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ST:MAC104 | "Echoes in the Dark Part 1"

The MacAlpine has been tracking the signal, previously identified as the 'White Noise', on route to what is believed to be its home system. While they are travelling, Commander Orso heads her Captains warning about trusting her instincts, and while she wishes for peace, she prepares the ship and the crew for battle.


[10:10] Fiona@falconecoose FX | The MacAlpine would be in final docking stages with the station while the away team gathers at the docking port.

[10:12] Luna@falconecoose | Luna nods slightly, almost to herself while they wait for the docking clamps to be fully locked in "Right then, I know this goes without saying but best behaviour out here, this is mostly going >

[10:13] Luna@falconecoose: > to be the official first contact with this species. Any questions before we go in? Oh and were we able to get any results from an analysis of the devices energy signature yet?"

[10:14] To Alyssa@crystyll: (Further scans on the signature would show that has a percentage max with a human brain wave pattern along with spikes in the pain receptors of the brain)

[10:16] Alyssa@crystyll nods, "Additional scans inferred a percentage match with a humanoid brain wave pattern."

[10:17] Alyssa@crystyll: "We also recorded spikes in what would register as pain receptors."

[10:17] Luna@falconecoose raises her eyebrow slightly at this "This does raise more questions...hopefully, we will finally get some answers." Taps her combadge "Orso to the bridge; how we looking?"

[10:18] Luna@falconecoose | "Bridge here Captain, eta two mikes to docking being complete. Their docking system is a right pain."

[10:19] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow at the closing comment heard over comms, "I fail to understand how a docking procedure can be construed as being 'painful'..." she notes idly

[10:20] Luna@falconecoose nods slightly "Thanks for the update." she would glance at the others for a moment before she turns while performing the Picard manoeuvre "Game time, it's just an expression but one they are fond of"

[10:21] Luna@falconecoose FX | After a short wait for the 'painful' docking to be complete, the familiar hiss of an airlock pressurising could be heard before the airlock opens.

[10:22] Luna@falconecoose "Time to see what this place has to hold then." before she strides out of the airlock to be greeted by the alien welcoming party on the other side.

[10:22] Fiona@falconecoose FX | As they step out into the station, they would be greeted by long grey walls that make up the station with no decorations to them, and construction equipment would litter the bigger areas of >

[10:23] Fiona@falconecoose > the station up ahead. All the aliens around them would look similar to the one they had spoken to before in the sense that they were all feminine, had blue skin and the long elf ears >

[10:23] Fiona@falconecoose > but they were also distinct in little ways. One of them would motion for the party to follow them before they start walking.

[10:23] Septah@annpc#5570 wears a tricorder on his belt but does not actively use it as they step into the alien environment.

[10:24] Alyssa@crystyll takes in their surroundings, quietly approving of the utilitarian appearance to the place

[10:24] Luna@falconecoose "I am Commander Luna..." she would be cut off by the alien motioning them to follow shaking their head and continuing to motion them forward

[10:25] Luna@falconecoose: "Not big on talking, I see...lead on then."

[10:26] Alyssa@crystyll grows increasingly suspicious of Vulcanoid heritage among these people

[10:26] Fiona@falconecoose FX | While they walk the hallways would all look almost identical bar being in different stages of construction with some not having the finished interior bulkheads yet to some looking complete

[10:27] Fiona@falconecoose FX | As they reach the hanger, again they are greeted by a large empty area with construction equipment littered along the sides of it, with a few shuttles in the centre of the hanger, >

[10:27] Fiona@falconecoose > they would look pretty basic and similar to older style Federation shuttles if in an almost reverse engineered type of way.

[10:28] Fiona@falconecoose | The alien that had been leading them would be standing at the ramp of one of the shuttles motioning them in before they jump in to start it up.

[10:29] Luna@falconecoose raises her eyebrow slightly at this before she glances at the others "It's not just me that is starting to get an odd feeling about this?"

[10:29] Alyssa@crystyll: "Were everything familiar, it would virtually negate the term 'alien'."

[10:30] Septah@annpc#5570: "Still. I'm not the most experienced officer in the fleet, but I've not heard of a first contact taking place in an unfinished facility."

[10:30] Septah@annpc#5570: "Normally species like to show themselves at their very best. Or present their very best firepower in the less...optimal situations."

[10:31] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow, "Perhaps this is their very best. Just because it is a work in progress, may not devalue it as an achievement to these people."

[10:32] Luna@falconecoose nods slightly "Exactly on both of them, something feels off...stay on your toes. And aye, it could be. Especially with how the ship we met looked, this could be the best of them."

[10:32] Septah@annpc#5570 nods as well, "Very true."

[10:33] Fiona@falconecoose | The alien would poke their head out of the back of the shuttle again and gesture at them to hurry up

[10:33] Luna@falconecoose: "Guess it's time for them to take us to their leader."

[10:34] Alyssa@crystyll: "Indeed"

[10:35] Luna@falconecoose with that Luna leads the away team onto the shuttle before she sits down and starts to strap herself into one of the seats while the alien would continue flipping switches in the cockpit.

[10:35] Septah@annpc#5570 takes a seat and straps in as well.

[10:36] Alyssa@crystyll finds herself a seat as well, quietly strapping in

[10:36] Fiona@falconecoose FX | The shuttle would slowly take off out of the hanger before descending to the planet below them. While they pass through the atmosphere of Radiation clouds and storms,

[10:37] Fiona@falconecoose > they would experience brief but severe pockets of turbulence before the shuttle finally breaks through the clouds.

[10:38] Luna@falconecoose would grip onto the seat of her chair during the turbulence and only letting going once they had passed through it "Well then...that is why we can't transport our self then..."

[10:39] Alyssa@crystyll seems relatively unphased by the turbulence, a little perturbed if anything

[10:40] Fiona@falconecoose FX | As the cleared the cloud layer, they would be greeted by a sight of the planet out the front of the shuttle. The planet in front of them would be the dark browns of mud, dirt and pollution with>

[10:40] Fiona@falconecoose very little plant life visible, what little there was would look more like shrubbery than actual plant life, the land would be pockmarked with craters and other scars of war. >

[10:41] Fiona@falconecoose > On the horizon and rapidly approaching would be a large metallic dome.

[10:42] Luna@falconecoose leans forward while she looks out of the window "My word..."

[10:45] Alyssa@crystyll: "Large scale controlled environment domes are a logical solution to mass population sheltering. It would seem that the environment as we see it now is not optimal for this species."

[10:46] Septah@annpc#5570: "Signs of devastation due to conflict utilising low-tech weaponry. Not uncommon among species first venturing out into the stars."

[10:46] Septah@annpc#5570: "Believe humans were much like this when first contact with Vulcans were made. That must be what caused all the radiation here as well."

[10:48] Luna@falconecoose nods slightly "Aye...but even so..." would trail off as they bank slightly which would give the passengers a brief glimpse at a small village outside of the dome which would be burning along >

[10:49] Luna@falconecoose > with there being several larger craft landed around the outskirts and smaller, a fighter like craft flying around it.

[10:49] Fiona@falconecoose | They would quickly lose sight of it as the shuttle levels out again and flies past it.

[10:50] Luna@falconecoose turns in her seat to look at the others with a concerned look on her face

[10:50] Alyssa@crystyll: "Curious..." she would note idly at the sight, refraining from further commentary at this time

[10:51] Septah@annpc#5570 remarks with a simple, "Hm."

[10:53] Fiona@falconecoose FX | The shuttle would start to slow down as it begins to land in the hanger bay. The alien would stand up once they had landed and moved them out.

[10:53] Fiona@falconecoose > As they get out of the shuttle the hanger they were now it would be much the same as the one the left, expect it would be entirely constructed with only a few people standing around. >

[10:53] Fiona@falconecoose Along one side of the hanger would be shuttles that were designed as atmospheric fighters, all fully armed and looking like they were ready for combat.

[10:54] Luna@falconecoose "Hmm...where is your leader? I thought they were going to meet us?" Luna stretches slightly once she exited the shuttle

[10:55] Fiona@falconecoose | The alien shakes their head for a moment before they point at Luna and one door before they lead to Septah and Alyssa and look at another door

[10:56] Luna@falconecoose would frown slightly while she glances at the other two "Guess this a meeting of one then...see what you can find out about this place then." she would lower her voice for a moment as well "See >

[10:57] Luna@falconecoose: > what you can find out about that device."

[10:57] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow at this, "are you certain you should be singled out so early during this contact? Standard operating protocols clearly frame this as... 'ill-advised', I believe would be the most fitting

[10:57] Alyssa@crystyll: term."

[10:59] Septah@annpc#5570: "I agree. But if they are planning something malicious, I doubt a few extra officers would make a difference."

[10:59] Luna@falconecoose nods slightly before she responds "I know...let me try something." Luna would tap her combadge quickly "Commander Orso to any receiving. We are on the planet."

[11:00] Fiona@falconecoose FX | As expected the comms would be quiet and unable to pierce through the radiation in the atmosphere, but after a moment it would start to chirp quickly in a pattern; .--. .... .- .-.. .- -. -..-

[11:02] Luna@falconecoose grins slightly at the others, "As you say, a /few/ extra people wouldn't be able to help us here. So we will play along for now."

[11:02] Alyssa@crystyll dips her head in understanding

[11:04] Septah@annpc#5570 nods, "Let's hope contingency plans won't be necessary."

[11:04] Luna@falconecoose | With that Luna turns and follows the Alien through the door they pointed at before while another alien motions to the others out the door on the left

[11:05] Septah@annpc#5570: "I suppose that's where we're headed, then."

[11:05] Septah@annpc#5570 makes for the door to the left.

[11:06] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow, glancing sideways to Spetah, "It would appear so."

[11:07] Fiona@falconecoose they would be motioned to a small set of seats in what looked to be break/relax area before the alien leaves

[11:09] Alyssa@crystyll: "Let us hope that we are here to wait for someone to speak to, and not simply wait for the Captain to finish her meeting..."

[11:09] Alyssa@crystyll settles into a seat, taking the free moment to observe their surroundings in more detail more closely

[11:10] Septah@annpc#5570: "Indeed. Though I suspect if they did not allow anyone else to meet with their leadership, they would not have taken us planetside in the first place."

[11:11] Fiona@falconecoose FX | They would have noticed by now that they have not seen any aliens that look to be male, all the ones they have met or seen so far even just in passing have appeared to be female. And also the >

[11:12] Fiona@falconecoose > paintings and pictures around the place are the same. This room would be a lot more decorated than any of the others, but even then there was a militaristic air about the place with how bare it >

[11:12] Fiona@falconecoose > still was in places.

[11:12] Alyssa@crystyll: "I can think of several reasons why they would do so. What is your take on the biology of this species, monogendered?" she asks, looking around at the paintings

[11:14] Septah@annpc#5570: "That is one possibility. It is also not unheard of for species to have extreme gender segregation. Perhaps the other gender or genders simply do not serve in roles we see here."

[11:15] Fiona@falconecoose | After a moment, another alien would approach them. This one would be wearing what to be a lab coat type thing. "You must be the Xenos. I have been sent to speak with while >

[11:16] Fiona@falconecoose > your leader speaks with the Anisratar Sravina." they would nod almost to them self before they take a seat opposite

[11:18] Alyssa@crystyll: "Greetings, I am Alyssa"

[11:18] Septah@annpc#5570: "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Lieutenant Septah."

[11:19] Fiona@falconecoose I am We're Riosa." stares at Alyssa for a moment "You are a...Vulcan.

[11:21] Alyssa@crystyll dips her head a little, "You are correct, my species is indeed Vulcan. You are well informed, I see."

[11:22] Fiona@falconecoose nods slightly while she makes a note on her pad thing "Good...just checking my info. So any questions then, anything you want to see?"

[11:23] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow at the apparent interest only in herself, either as a female or a Vulcan. Curious indeed...

[11:24] Alyssa@crystyll looks first to Septah if he has anything to ask first

[11:24] Septah@annpc#5570: "Have your people ventured far into space? Encountered many other species?"

[11:25] Fiona@falconecoose glances at Septah "We have been far enough and encountered a few others...but none have been here before."

[11:27] Septah@annpc#5570 nods, "How long ago did you first reach faster-than-light speeds?"

[11:28] Fiona@falconecoose: "Only a few months now."

[11:29] Septah@annpc#5570 looks to Alyssa to let her ask some questions.

[11:30] Alyssa@crystyll: "What can you tell us about the current state of affairs planetside here? This whole biodome construction is... impressive."


[11:33] Fiona@falconecoose: "Thank you, the inner dome was created after the fourth planetary war. In its current form was finished during the 9th war after Iraatium weapons were deployed."

[11:34] Alyssa@crystyll perks a curious brow, "Iraatium?"

[11:36] Fiona@falconecoose: "It's a mineral that drove our industry for centuries. But then it's used as a weapon was discovered...more powerful than anything we had deployed before. The early weapons where about 140 megatons."

[11:39] Alyssa@crystyll: "So the dome was constructed to protect your people from the lasting effect of this weaponised iraatium?"

[11:41] Fiona@falconecoose: "The iraatium destroyed the planet, luckily here we had one of the biggest stockpiles of it so were able to mass produce the domes to protect our people. The domes themselves are made out >

[11:41] Fiona@falconecoose: > of an Iraatium alloy."

[11:42] Septah@annpc#5570: "Are you the only surviving faction of these wars, then?"

[11:44] Fiona@falconecoose: "There are still a few others, but they have been unable to prosper in the new world without access to the Iraatium, or they live outside of the domes."

[11:46] Alyssa@crystyll: "That would explain the pockets of civilisations on our approach to the dome".

[11:46] Septah@annpc#5570 nods, "And the small number of energy signatures we saw in the other parts of the planet."

[11:48] Fiona@falconecoose: "Ah you saw those did you? The ones closest to the dome have been troublesome recently. But they flare up every so often but don't last long."

[11:49] Fiona@falconecoose: "And yeah, there are a few others on the other continents, but they barely get by so we don't notice them much. The bigger ones have a Sravina on the Senate".

[11:52] Septah@annpc#5570: "A senate, is that a vital part of your governing structure?"

[11:54] Fiona@falconecoose: "The Senate is a council that then advises the Anisratar Sravina and carries out their will."

[11:57] Septah@annpc#5570: "And how is the Anisratar Sravina appointed, if I may ask?"

[11:59] Fiona@falconecoose: "They are elected from within the Senate usually the leader of one of the factions and from one of the domes. They then serve their term apart from during crisis or by decree of the Senate they can>

[11:59] Fiona@falconecoose: > granted emergency powers for the term of the crisis."

[12:01] Alyssa@crystyll: "Interesting" she nods, "Was there anything you wished to ask of us, in the spirit of shared learning?"

[12:03] Fiona@falconecoose | The alien taps her pad a few times before answering "There was one thing, it involves something we have been developing as a form of shareable knowledge. We are quite proud of would >

[12:03] Fiona@falconecoose: > probably make more sense if I showed you, and your leader should be there as well."

[12:06] Alyssa@crystyll: "Then perhaps we should seek to reconvene with the Captain."

[12:06] Fiona@falconecoose nods slightly while they stand "If you want to follow me then."

[12:07] Alyssa@crystyll stands, nodding the affirmative

[12:07] Septah@annpc#5570 stands and follows after the alien as well.

[12:09] Fiona@falconecoose | They would be led through another door and up to a ramp to a viewing room looking into a place which would have the device seen before in the middle of it, along with what looks like >

[12:09] Fiona@falconecoose > 5 other of the same device being wheeled into the room.

[12:10] Alyssa@crystyll follows, quietly observing

[12:11] Fiona@falconecoose | The alien nods slightly while tapping on her pad "If you look into the room, we are about to service the device so you will be able to see that. Your leader should be there as well." as if on >

[12:12] Fiona@falconecoose > queue Luna enters the room with the one they had spoken to before on the ship. A number of the aliens start detaching tubes and attaching different ones to the device while Luna walks around it.

[12:13] Fiona@falconecoose: "It is right is it serves as the base of our recent jumps in technology. With this, we have done so many things we thought we be impossible."

[12:13] Septah@annpc#5570: "Remarkable," he glances at Alyssa. "Almost sounds like a mechanical mind meld."

[12:14] Septah@annpc#5570: "I can certainly see the advantage of being able to share information this way rather than having lengthy debates between scientists."

[12:14] Alyssa@crystyll: "Indeed. What exactly is it?"

[12:15] Fiona@falconecoose "Yes, the Nexus has gotten rid of the need for debates. The only problem is trying to understand how to reverse engineer some of it...why don't you have a look." the alien gestures out the window >

[12:16] Fiona@falconecoose > just a small blast of air can be seen coming out from a line down the middle of the part facing them before it starts to open.

[12:16] Septah@annpc#5570: "Reverse engineer?"

[12:17] Alyssa@crystyll moves to get a closer look, remaining quiet of her suspicions at the moment

[12:17] Septah@annpc#5570 goes to take a closer look as well.

[12:18] Fiona@falconecoose FX | The two of them would see Luna tense suddenly as it opens due to her having a better view due to the small cloud of steam that had come out of it, as the steam starts to clear from in front >

[12:19] Fiona@falconecoose > of the window, a uniform recognisable as a Starfleet uniform despite its tears at this moment the two of them would hear the sound of jackboots storming up the ramp behind them >

[12:21] Fiona@falconecoose > if they were to look behind them would see four of the aliens armed with weapons pointed at them, the steam would continue to clear, and they would see Luna pinned to the floor with a rifle >

[12:22] Fiona@falconecoose > pointer at her back and the person in the device would become fully visible and recognisable despite the injuries where they have lost their left arm at the shoulder and the right leg >

[12:22] Fiona@falconecoose > below the knee as Fiona Skye, Captain of the USS MacAlpine.

[12:24] Alyssa@crystyll notes the sudden but inevitable betrayal, but remains perfectly stoic as there's no logic is futile resistance

[12:25] Fiona@falconecoose: --End--

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