make trouble. What could go wrong?"

K'Nara glances over her shoulder at them as the shuttle comes to a stop with a small bump as it docks with the Lorkavian ship, the hiss of the airlock seal being formed sounding through the shuttle.

As the shuttle doors open and the security team steps out into the airlock. They would be greeted by a dark airlock with only the occasional flicker of the emergency lighting to light it. The security team moves in first, using their holo lights to illuminate the airlock while the rest of the team moves in before they open the second door.

Isha holds a phaser rifle at the ready as she examines the area for potential danger or signs of what happened.

There would be no danger visible, while the security is standing by the other airlock door waiting for everyone to be ready before they open it.

Alyssa: stands ready, tricorder in hand, scanning for bio signs etc

(To Alyssa): There would be faint bio signs coming for elsewhere on the ship a few on this deck

Isha: "Anybody else feel like this is a trap?"

Nesaea glances at Isha a small grin on her face

Nesaea: "I am sure it is fine, it's only a ship in distress on low powering with systems failing that is drifting through space."

Alyssa: "I have a small number of life signs on this deck. More elsewhere, but all read faint and difficult to pinpoint

K'Nara nods to Alyssa before she waves the Security person behind her forward as she opens the door

K'Nara: "Thanks for the update. Let's move then."

Isha nods and proceeds forward carefully, rifle ready.

Calypso slowly follows behind Isha and the security team with Nesaea close behind.

As they move out of the airlock, the air would smell almost stale; clearly, the life support systems are on emergency power as well. The lights wouldn't be in a better state than the airlock. Most of them being dark with only a few on solidly.

Isha: "Looks like a typical derelict so far. Never like it when it's quiet and empty, feels like something could jump out any second."

Calypso nods while she peers into the dark hallways

Calypso: "Yeah, I don't like it either...what way first do you reckon?"

Alyssa tries to get a bearing on the life signs.

Isha looks to Alyssa, "Anything on sensors telling us which way leads to what part of the ship?"

(To Alyssa): There would be faint life signs coming from down the hallway directly in front of the airlock

Alyssa: "Scans suggest the nearest life signs are direction ahead" she points with the tricorder in hand

K'Nara nods to the away team

K'Nara: "Whatever way you go, my team and I will hold here just in case."

Isha: "Let's go ahead first. If people are still alive, we want to get to them as soon as possible."

Calypso shrugs slightly as she looks the way Alyssa pointed

Calypso: "Guess that is our first direction, then."

Isha takes the point, being security.

Calypso is quite happy to follow behind.

While they are walking down the hallway, they would feel a faint breeze from the vent systems in the side of the walls.

Isha: "Is that from the life support system?"

Alyssa scans the vent system.

Nesaea shrugs slightly

Nesaea: "Probably..."

(To Alyssa): It would be a pretty standard vent system, about the size of a Jeffery tube with what looks like an access panel at the side of it

Alyssa: "Nothing untoward from what I can see here on the ventilation system."

As they step past the doorway towards the end of the hall, those at the front would be able to see a small pool of what looks like purple slime

Isha: "What is that?"

Isha looks to Alyssa for scanning work.

Alyssa steps to the front to take a more thorough scan of the goop.

Calypso glances at Nesaea with a look of concern while she adjusts her grip on her phaser.

Isha trains her rifle on the strange slime as she looks around and up for any potential sources it came from.

(To Alyssa): The goop appear to be acidic in nature, the chemical composition of the goo would seem to be wrong as the chemical bonds seem to be breaking apart

Alyssa perks a brow as she studies the readout, "Intriguing..."

Nesaea: "I'll be honest, I don't like it when people say intriguing like never means anything good."

Alyssa: "An acidic composition, but the chemical structure appears to be breaking down."

Calypso: "That is odd...should it be doing that?"

Isha: "Acidic like some fruits, or acidic as in burns your skin off if you touch it?"

Alyssa: "Without knowing more, it is impossible to say for certain if this is what it 'should' be doing by its very nature as we do not know what it's nature is. However, it is certainly unusual."

Alyssa turns to Isha, "And I would not advise touching it to find out."

Isha chuckles, "I definitely don't plan to get close to it, don't worry."

Nesaea backs up to the other side of the door just in case.

Isha: "We should keep looking for these life signs. Or is there some kind of remote monitoring you want to set up here first so we can keep an eye on that acidic...thing?"

Alyssa: "I see no reason to continue monitoring, though I should like to collect a sample for further analysis in the lab."

Isha: "I suggest coming back for that later, so we know what's going on here and if it might be a risk to bring that on board our ship."

"Or do you think it'll break down completely by that point?"

Alyssa nods, "There is no way to predict it's cycle. Do not worry, securing biosamples for transport to a lab is a perfectly ordinary task in bioscience."

Calypso glances at Nesaea while she looks at the door, quite happy leaving the science person to do the science stuff.

Alyssa wastes no time in briefly gathering a sample which gets locked away in a hermetically sealed container stowed in her pack

Alyssa: "We should proceed to track down the biosigns."

Isha nods.

Isha: "Let's go. Which way now?"

Alyssa: "This is still the general direction of the nearest biosigns. Was there a door we passed just back there?"

Calypso: "Aye, just here. Though it doesn't seem to have any power to it."

Alyssa: "Then it would be logical to surmise that the life signs are beyond and attempt to open it."

Isha looks for some control panel.

There would a control next to the door but would have been off the wall, and the wires behind it exposed with some having been severed.

Isha: "Looks like the controls are busted. Anyone here able to fix it?"

Nesaea moves over to have a look at it

Nesaea: "Let's see..."

Alyssa: "Define 'busted'"

Alyssa steps closer, more out of curiosity than any delusion of being able to assist

Isha steps back from the door to let the more technical minded handle it.

Nesaea: "Looks like it was intentionally pulled off the wall. This one here, the one that has been cut looks like the manual release. So it seems like someone wanted to keep something in, or something from getting into that room but couldn't seal it from the other side."

Alyssa: "Following the train of thought that the biosigns are indeed behind that door, it would be a natural deduction that someone on the outside was attempting to contain whatever is within" looks to Isha, "I suggest you stand ready."

Alyssa takes herself out of Nesaea's way as she clearly has a handle on the situation with the controls

Isha steps up to the door, phaser trained on it.

Nesaea moves so she is not in front of the door as she pulls out a couple tools she always carries with her on away missions and gets to work setting up a bypass on the release.

Nesaea: "Ready?"

Isha nods.

Alyssa nods

Nesaea nods once before she uses her hyperspanner and throws the release as the door starts to slowly slide open.

Isha keeps her rifle at the ready, waiting to see if anything comes out from the door.

Alyssa watches her tricorder for variations of bio readings or signs of movement.

Alyssa totally has the Alien motion tracker addon for her tricorder...

As the door slowly opens, what looks like a large cargo room is revealed. With faint pulsing purplish light coming from six large cylinders against the other wall.

(To Alyssa): There would be no change on the bio readings but there would be faint signs of movement

Alyssa: "Readings are faint, but I am detecting movement within."

Isha nods, proceeding towards the door carefully.

They would be able to hear a faint sound, almost like gears struggling against each other, coming from inside.

Isha: "If anyone's inside, I suggest you reveal yourselves now, so there are no misunderstandings! We're here to help, not to harm anyone."

There would be no response.

Nesaea: "I'm sure they are just shy..."

Isha: "I certainly hope so..."

Isha takes a step through the door carefully, eyes scanning her surroundings.

Isha: "We don't want to hurt you, but if you don't show yourselves, we don't know if you're friendly or not!"

As Isha steps into the room, she would spot a small four-legged robot struggling to move to the top of the room. As she speaks it turns to her, looking at it front on it is clear is armed before it goes to fire...but it's gun spurts slightly before more of the purple goo oozes out of the muzzle.

Alyssa watches, "I am no expert, but I do not believe that is supposed to happen."

Isha trains her rifle on the robot cautiously.

Isha: "It's not much of a weapon with that range, even if it is deadly acidic..."

Nesaea looks at it for a moment

Nesaea: "Yeah, I would agree with you. I do not believe that was supposed to happen...not much of a guard dog robot is it."

Isha: "That can't be the source of the lifeforms, and the acid might still be dangerous if we get too close."

Isha keeps an eye on the robot as she proceeds into the room.

Alyssa: "Subduing the automaton would be prudent."

Isha: "Destroying it might send the wrong message to whoever's here. Any way to disable it, like some kind of EM burst?"

The robot takes another step towards them, trying to fire again as more goo comes out. Before with a crunching of gears, one of its back legs falls off as it collapses to the decking.

Alyssa attempts a more thorough scan of the robot to gauge its systems."

(To Alyssa): The entire robot would be full of the goo and it would slowly be melting its internal systems and mechanisms

Isha: "I think it might've just subdued itself..."

"Whatever it is, it's not top-notch manufacturing."

Alyssa: "As I suspected" she nods, studying the readings, "It would seem that the robot's entire inner workings have been overcome by this compound."

Isha: "So it wasn't meant to be its weapon, then."

"If it's shut down this guard bot though, maybe it's responsible for shutting down the whole ship?"

Alyssa: "A reasonable assumption given the presented facts, though we are far from a conclusive determination."

While they are looking at the robot, they would hear a faint noise and rattle from the ventilation system that didn't sound like it was just the life support

Calypso glances at the walls

Calypso: "Please tell me that you just heard that as well...and that it was probably just the life support."

Alyssa: "It may be another of these robots."

Calypso: "Yeah...that was probably it..."

Isha: "We should keep an eye out for vents. Don't want to be surprised by whatever it is. If that substance is harmful, a robot might be dangerous if it manages to get close."

Alyssa: "Especially if it is one not hampered by that compound."

Isha nods and proceeds further into the room, alert for any vents and looking for survivors.

As they move further into the room, they move between the crates and other supplies which are haphazardly placed throughout the room.

Isha moves along alertly, looking for any sign of movement.

There would be no signs of further movement, but she would be able to see a number of the large pod-like things that were on Lacertae II and held Captain Skye in.

Isha makes her way carefully towards the pods.

Isha: "Any chance this is where the life signs are coming from?"

Alyssa follows, already scanning the pods

(To Alyssa): The faint life signs would be coming from inside them

Alyssa: "Confirmed life signs within the pods."

Isha: "In stasis, right?"

(To Alyssa): Aye they are

Alyssa: "My experience with this technology is limited, but yes. I believe so."

Isha: "Might be why they're survivors, then..."

Isha looks to Alyssa and Calypso, "What should we do with them?"

Alyssa: "I would not recommend doing anything with them until we know more about the situation on board."

Before Calypso gets a chance to respond to the sound of phaser fire echoes through the halls and their combadge chirping to life

Isha makes her way over to the door, phaser ready.

Security "It's in the vents! Berrett is down!"

Isha: "They sound like they need assistance!"

(To Alyssa): If she still had her motion tracker it would start beeping with multiple contacts (0.15 of that video pretty much)

Isha takes a position by the door, letting the officers decide how to proceed.

Alyssa checks her tricorder, "I have movement on multiple fronts."

Nesaea glances at the others

Nesaea: "I think it is time for us to be leaving...cause that does not sound good."

Alyssa: "Agreed"

Isha nods and cautiously makes her way into the hall again…

Alyssa follows with her sidearm at the ready.

Isha checks down where the security team was first before glancing back to see if the slime is still there.

The slime was still there and where the security team was before would be lit up with the flashes of phaser fire.

Isha, content that the slime won't cause trouble for them from behind, hurries back towards the security team.

Isha looks around with a rifle raised once they reach the team's position.

The security team would be holding the junction, but one of them would be down in front of them, and the other, there was no sign.

K'Nara waves the away team towards the shuttle

K'Nara: "Go! We are right behind you!"

Isha motions for the non-security officers to move to the shuttle first.

Isha: "What hit us?!"

Calypso dashes past the security people diving into the shuttle and getting strapped in.

K'Nara: "No idea, but it is slippery and hard to idea how many there is."

Alyssa heads into the shuttle behind Calypso.

Isha: "Can we make it and grab Berrett?"

K'Nara shakes her head

K'Nara: "No, she is gone..."

One of the other security guards would be dragging/carrying the other down guard.

Isha nods solemnly, "Let's get out of here before we take more losses, then."

Isha backs away towards the shuttle, rifle trained down the hallway, ready to cover their escape.

With everyone falling back, the security guard carrying the down guard moves past and gets in the shuttle.

Isha falls back with the rest of the uninjured team.

The team falls back into the shuttle, the moment the last person is in, the doors are sealed, and the shuttle burns away the ship and back to the MA.

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