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ST:END113 | "MACO - Many Absolutely Crazy Officers Part 6"

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Brie's eyes slowly opened and she found herself staring at the disinfected white ceiling of the Endeavour medical bay. She took a moment to adjust to the scenery, before turning her head slowly. It hurt. More than any hangover she'd ever experienced. The bright light seemed to burn, and Brie closed her eyes briefly, plunging her world into darkness again. Slowly, and with great effort, she opened her eyes once more, getting adjusted to the light. People in blue and white jackets buzzed around, though there were certainly less of them currently than she was used to waking up to.

They must be on leave.

Her eyes fell on the items gathered on the bedside table. Flowers and cards. And a teddy bear. She hmm'd and reached out to touch the bear, before slowly pushing up off her bed to sit up properly. Her vison blurred and spun in circles and Brie fell back onto the bed, waiting for the spinning to stop.

Crap, this is going to be difficult...

Once the spinning had subsided, she tried again, hoisting herself up. The blurred vison and spinning returned, but Brie pushed through to sit up. She then promptly had an urge to vomit, but years of training to not throw up in stupid places allowed her to keep anything that wanted to come up, down. For the moment.

Her eyes turned to the assembled items on the side of her bed. She picked up a card at random. It was a simple "Get Well Soon" card. Inside a simple message, signed by Captain Derenzis. Brie smiled as she set the card down. She picked up another card. This one was signed by Captain Bishop. She tossed that card to the side. There were another few cards; some from Riomi and Pippa, some from her MACO squad, and a large one signed by most of the Endeavour senior officers. The bear was sent by Tasha, and it made Brie smile.

Cuddling her new soft toy, she thought back to how she got here. The last thing she remembered was having a drink on Risa... that didn't really explain how she got to where she was. She sighed and slid back into the covers of the bed, squeezing the toy tightly. What happened to her? She remembered the poker game she was playing, and remembered how she was winning. She remembered how one person was getting rather handsy. After that, she remembered him storming out... why? That was when the spinning returned and Brie rubbed her temples. It was no use.

Swinging her legs off the bed, she steadied herself. She hated hospital beds, and she needed a drink. Maybe some fresh air would clear her head? Bear in hand, Brie marched out of the medical room purposefully. She was sure someone would try to stop her, but then again, most the medical staff were scared of her. As Brie left the medbay unharassed, she smiled at the thought of her scary aura. She turned and headed for her quarters, stopping every now and again to take a rest to stop her spinning head, carefully disguised as her browsing some computer record or something. It helped that most the crew were on Risa anyway. Getting to her quarters, she bathed and got dressed, before deciding that she was still on leave so she would milk it to the last. She set off again, this time to transport down to Risa. She needed a drink.

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