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ST:END103 | "Who counsels the counsellor? Part 3"

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

(30 October 2417)

Tasha sat in Sam's ready room. The desk, though usually bare, was now stacked with PADDs, as Tasha had quickly colonised the room. Sam might only have been away for a week, but she was now Acting Captain and damn it, she was going to milk the title for all it was worth. Especially since all the Endeavour was doing was sitting in dock. Easiest week of command ever. Or... it was meant to be. The protests had spread to the Endeavour. Nothing violent or crazy like the reports from the starbase; they mainly consisted of rumours and grumbles with the odd complaints filed to superior officers. Still, it was enough to sour the mood on the ship which was felt more keenly given the jubilation following Sam's wedding earlier.

Tasha just hoped that this was the level it would remain at. She did not want to deal with anything that resembled a mutiny. Sam would not be happy if he returned to find himself overthrown from his own command.

The chime of the door startled Tasha some. It was an odd chime, not like the one she had in Counselling.

"Come in," she said. The door opened to reveal Gabriella Valencia, wearing a dark blue tunic. Tasha noticed the subtle dark rings around her eyes that weren't there normally. "Brie!" she smiled. "Care to sit?" she gestured to the sofa.

Brie looked around the room. "This place feels weird without Sam here. Normally I'm in here getting told off,"

Tasha stood and made her way around the desk, sitting on the armchair. "We can move down to my room, but I like it here..."

Brie smiled. "Aren't you supposed to be making it easier for me to talk?"

"Hey, we have to sit around all day listening to you sods whine, we deserve something. Now sit, Valencia,"

Brie sat. "How are you? You're looking a lot better than you were doing at the wedding..."

"When Keelah danced down the aisle, I almost fainted. It was not scripted. It looked cute though when I watched it back..."

"Yeah I have to say, that was a break from tradition. I thought Sam's wedding was going to be all solemn and formal like Bishop weddings tend to be... yeah I had to do some research on Sam when I arrived," she added when she got the questioning look from Tasha.

"You sure you're not Intel, spying on the Captain like that?" Tasha smirked. Brie giggled and shook her head.

"I don't think I would make a good spy,"

"Well, I feel like your career path is not what you wanted to speak to me about," Tasha smiled.

"No," Brie said. "It wasn't. Tasha, I got into a fight on the Starbase. Well... almost..."

Tasha leaned back in her chair. "Brie...again?"

"It's not my fault. The little sh... he was protesting about stuff he had no idea about and was being rude to the other commanding officers. He really needed to be taught a lesson,"

"And you thought that you would be the best person to give that lesson?"

"You don't just insult the people who protect you day in and day out,"

"Jesus Christ Brie,"

"Please don't say that,"

Tasha quirks her eyebrow. "Jesus Christ?"

"Yeah... please don't take the Lord's name in vain,"

"Sorry... I didn't think you were religious,"

"I'm not... but you know how it is, being raised by an overly religious mum. Some things stick,"

"Well, back to the matter at hand though. You are not the law Brie. You are a trained officer. And a bloody deadly one too. You're a MACO. You know what that means, what responsibilities that carries," Tasha stood to grab her PADD and sat back down.

"Of course I do, it's the bloody first thing we learn when we train," Brie replied curtly, her eyes not leaving Tasha.

"Then Brie, why is this your seventh incident in the space of two months?" she tapped her PADD to pull up Brie's record.

"I don't know...okay?"

"Is this to do with the fact that Sam's barred you from drinking?"

"No...Sam... he actually lifted the ban a while ago,"

Tasha furrowed her brow. "He did? I wasn't told. My records weren't updated,"

"He told me to not tell anyone and to take it easy... he was right Tasha. I think I have an alcohol issue,"

"Did he tell you that, or did you come to that conclusion yourself? Sam isn't exactly the most trustworthy when it comes to alcohol issues,"

Brie looked at Tasha. "What do you mean?"

"Well... between you and me, the Captain has had his own problems with drinking. You're not alone in that matter,"

"No way," Brie shook her head in disbelief. "You're kidding me,"

Tasha smiled and put a finger to her lips. "Not. A. Word,"

"Okay... okay..."

"But if it's not that, then what? Your record was fantastic up until last month,"

"I... can't say," Brie shifts uncomfortably.

Tasha softens. "Brie... you need to tell somebody. We're here to help,"

"I know. I... just am not sure what exactly it is yet myself,"

"Well. Brie, listen. Moving forward is hard when you don't know what the goal is. And then there's the matter of you almost causing a fight,"

"I know. Tasha, I'm sorry,"

"Brie. I can't accept that. I've not had an official note from security so I'm going to hope it was nothing major. You said it was down to the protests?"


"It's not then too harsh to confine you to the ship until the peace talks are over,"

"No Commander,"

Tasha smiled a bit at the mention of Commander.

"Okay. Brie, if you need anything, my door is always open,"

"You mean Sam's door?" Brie teased, smiling slightly.

"Dismissed Lieutenant," Tasha ordered, returning to the desk.

"Yes sir," Brie gave Tasha a salute, grinned, and then left.

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