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ST:END111 | "MACO - Many Absolutely Crazy Officers Part 4"

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

"All hands brace for impact!" Tasha's voice rung loud and clear over the comms. Brie did as she was bid, diving to the floor. The entire room shook as the attack hit. Brie was up instantly, pushing off the ground and sprinting to the door. She had to get to her post. Only... The door had fused shut. She tried in vain to prise it open, but she couldn't. Turning, she saw the Azedi dreadnought line up another shot. It was pointing straight at her room. Brie didn't think. She moved. The shot fired. Brie lept into her MACO armour, slamming the suit shut around her. The beam smashed through the hull. Brie squeezed into her helmet and felt the suit pressurise. Then... she felt nothing. Weightlessness. There was a sharp hiss and Brie saw herself being thrown out of the damaged room, watching as the Endeavour span away. The ship looked so small from space.

A hiss brought her back to her senses.

"Leak detected,"

"Crap," Brie flailed around in her suit looking for the hole. It was in her leg, propelling her further and further away from her ship. She tried to locate her communications badge but realised with horror that she left it on her table. As the oxygen level dropped, Brie began to panic more and more. This is not how she died. Floating in space with a broken suit. This was not the stuff of legends.

She was saved from that death when she dematerialised.

Brie next found herself on a transporter pad. She pushed the helmet off and exhaled. She was alive. She slowly got to her feet. Which shuttle had rescued her?"

"Well, well, well. What do we 'ave 'ere?"

Brie spun around to stare a Klingon disruptor pistol. Henry Hawkins beamed.

"Well ain't ya a pretty one? And a MACO to boot. You are going to fetch me a lot of money..."

Brie's survival techniques kicked in. "Am I balls," she replied and knocked the pistol up into the air, and roundhouse kicking the man's face. As soon as her boot collided with his face, she bolted through the nearest door she could find. Right into the arms of a very large Klingon. "Let. Me. Go!" she scrambled. The Klingon squeezed harder and Brie felt the air rush out of her. When he dropped her, all she could do was grab her stomach and try to breathe through the pain.

"Umuk catch human lady,"

Henry reappeared through the door, rubbing his jaw. "Yeah yeah, you did your job you pillock. Take her to the brig,"

Umuk saluted and hauled Brie onto his shoulder. "Let. Me. Go!" Brie tried again.

"Save your energy. You ain't going nowhere," Henry waved to her.

Brie stopped struggling for a second, to look at the man coldly, before she disappeared from sight.

Henry laughed. "Well, I guess this was a great time to come visit me old friends?"

The ship shook as it got hit by a stray beam from the raging battle outside.

"What in 'igh 'eaven do ya think you're doin'?" he yelled into his combadge. "If my ship gets one scratch..."

"Sorry Captain," came the reply.

"Get us out of 'ere. We've got enough,"

"Aye Captain,"

The Skyraider dropped its cloak and warped out instantaneously.

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