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ST:MAC110 | "Civilization Part 2"

While in the 9321 Lacertae system, the USS MacAlpine has dectected anomalous energy reading from 9321 Lacertae II. The energy readings should be beyond the capabilities of a medieval civilisation as they were closer to that of a civilisation in the atomic era. Due to the anomalous energy readings an away team has been sent down to the planet to investigate.


[10:14] Fiona@falconecoose: ((

[10:14] Fiona@falconecoose: --The away team sent to Lacertae II have infiltrated the town that the anomalous energy signature was coming from__

[10:14] Fiona@falconecoose: __With them having gathered intelligence on the town and the people, they have been told that the 'high priest' has called a gathering in the town square.--

[10:15] Fiona@falconecoose: --And now the conclusion.--

[10:16] Fiona@falconecoose: | The away team, still disguised with their holo emitters, would be standing at the side of a busy road. The stores along it closing as the aliens funnel out of them and head towards the town square.

[10:18] Septah@annpc#5570: "We should make our way to the gathering as well. Don't want to be caught away from the crowd when blending in."

[10:18] Alyssa@crystyll: "Agreed"

[10:19] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: Nods while she watches the crowd moving "True, don't want to find out what happens if we do..."

[10:19] Septah@annpc#5570: "Plus, might learn something interesting from whatever it is they're gathering for."

[10:21] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: Glances at the others before she starts moving to follow the crowd "Let's get going then."

[10:21] Alyssa@crystyll: follows along, ever listening for useful tidbits from overheard conversations

[10:22] Septah@annpc#5570: looks around to see if he can spot any indication of what this gathering might be for.

[10:23] Fiona@falconecoose: | Looking around while they walk they would notice most of the aliens would be carrying a depiction of the symbol they have seen throughout the town in one form or another

[10:24] Fiona@falconecoose: | As they enter the courtyard there would be a platform raised to almost shoulder height of the aliens, the platform would be backed onto a large building with highly ornate decoration across >

[10:24] Fiona@falconecoose: > it's front. The building would look similar to a large cathedral from the medieval period of Earth.

[10:25] Alyssa@crystyll: "Impressive construction"

[10:25] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "Yeah, looks important as well."

[10:26] Alyssa@crystyll: "A likely candidate for the source of our anomalous readings."

[10:26] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "True, still need to try and find out what it is, though."

[10:26] Septah@annpc#5570: "Indeed. I suspect it is monumental in nature. Meant to impress, possibly to demonstrate the superiority of the civilization it belongs to, perhaps for the religious atmosphere."

[10:26] Septah@annpc#5570: "Latter would fit in with what we've observed so far."

[10:27] Septah@annpc#5570: "Many religions tend to make places of worship large and impressive. Makes the worshippers feel small in comparison to their deity."

[10:27] Alyssa@crystyll: nods, "An astute commentary."

[10:28] Fiona@falconecoose: | The courtyard would slowly be filling wit a crowd gathering in front of the platform, in reaction to the crowd entering a squad of soldiers is heavy plate armour with purple capes, >

[10:28] Fiona@falconecoose: > step in front of the platform. Their large tower shields would have a leather cover over them.

[10:29] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "Yeah that would fit...this looks interesting."

[10:32] Septah@annpc#5570: "What is this gathering for, I wonder? Daily prayer? Special occasion? Public address by leaders?"

[10:33] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: Nods at the platform as movement can be seen from the rear of it "I think we are about to find out."

[10:33] Fiona@falconecoose: | The sound of the crown starts to die down as four people, wearing robes of high-quality material, like the one at the gate, would step onto the platform and form a line near the front of it. >

[10:33] Fiona@falconecoose: > Before a single figure steps onto the platform and steps past the other four, he would be wearing white robes like the others but would have a deep purple shawl >

[10:33] Fiona@falconecoose: > around his shoulders along with a tall purple hat. The crowd goes silent as the figure raises their hands, one of them holding a large book.

[10:38] Septah@annpc#5570: "Clear separation of position by attire. Fairly typical of many civilizations."

[10:39] High Preist@falconecoose: "Children! The ancient one has spoken to me today again! As per Flethian 2:12, Minerva the wise hath not given us the spirit of falsehood but the spirit of righteousness."

[10:40] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: Raises her eyebrow slightly at the name Minerva "A galaxy of infinite possibilities...and yet..."

[10:40] Septah@annpc#5570: "Hm?"

[10:42] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "Minerva is an ancient Roman goddess, similar to the ancient Greek goddess Athena."

[10:43] Septah@annpc#5570: "Ah. Parallel development, perhaps? Or cultural contamination."

[10:43] Alyssa@crystyll: "Was the Athena entity not determined by Starfleet to be of the same species as the one calling itself Apollo who claimed to visit upon ancient Earth?"

[10:44] Septah@annpc#5570: "That is a possibility I had not considered. Perhaps the deities they refer to are similar to those of Earth culture because they were actual beings."

[10:44] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "With the energy reading, I fear contamination...but that is another possibility."

[10:45] Alyssa@crystyll: "Given that they had not been seen or heard from in centuries, I had believed them extinct. However, that is based solely on the interaction of one crew, and with one entity."

[10:45] High Preist@falconecoose: looks out at the crowd as he speaks, his eyes seem to linger on the away team until he starts speaking again and moves on.

[10:45] Alyssa@crystyll: "It may be prudent to have the ship cross-check this energy reading for consistency with that one, to disprove the theory if nothing else."

[10:46] Septah@annpc#5570: nods, "A sensible precaution."

[10:46] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: Nods "Will do that, though might be best to wait until whatever this is is done."

[10:47] Alyssa@crystyll: "Indeed"

[10:47] High Preist@falconecoose: "Minerva the wise, has gifted us with the great holy relic that reveals those would deceive and lead us astray from the one true path! >

[10:47] High Preist@falconecoose: > We have already cleansed the heretics that hid among us, but we must continue to be vigilant. For we are the chosen of the ancients and none else are worthy of the blessing of the ancient! >

[10:47] High Preist@falconecoose: > So my children is it right that the holy city lies in the hands of the unworthy!"

[10:48] Fiona@falconecoose: | The High Priest looks into the crowd as he about shouts his final words. In response, the crowd shouts out a loud 'no' that echoes around the courtyard.

[10:50] High Preist@falconecoose: "Good my children, Minerva the wise's faith in our faith is redoubled! There is one solution to the holy city being in the hands of the unworthy!"

[10:50] Fiona@falconecoose: | He pauses for breath as the crowd is almost hanging on his every word as they are swept along in the religious fervour.

[10:51] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "I have a bad feeling about where this is going..."

[10:53] Septah@annpc#5570: "Sounds like they are trying to spark a religious war. Not a good sign."

[10:54] High Preist@falconecoose: "And that is for it to be purified in the holy fire of a holy crusade!"

[10:54] Fiona@falconecoose: | As he shouts the final words, a loud bang echoes forward from the stage as the soldiers remove the cover from their shields and the four others on the platform unroll large banners. >

[10:54] Fiona@falconecoose: | > The banners and shields bear the symbol that the away team has seen throughout the town above the depiction of an eye with a sword through it.

[10:55] Fiona@falconecoose: | The crowd erupts into roars of support as people start banging their feet and anything else they can find. As the banging begins, the large central tower of the cathedral pulses a deep blue.

[10:58] Alyssa@crystyll: continues to quietly observe

[11:01] Septah@annpc#5570: looks up to the tower, "Interesting."

[11:02] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "I think we might have found what we are looking for."

[11:05] Septah@annpc#5570: "Quite possibly..."

[11:07] High Preist@falconecoose: "Children those that are true of heart and of faith, the temple knights have set up training camps outside the town to prepare for the purification of the land!"

[11:08] Fiona@falconecoose: | With that and one final bang of the banners, the priests and high priest turn and head back into the cathedral.

[11:08] Septah@annpc#5570: "I suggest removing whatever it is they have acquired. Their religious war will continue, but like many pre-warp cultures, I suspect it will happen with or without cultural interference."

[11:09] Septah@annpc#5570: "There will always be some contamination remaining, but in a few centuries, they will hopefully come to view records of this era as an exaggerated legend."

[11:10] Alyssa@crystyll: "We would be wise not to act in haste. We don't yet know what the root of this is, or the impact it may have on the culture if it were suddenly removed."

[11:10] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "That is true...we need more intel still and a way that doesn't risk further the prime directive."

[11:12] Septah@annpc#5570: nods, "Indeed. Their religious texts may yield more details if it is something accessible to the public."

[11:13] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "Could be a good place to start, but from what we have heard so far it seems like only the priests can read it."

[11:15] Alyssa@crystyll: "Playing into their war recruitment may grant access, but at the cost of further embedding us into the heart of this crusade. I could not advise such a course without first knowing more"

[11:17] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "That is an option...but what about finding a way into the temple itself with stealth?"

[11:18] Fiona@falconecoose: | The crowd would be starting to disperse with a large portion heading for the main gate while others just go to return to their daily life

[11:19] Septah@annpc#5570: "That should be achievable with our technology unless these priests have truly mastered whatever technology they have acquired."

[11:20] Alyssa@crystyll: "Or whatever entity is masquerading as Minerva has that capacity."

[11:21] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "Sounds like we have a plan, but I think we need to check-in and see what out tricorders picked up during that."

[11:22] Alyssa@crystyll: "Pausing to update the Captain before proceeding would be prudent" she nods

[11:22] Septah@annpc#5570: "Agreed."

[11:29] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: Steps to the side of the courtyard before she steps to the side of the courtyard, facing the wall while she pulls her tricorder. "Let's do it quickly then before someone comes."

[11:32] Septah@annpc#5570: steps over to the corner as well, keeping an eye out for anyone who might stumble across them.

[11:33] Alyssa@crystyll: follows suit

[11:33] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "Away team to MacAlpine. Away team to MacAlpine."

[11:34] MA@falconecoose: <C> "MacAlpine copies, send it away team."

[11:35] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "Got a possible ID on the signal, but will have to infiltrate their holy building before we can 100% confirm. Possible contamination as well, they referred to their god as 'Minerva' possibly >

[11:35] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: > just chance but we want to confirm."

[11:36] MA@falconecoose: <C> "Acknowledged, we picked up another reading just a few minutes ago, you got a closer reading on it?"

[11:36] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "Affirm transmitting it now." She glances at the others "Anything I missed?"

[11:38] Septah@annpc#5570: shakes his head, "Should we mention the impending conflict here?"

[11:40] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: *Glances at Alyssa to see what she thinks.*

[11:41] Alyssa@crystyll: "The level of influence this presence seems to be exerting here is noteworthy in consideration of our method to proceed."

[11:44] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: "Another thing MacAlpine, the religious leader here has just declared a holy war against the rest of the continent it seems and whatever is causing the readings seems to be giving him a high level >

[11:45] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: > of influence over the people here, with as he the people seem to believe it is a gift from their gods with the high priest being able to speak to the gods."

[11:46] MA@falconecoose: <C> "Acknowledged, we can not get involved directly, all we can do is remove the advised away team, just ran your sensor readings through, and they have thrown up a percentage match >

[11:47] MA@falconecoose: > with sensor logs from Tu'Vons."

[11:51] Alyssa@crystyll: "So we suspect they are responsible for this contamination?"

[11:51] Fiona@falconecoose: <C> "Looks that way, there is a high chance anyway. So stay on your toes and keep your eyes peeled."

[11:52] Septah@annpc#5570: nods, "Will do."

[11:53] Septah@annpc#5570: nods, "Will do."

[11:54] MA@falconecoose: <C> "Copy, continue with the investigation. Make contact if the situation continues at all, MacAlpine out."

[11:55] Calypso@hawkecosse#4702: Nods while she puts her tricorder away and turns to look at the temple. "Now to find a way in..."

[12:00] Septah@annpc#5570: turns and examines the structure, "Though we could alter our holoprojections with the proper attire, it may be difficult to act appropriately as a priest."

[12:00] Septah@annpc#5570: "Might be best to find an alternate entrance."

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