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ST:MAC106 | "The Nexus"

Following on from the rescue of the away team and the MacAlpine's escape, CMDR Osro ordered a course to be layed in for Starbase 84. While on route Orso ordered a team to begin questioning the prisoner they took from Tu'vons that looked remarkably similar to the Captain.


[10:09] Fiona@falconecoose: --Previously on Star Trek MacAlpine--

[10:10] Fiona@falconecoose: --After managing to escape from the ambush and power grab led by the Anisratar Sravina and being rescued by the MACOs with the unexpected rescue of their believed dead Captain. The MacAlpine is on course for Starbase 84 to restock their supplies that they have used in repairs or were lost during the boarding action. With a few days left before they reach the Starbase, CMDR Orso orders the questioning of the prisoner they took during their escape that bears a strong physical and genetic resemblance to CAPT Skye--

[10:11] GM@falconecoose | Inside the questioning room, the prisoner would already be seated at the table, looking around the room while they wait and drum their fingers against the table.

[10:13] Orso@falconecoose: Looks at the people assembled while she puts her PADD away "Right then, You two are going to take the lead on this, something has come up that needs my attention. Anything you want to know before going in, Se'fe has kindly offered to answer any questions that she can, beyond that, question the prisoner and find out anything you can in regards to what they know or about the 'device' project they were part of."

[10:16] Alyssa@crystyll: "Interrogation is not my forte Commander. I am uncertain as to the logic behind my presence."

[10:19] Orso@falconecoose: "No, but you are to follow any of the science behind anything they reveal. As I know myself, if I were to be leading this, I would need a scientist just to translate any of that side of things."

[10:19] Alyssa@crystyll considers this a moment and nods, "Acceptable. As to the line of questioning, I will defer to the Petty Officer" she glances to her right

[10:20] Isha@annpc#5570 nods, "I'm no officer, but I grew up in a militia family."

[10:20] Isha@annpc#5570 chuckles, "My father's questioning after any late nights out probably taught me all I need to know about interrogations."

[10:21] Orso@falconecoose: nods slightly "Good, then I leave this in your capable hands."

[10:22] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow, failing to see the relevance of her hands

[10:25] Orso@falconecoose with that Orso turns and exits the room, letting them get started

[10:26] Isha@annpc#5570 looks to Alyssa, "Shall we, Lieutenant?"

[10:27] Alyssa@crystyll tilts her head a little, "After you."

[10:27] Isha@annpc#5570 steps into the room.

[10:27] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "I will be out here if you need any assistance."

[10:28] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702 sits in a chair.

[10:28] Alyssa@crystyll follows after a nod of acknowledgement to Se'fe, quietly slipping into the room after Isha

[10:29] Isha@annpc#5570 looks the prisoner over closely.

[10:30] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702 looks up at the two as they enter but beyond that says nothing, her attitude would seem strangely relaxed for her situation

[10:32] Alyssa@crystyll stands silently in the corner, hands folded at her back and all stoic like as she observes

[10:35] Isha@annpc#5570 leans forward onto the table, still staring at the prisoner, "Who are you, and why do you resemble the Captain so much?"

[10:40] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702 returns the stare while she answers "I am who I am, and I resemble her because I am her daughter."

[10:41] Isha@annpc#5570 looks to Alyssa, "The Captain does have a daughter, right?"

[10:44] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow, "Cecilia" she answers with a nod, turning a questioning gaze to the prisoner

[10:44] Isha@annpc#5570 looks back to the prisoner, "Is that your name?"

[10:46Nexus@hawkecosse#4702 shakes her head slightly "No, that is my sister."

[10:47] Isha@annpc#5570: "You know of her, then?"

[10:47] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702: "I do."

[10:49] Isha@annpc#5570: "Why don't we know of you? Were you...born when the Captain was in captivity?"

[10:51] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702: "I was born after she was abandoned by Starfleet, yes."

[10:52] Isha@annpc#5570: "Abandoned by Starfleet?"

[10:52] Nexus@hawkecosse# 4702: "What else do you call being left to die."

[10:53] Isha@annpc#5570: "From my understanding, she chose to stay behind to make a sacrifice. There is a difference."

[10:55] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702: "If that is so, why did it fall to the people of Lorkav to try and save her."

[10:56] Isha@annpc#5570: "We didn't know she was alive."

[10:58] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702 her hands clenches into a fist slightly as her calm and relaxed appearance falls away for a moment "You didn't even look!"

[10:59] Isha@annpc#5570: "How is it the Lorkav found her, then? Why were they looking in that area?"

[11:00] Alyssa@crystyll observes the emotional reaction, not commenting for the moment

[11:01] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702 calms herself down for a moment before she responds "They happened to be passing along the edge of the battlefield."

[11:04] Isha@annpc#5570: "And do you know what happened with her between then and now?"

[11:07] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702: "Yes, she was being treated for her extensive injuries before you took her."

[11:08] Isha@annpc#5570: "Where do you come in?"

[11:11] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702: "I was born not long after she started to be treated by the Lorkavians,"

[11:12] Isha@annpc#5570: "Did the Lorkavians have anything to do with you being born?"

[11:14] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702: "They were there throughout it if that is what you mean."

[11:16] Isha@annpc#5570: "But they didn't...instigate it? The Captain was already carrying you when she was MIA?"

[11:17] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702 shrugs slightly "That I can't answer for you."

[11:17] Isha@annpc#5570: "You don't know, or you're not allowed to tell?"

[11:18] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702: "I don't know."

[11:19] Isha@annpc#5570: "Fair enough."

[11:19] Alyssa@crystyll: "What about the technology and methods used by the Lorkavians in this recovery process?"

[11:23] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702: "From what I was told, it was designed to essentially freeze them in stasis while the repairs take place."

[11:23] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow, "You refer specifically to the chamber which the Captain was found in?"

[11:26] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702: "I believe so if it's the chamber in the control centre."

[11:27] Alyssa@crystyll: "So to your knowledge; it was purely a form of stasis device. No more, no less?"

[11:28] Nexus@hawkecosse#4702: "Yes, that is what it was."

[11:29] Alyssa@crystyll: "Interesting..." she seems content not to pursue the line of questioning for now, though to those familiar with Vulcans it is clear she is deep in thought on it still

[11:30] Isha@annpc#5570 looks back to Alyssa, "Maybe we should discuss our findings outside."

[11:31] Alyssa@crystyll gives a single nod, "That seems prudent."

[11:32] Isha@annpc#5570 looks back to the prisoner before heading out, "Thank you for your cooperation."

[11:33] Alyssa@crystyll glances that way but seems to feel no obligation for further platitudes as she heads out

[11:34] Isha@annpc#5570 turns to Alyssa once they are outside, "Do we have any scans of the prisoner that might reveal where she came from? If she's a complete copy of the Captain, or something else?"

[11:35] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 would still be standing outside the room

[11:38] Alyssa@crystyll nods, "Medical scans indicate a 99.99% match for the parent/sibling relationship as indicated

[11:39] Isha@annpc#5570: "I imagine that's not enough variation to suggest another parent was involved. Technical deficiency, maybe?"

[11:40] Alyssa@crystyll: "Perhaps. Without knowing more of the technology, one is forced to speculate..."

[11:40] Isha@annpc#5570: "Anyways, I'm getting the distinct impression that this...clone, or whatever she is, has been mentally indoctrinated by the Lorkavians."

[11:40] Alyssa@crystyll hesitates at the thought of speculating. Sacrilege!

[11:41] Alyssa@crystyll: "Or purposefully sheltered from the truth" she looks to Se'fe, "What do we know of the chamber where the Captain was being held?"

[11:42] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "Despite working on the project not much about its current form, I was mainly working with the original Phase 3 team. I can tell you though that it is not a new thing itself, the idea of it was created before the last great war with a dream of peace...then 50 million people died in 5 hours, and that dream was destroyed."

[11:44] Alyssa@crystyll: "Our prisoner appears confident in her knowledge that it is simply a form of the stasis chamber. Do you concur with this?"

[11:45] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "It has stasis functions but that it is not its intended purpose."

[11:46] Isha@annpc#5570 nods, "She's definitely been sheltered from the truth, at the very least."

[11:46] Alyssa@crystyll: "As I suspected. Could you please enlighten us?" she nods.

[11:49] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "We called it Project NEXUS, it stood for; Neural Experimental Uniform Synapse. From what I know of it, it connects into the neural pathways of whoever is inside it and hijacks them pretty much."

[11:51] Alyssa@crystyll nods as she listens to what appears to be confirmation of her suspicion, "If we could demonstrate this fact to our prisoner, I believe it could prove sufficient to making her more amenable."

[11:52] Alyssa@crystyll: "At the very least, her reaction would be telling of any mental conditioning."

[11:53] Isha@annpc#5570: "Would she just accept it without any evidence, though?"

[11:54] Alyssa@crystyll: "I wouldn't."

[11:55] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "She was just a child, plus she was trying to cope with all the memories that she had but none of the experiences to go with them...wouldn't you trust the only people you knew in that situation."

[11:57] Isha@annpc#5570 nods, "You're right, it's probably not her fault she sympathises with the Lorkavians. We'll have to find some way to show her their true colours though."

[11:57] Alyssa@crystyll: "Precisely. The only people she has known for herself thus far have been the Lorkavians."

[11:58] Alyssa@crystyll: "Hence my thought that proving the true nature of the NEXUS could serve such a purpose. I am uncertain, however, if we have sufficient means at our disposal."

[11:59] Isha@annpc#5570 looks to Se'fe.

[11:59] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 nods slightly "It might not seem it, but she is starting to question won't be easy though, I tried before and failed. I can provide any information I have on it for you."

[12:01] Isha@annpc#5570: "Might be best for you to explain these things if we're going to try convincing her, Lieutenant."

[12:03] Alyssa@crystyll: "It will be difficult to explain something with conviction when I am unfamiliar with the subject matter. Perhaps bringing our resident expert in with us would be prudent."

[12:05] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "I'm not sure if that is the best idea...I don't know how she would react to my presence..."

[12:06] Alyssa@crystyll: "Very well. Then I require you to provide me with a... 'crashed course' in this subject, that I might then present sufficient argument."

[12:09] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "I will look at putting together a crash course for you then, I believe the Commander said that we had a few days still till we reach our destination, so I will make sure it is ready asap."

[12:10] Alyssa@crystyll nods, "ASAP would be most efficient," she says flatly, /almost/ sounding like praise

[12:12] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 with that Se'fe nods her head "I will get it to as soon as I am done then. If you want to ask me anything you probably know where I am quartered better than I do."



Orso enters the room, nodding to those in the room as she does so, "Any update?" she asks.

Isha shakes their head at this, "No further Commander, though the info supplied by Se'fe has been instrumental."

Orso nods before she looks at Se'fe, "Thank you for your help so far, but I need to ask for more. Can you go in with the next session."

"Are you sure Commander? I'm not sure how she would react." Se’fe says.

"We are out of options," Orso says.

Se'fe nods slightly before she turns to Isha, "As you wish commander, I will follow your lead then."


Isha nods and looks to Orso, "Permission to head in, Commander?"


Orso nods to Isha, "Permission granted, carry on with the questioning."


Isha begins heading in, glancing behind herself for a moment to make sure Se'fe is following.


Se'fe hesitates for a moment before she follows Isha in

The prisoner would be paying little attention to them, just sitting leaning against the wall on the floor the ball being held in her hands, "Back to interrogate me further then..."


"Just here to talk. Interrogate would suggest we're here to pry information out of you. I think you've given us all you can, haven't you?"


"Talk...interrogate just different words used to hi..." She trails off when she looks up and sees Se'fe standing by the door, and for a moment her calm appearance is replaced by that of a scared child before it vanishes as quickly as it came, "Se'fe...what are you doing here."

Se'fe stays quiet for a moment before she responds, "I failed and abandoned you once...I'm not going to do that again."

The prisoner laughs slightly before she looks back at Isha while she moves to sit in the chair, "So you want to talk..."


Isha looks from Se'fe to the prisoner, "You know her well, I'm assuming?"


Se'fe nods, " I mentioned before, I was part of the phase 3 team...she is phase 3 and was our charge."


"What about you?" Isha focuses on the prisoner. "What do you think of Se'fe?"


The prisoner leans back in her chair, "I think she used to be one of the people I trusted the most before she betrayed the Senate and tried to kidnap me."

"I did not try to kidnap you; I was trying to save you..." Se’fe says.

The prisoner just looks down at her lap with a slight shrug at this.


"Are you set on the Senate being correct? Is it possible they could've not had your best interests in mind?"


The prisoner would still be looking down at their lap, her voice would sound less sure of her self than the initial questioning, "Why would they lie..."


"I can think of several reasons for that. Maybe they did it with good intentions, thinking the truth would be too much for you to handle. But more likely they were keeping the truth from you so you would side with them."


The prisoner shakes their head, the scared child starting to creep back into her voice, "But why...nothing makes sense..."


Isha looks back to Se'fe, "I believe she knows more about the details than I do."


Se'fe nods slightly, "What they say is true...I know it can't be easy to see it or understand the reason why but it is true. They only told you what they wanted to keep you loyal, as they needed you to be a replacement for when their lack of care killed your mother..."

The prisoner just shakes their head slightly, "Why...I trusted them though..."

"I know you did, so did I." Se’fe says.


"They took advantage of your trust and used you. What they did is terrible, but unfortunately, there are people in this universe capable of some very horrible things."

"Those of us in Starfleet, like your mother, do our best to protect everyone from such people. I understand if you're sceptical about us, I don't expect you to trust us overnight. Just know that we're not here to hurt you or use you. Your mother was one of ours, and we just want to figure out what they did to her."


The prisoner looks up at Isha, tears forming in the corner of her eyes, as she looks like the scared girl out of her depth that she is, as she is just had her entire world shattered. " is she?"


"She's alive, but still unconscious. That's all I know."


A look of relief enters the prisoner's eyes at the news, "Thank you...would I be able to see her?"


"I'll have to check with my superiors, but you are her daughter after all."


The prisoner looks back down at her lap as she seems to just sag into her chair as the tension leaves her muscles, "Again, thank you...I will cooperate. However, I can..."


Isha nods, "Thank you. Anything to add, Se'fe?"


Se'fe shakes her head slightly while she looks at the prisoner. "No, there is not, but if you ever want to talk, I am here as well."


"If you want Se'fe to visit, just ask any of the security personnel on duty here in the brig, and they'll notify her."


The prisoner nods again slightly, though her entire body language screams of being mentally and emotionally exhausted


"Hopefully we'll be able to get you out of the brig entirely soon and into secured guest quarters, but that decision's a few grades and an Academy degree above me," she chuckles. "For the moment, we'll visit if we need anything."


Se'fe looks at her for a moment before she turns to exit the room, "Remember if you need me for anything just shout..."


Isha gives the prisoner a nod as she begins following Se'fe towards the exit.


The prisoner looks up for a moment as they exit, was the doorway be sealed by the force field behind them. Se'fe turns to look back into the room at her from the other side of the viewing glass.

Luna nods to them both while they exit. "Good work there, both of you. She is questioning what she knows and why she knows it, it seems."


"It does look like it. She's also asking to see her mother- the Captain, in sickbay. It's your call Commander, but I don't think she poses any danger, at least not any the Security department wouldn't be able to deal with in time."


Luna thinks about it for a moment before she answers. "Ok, let's make it happen, and I think she had been in the brig long enough. I want her transferred to a guest room and kept under guard there."


Isha nods, "I'll let the Chief know to make preparations."


Luna nods to Isha, "You do that, and make sure to tell the chief to keep me informed."

With that, she turns and exits the brig.



With the MacAlpine docked at Starbase 84, there are far less crew on the bridge than usual, primarily ops personnel reading supply manifests and an officer on duty at the engineering station monitoring progress on a minor repair job currently being done.

The quiet work is interrupted by a flashing button on the communications station, which Lieutenant Ela Alves of Operations steps over to check it out. After reading the message, she taps the console and opens an intercom line to the Acting CO.

Alves: "Bridge to Commander Orso."


<C>: "Orso here, what is it Bridge?"


Alves: "Station Ops reports that the USS Idenna is here, and they have a team and facilities standing by to treat the Captain."


<C>: "Copy that, let medical know to get ready to transfer the Captain. I'm on my way down as well."


Alves: "Understood."

Alves taps on the communications console, informing medical to ready the Captain to be moved.


She awaits by the comm station, setting aside her other tasks and monitoring it for now as she waits for the Commander to arrive.


Orso strides onto the bridge as the turbolift doors open, making her way into the centre control area of the bridge

"Report from medical?"


Alves: "Medical states the Captain is ready for transport, Commander."


"Copy that, tell them to energise as soon as the Idenna is ready to receive."


Alves nods, "Confirming with Idenna...Idenna confirms they are ready. Relaying order to Medical."


A few moments pass before the Operations Lieutenant speaks again, "Idenna says they have the Captain. They're requesting to open a comm channel with us."


Luna nods while she Picard maneuverers her uniform "On screen."


A middle-aged looking Vulcan female in a variation of a flag officer's uniform appears on the viewscreen.

The Admiral speaks, "Commander Luna Orso, I presume?"


"Admiral, you would be correct in that assumption. Thank you for your quick response to our request for the Captain."


Admiral T'Lia nods, "We were in the region and on no particularly urgent mission. It was only logical to divert course so that we may tend to a decorated Captain critically wounded in the line of duty."


"Even so, thank you. So you believe you have something that could help the Captains recovery?"


Admiral T'Lia: "You are welcome. Have you ever heard of Project Fal-tor-pan?"


"I have not actually."


Admiral T'Lia: "One hundred and fifty-three years ago, Fleet Captain Christopher Pike was critically injured by delta radiation while attempting to evacuate cadets from a training vessel. His injuries left him confined to a life support chair with an extremely low quality of life. While Captain Pike's case is perhaps one of the most high-profile of such incidents, it is far from unique. Officers across the fleet are frequently left with lasting damage from the risks of their duties."

"Fal-tor-pan is a series of medical research projects developing experimental procedures and technology with the intention of giving those who suffer such injuries in the line of duty a second chance. We attempt to restore, as closely as we can, our patients' bodies to the state they were in prior to being injured."


Luna nods slightly at this

"And this is what you are going to do for Fi...for the Captain?"


Admiral T'Lia: "The surgeons and cyberneticists currently onboard the Idenna are among the finest in trauma care. I cannot promise that your Captain will be able to live exactly the life she had before her injuries. Patients who can use treatments being developed by Fal-tor-pan typically have a condition severe enough to have lasting repercussions."

"There will likely be side-effects, either as a result of the treatment or in spite of it. We will do our best to restore your Captain so that she may possess most of the physiological capabilities she once had, and our team will ensure that she will have a higher quality of life than she would if she were to be treated by anyone else. Unfortunately, it would be unrealistic to expect everything to remain completely unchanged before and after her incident. That is something you should keep in mind."


Luna nods slightly before she sits down in the Captain's chair

"Understandable, but any quality of life is better than none...and I know the Captain she has a lot of hidden strength."


Admiral T'Lia: "All that can be done for her with our current knowledge and technology will be done, of that I can assure you."


"Again thank you, anything you need that we can offer we will be happy to offer."


Admiral T'Lia: "Giving a wounded officer a second chance is reward enough of itself. However, while the Idenna is fully staffed with physiotherapists and counsellors, we are not expected to remain near your vessel for long. I trust that your crew will be fully capable of seeing to your Captain's recovery following the procedures?"


"They will, you don't have to worry on that count Admiral."


Admiral T'Lia nods: "Excellent. We will inform you when the procedures are complete, then."


Luna nods slightly

"Thank you again for your help."


Admiral T'Lia: "You are welcome, Commander."

The comm channel cuts and the viewscreen fades to its blank resting state.


Luna sighs softly as she lets herself take a moment to just sit before she stands and looks over to Alves

"Let Medical know that we are going to be taking care back of the Captain once her treatment over there is done, anything else comes up I will be in the ready room."


Alves nods, "Yes, Commander."

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