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"Heads... Ep. 7"

Minabi enters the Briefing room, followed by DePriest and Elex somewhere in the shadows. She looks around for a moment, still pensive from the events that had transpired but a day earlier. Things had settled down a little on the Kassandra. They still had the massive technological upgrades. Sure they had taken a bit of a beating when transporting over the Se'lai and the Architect, but nothing that couldn't be repaired with some time. Time of which they had a lot of for now. A new frontier to explore now. They would have to find somewhere to get resources sooner rather than later. But even before that, she would have to make sure the crew would fall in line. And those who didn't would be given a swift end. "Captain, I still think it's a better idea to keep two of your guards nearby for now." DePriest said while they were still alone "We've been over this Chani. One is more than enough. The others need a break and can be eyes and ears where we can't be." Minabi smirked and settled down in her chair "Fine...I guess." CHani grumbled, taking a seat as well "We don't have a lot of data on the area, just what we got from the Lupans previously, but that should give us a basic idea and maybe some pointers." Mina looks at the map, nodding slowly "We need resources. Maybe a sort of base of operations." she murmured to herself almost AnnCarise12/08/2020 Nalah steps into the meeting room, looking unusually happy given the circumstances. She waved at Mina and nods to the others as she moves to take a seat. Minabi12/08/2020 Mina peers up from her musings to give a faint nod to Nalah. Nothing her apparent uplifted spirits, she perks a brow "Having a good time?" AnnCarise12/08/2020 Nalah smiles, “I’m just glad you picked the choice you did.” Minabi12/08/2020 Minabi smirks faintly "Well, as glad as you are, hopefully your civilian attitude will help us with some procurement issues we will be facing." AnnCarise12/08/2020 Nalah nods, "What're we looking for?" legacycloud12/08/2020 Rianni walks in just behind her, sitting quietly as she listens to the ongoing conversation Minabi12/08/2020 Mina looks up to Rianni and gives a faint nod to her as well "Nothing specific as of yet. But we will need supplies, standard stuff. We weren't exactly filled to the brim with stores when we left our Universe so we will be running low on everything sooner rather than later. Add to that maintenance we might want to do that we can't do just ourselves." legacycloud12/08/2020 "This might be a silly question, Captain. But didn't the Starfleet ship offer us those resources to help?" She poses with a youthful innocence AnnCarise12/08/2020 "We could always work with them," Nalah agrees as well. Hakhunter12/08/2020 Kiera steps into the room, snapping off a salute before she moves to take a seat. Minabi12/08/2020 Mina pinches the bridge of her nose, then frowns. She does give a light nod to Kiera when she enters "I'll chalk this on up to sarcasm Tierno, but for the time being, I'd like to keep my distance from them. Besides, I am not sure how friendly even Captain Se'lai will be when she finds out I murdered one of her crew." she stands up and paces around the room slowly "First things first, now that we are all here. I mentioned before we did this little excursion that one of the worries was that part of the crew will be driven to mutiny due to being exiled from the Empire for the time being. Commander Laski, Lieutenant Tierno, any indications of that as of yet?" Hakhunter12/08/2020 "A few whispers going around, but nothing too concerning at the moment, Captain." legacycloud12/08/2020 Rianni looks between the two before nodding, "I think it's more an air of uncertainty at the moment. Most of the crew don't know what to think or what to expect" Minabi12/08/2020 she frowns faintly and peers at the screen "I want names. Even whispers. If anyone -whispers- of treason, I want to know and I want you to tell me. We're not in a position to be uncertain. I need to know I can rely on the crew 100%. You are all here because I know I can trust you. I know for a fact there are people on the ship who hold more loyalty to the Imperial Seat than to us here. We can't afford that." she frowns a little more , then chuckles "Anyway, I am sure they will reveal themselves sooner rather than later. Must be the perfect environment for them." "Now, the second item on the agenda is...we need a full Senior Staff. In the coming days I will restructure the command situation on this ship slightly. As you have proven capable in the past, I'd like your input on this decision." AnnCarise12/08/2020 Nalah raises her hand "I want to be First Officer. No? Nevermind." Minabi12/08/2020 A mock-glare from Mina at that and a faint grumble from DePriest "Jokes aside..." She peers to Kiera "I had toyed with the idea of making you Second Officer and Chief of Operations." legacycloud12/08/2020 Rianni perks up at such a mention, clearly contemplating the possibility of such a position herself. Though quickly shakes the thought from her mind Minabi12/08/2020 DePriest speaks up "Commander Laski would make for a good Operations Officer I believe. It would slow down the process of seperating Security and Tactical again since we are short on candidates for those positions." Hakhunter12/08/2020 Kiera shrugs slightly at the suggestion, "I would not turn down Second Officer, but I would have to turn down transferring to Ops, there is people with actual operations training that are more suited to the post than myself. I am just a tactical officer." Minabi12/08/2020 Mina considers this for a moment. "Right. Then we will go with my initial plan. Commander Laski, you will take on responsibilities of Second Officer. We will split Security from tactical, as it was supposed to..." A faint smirk at that and she stares at Rianni "Lieutenant Tierno. You'll take over Head of Security. I need not remind you that this is a huge leap for you and all eyes will be on you as you start this off. I am sure there will be a -lot- of rumors going through the ship on how you accomplished this but....I am fairly sure you know how to deal with those in a...-pointed- manner, correct?" legacycloud12/08/2020 Rianni doubletakes briefly before giving a firm nod and forming a wicked grin, "It will be my pleasure" she coos, caressing the blade strapped to her thigh Minabi12/08/2020 Chani smirks faintly at that "You sure the kiddo can handle it? Her strut is already pretty aggressive." Her voice makes it clear she has no issues with it, making her words more of a jibe than anything else legacycloud12/08/2020 Nonetheless, Rianni's eyes narrow at the suggestion, jest or no Minabi12/08/2020 It was Dd'shinae who responded to that, grinning "She'll do fine, no doubt. You're just worried she'll be coming after your job sooner than you anticipated." another light jibe at DePriest DePriest scoffs and the group laughs a little before Mina coughs lightly to call them to order "All good, I trust Tierno, otherwise I wouldn't have put her in that position. That leaves us short an Operations Officer...." She stares at Nalah Hakhunter12/08/2020 Kiera nods slightly, "Aye, Captain. Will make sure the split goes as smoothly as possible." AnnCarise12/08/2020 Nalah looks across at Mina, "Wait, you're actually giving me a position?" Minabi12/08/2020 Mina smirks faintly "Scared?" AnnCarise12/08/2020 Nalah smirks back and shakes her head, "I'm up for whatever you throw at me...Captain." Minabi12/08/2020 Minabi shrugs faintly "Seeing as right now, the Operations department is short-staffed, and I know you had experience in Operations during our earlier days, I'm considering putting you on there as a temporary solution." she looks around curiously "THoughts?" legacycloud12/08/2020 Rianni shakes her head, looking around the table AnnCarise12/08/2020 Nalah shakes her head as well, "I can handle Ops. Though I might have a few suggestions on procurement..." Minabi12/08/2020 "Well that's one of the main reasons I am considering this. We need to set up a supply chain for ourselves and we need to find suitable docks that can accomodate potential larger repairs. While we can do most of the repairs here, a few of the hull damages will be better fixed in a larger facility." She smirks and points to the map "We should see that we find resources, as many as we can. Once we've established that and rooted out potential traitors....well then we can figure out what we actually want to do here." Hakhunter13/08/2020 Kiera raises her eyebrow slightly while looking at Nalah before she looks back at Mina, "Aye, Captain. I will make sure tactical prioritises its repairs until we have a source for supplies. Do we currently have any leads on possible sources for the needed resources or a repair facility we could use?" Minabi13/08/2020 "We have this map we pulled from the Lupans." she throws the map up on the holo-projector "It's a start." Minabi13/08/2020 "So, with this information here's what I want us to do." she stands up, peering at the individuals she addresses "Laski, you focus on prepping the ship and keeping her combat ready. I know you've been training loyal strike teams. Good, expand that and coordinate with Commander Dawson. We will likely want to fly a few ground insertions sooner rather than later." she focus on the next "Tierno, I'm going to tell Mika and Soma to get in touch with you. As Head of Security it'll be your job to root out even the tiniest trace of insurgency and deal with it. I want names. Mika and Soma will help you and work closely with you on that front." and her gaze moves on "Nalah, you're the main source of info on where we can procure supplies. I want you to figure out where we go first and work with Laski on proposals on how to approach each of the contacts you find. I'd like a list of potential targets by the end of the week, a first destination by the end of today." she pauses "Questions?" AnnCarise13/08/2020 "None from me," Nalah replies. "I've learned a few things from talking with the Lupan. I'll be able to pin down a few good locations with the map." Hakhunter13/08/2020 Kiera nods, "Will do, Captain. The teams will be ready when they are needed. And tactical will be ready if we get into a battle." legacycloud13/08/2020 "Mika and Soma. Right" she nods Minabi13/08/2020 Mina sighs and nods slowly "Ordinarily one of them would be more than enough support. But I want this done quick. Of course, now that you are head of a Department, you can requisition your people in that way, too." She grins faintly "On that note..." she reaches over to the desk beside her and fishes out LT pips she had put there before "Congratulations, Lieutenant. Can't have my Senior staff be Junior grade, can I?" she slides the pips over to Rianni "It's well earned, but remember, with more rank, comes more responsibility and more scrutiny. I hope the atmosphere on this ship is less about backstabbing by now, but we can't exclude the possibility people will be jealous of you. Watch your back little one, alright?" there is a subtle tone of concern in Mina's voice legacycloud13/08/2020 Rianni seems a little taken aback at first but soon finds herself and accepts the pips with a firm nod, "Thank you Captain. I won't let you down" Minabi13/08/2020 Mina nods, her weirdly concerned gaze lingering on Rianni for a moment before moving on "DePriest and me will meanwhile determine our best strategy for the foreseeable future. We are in a place we don't know. We need a purpose. I'm open to suggestions on that front as well...suggestions that do not include trying to submit ourselves to the Federation." she adds at the end with a mock stare to Nalah Minabi13/08/2020 DD'shinae perks up and looks around "Captain...would it make sense to figure out in more detail what the state of this universe is? Like...we have some rough info on the Feds, but maybe we can find some people that could be sympathetic to our cause. I don't know...what do my people do in this Universe for example?" legacycloud13/08/2020 Rianni looks over, "I think they are part of the Federation. The other me spoke frequently of them, apparently making up a significqnt number of the crew on that ship" Minabi13/08/2020 "So the Federation has them all under a thrall here, too. Fancy that..." Dd'shinae smirks slightly and shrugs "It's a valid suggestion though. If we can get an access point to some Databases to get more information, that'd be useful. Dd'shinae, you can go through our files and see how to best interface with the network. The Lupan did it a couple of times, we know that much, we just want to be a little more thorough." legacycloud13/08/2020 "No, I don't think that-..." she starts, but resigns with a sigh Minabi13/08/2020 Dd'shinae nods in response to the Captain's words. Then Minabi stands up "Alright then, if there are no more questions, get to your assignments. I expect regular reports on progress. Dismissed." Hakhunter13/08/2020 Kiera nods while she stands, snapping off a salute before quickly exiting the briefing room. legacycloud13/08/2020 Rianni stands, mirroring the salute before making her way out Minabi13/08/2020 Dd'shinae and DePriest file out of the room as well, Mina staying behind to peer at the holo-projector quietly, thoughtfully AnnCarise13/08/2020 Nalah stands and heads out as well to do her assigned task. Minabi14/08/2020 -- END -- -- ROOM TRANSITION: FROM BRIEFING ROOM -- the moment Rianni steps outside the briefing room, two diminutive shapes seem to appear out of the shadows on the bridge, flanking her "Hello Lieutenant." one of them speaks in an oddly soft whisper "We were told to assist you." the other continues legacycloud13/08/2020 She flinches at the sudden appearances, "You... how? Were you in there the whole time listening or something?" Minabi13/08/2020 "We waited." one of them, the one on the left spoke. Itw as nearly impossible to tell them apart after all "Our sister told us you may need help." the first one repeated "Go...we will follow." the first one said legacycloud13/08/2020 Rianni nods, moving for the turbolift with a slight shudder at the shadows now stalking her Minabi13/08/2020 the two follow Rianni dutifully, making barely any sound as they moved but remained, for now at least, in sight, joining her in the turbolift Minabi13/08/2020 -- ROOM TRANSITION TO: Corridors and Turbolifts -- ----------------- Rianni enters the turbolift and calls the deck for her quarters. Standing in awkward silence, knowing the shadows are lurking over her shoulders, while she waits for the doors to open Minabi13/08/2020 the doors open with their characteristic hiss. The corridors and turbolifts are their very much regular self, with people moving by, some of them saluting her, recognizing her rank. The two shadows follow her, but it is...difficult to make out that they are. They seem to be so easily overlooked despite their rather unique appearance legacycloud13/08/2020 She takes a deep breath before striding boldly forwards as she makes for her quarters to work in peace Minabi13/08/2020 She progresses through the corridors. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until she turns a corner, leading straight to her cabin. Three Ensigns had been waiting there she would later realize. Waiting in ambush, having heard about her promotion. Jealous. Angry. Hateful. They rushed at her with murderous intent. The first aimed a punch to her head. The second a kick to her stomach. legacycloud13/08/2020 She goes wide eyed for a moment of uncertainty before piroutting to one side at the last moment, her arm coming up to deflect the inbound swing across towards the precariously balanced kicking ensign Minabi13/08/2020 the attackers had clearly not anticipated that kind of reaction. The punch goes wide and hits the incoming kick, resulting in yelps of pain from the two attackers, but the third steps into view, well out of range with an Agony Phaser aimed straight at Rianni "Slinky little bitch, aren't you? Well, thankfully we came prepared." the other two attackers had drawn back slightly but were ready to jump on her if she moved legacycloud13/08/2020 She stood prone, a hand hovering at the dagger on her thigh, "So you are the first fools to venture forth. What, couldn't wait for a chance to revolt against recent decisions so now you look to end your misery?" Minabi13/08/2020 "We'll end your misery, never worry. And we're not alone. That xeno wannabe Captain is next..." the other two draw Phasers as well, aiming legacycloud13/08/2020 She glares at the three with their readied phasers with a snarl, "And you call yourself Terrans? All I see is are a bunch of cowards! Like 3 against 1 isn't enough, you still daren't even face me head on? Pathetic! Fortunately for you however, I was never too good at counting..." she gives her best wicked grin, hoping the unwantsd shadows were indeed still lurking and shared her sense of timing Minabi13/08/2020 "You would do well to reconsider." the whispered voice of one of the shadows is quiet, but clearly audible to all of them. Somehow, one of them has stepped in front of Rianni, with no movement really registering and another is behind the three Ensigns The Ensigns are confused....and panicked "What the hell man? Where..." If Rianni wanted to strike, now would be the time legacycloud13/08/2020 She takes a moment appearing to savour the turned tide before quickly launching a pair of daggers at the two less vocal ensigns. Just aimed low at the legs to drop them both Minabi13/08/2020 the two go down without much of a fight, yelping in pain as the knives embed themselves in their legs. The vocal Ensign panics and fires. At least...Rianni hears the discharge. She's not sure what was happening, but the diminutive Alien behind the group..."shimmered" and the Agony Phaser was suddenly pointed straight at the Ensign to Rianni's right. It hit. The man started screaming immediately in absolute agony and dissolved slowly in front of her. "What the..." the one who had inadvertently killed his friend didn't get further as his head was suddenly snapped at an unnatural angle and he fell to the ground, thudding, lifeless. That left only one Ensign alive, groaning in pain to Rianni's left. ANd the other little shadow was slowly approaching him legacycloud13/08/2020 "No, wait" she held up a hand to the shadow moving in Minabi13/08/2020 said Shadow froze in place and looked over their shoulder, staring at Rianni "They threaten you and they threaten the Captain." the other figure steps up slowly "The Lieutenant likely wants to interrogate." the first one speaks again "That is plausible." legacycloud14/08/2020 "Um, yeah... like you said, they threatened the Captain too. Three idiots could never hope to get close so... they must know more about those who threaten mutiny. So yeah, interrogation!" Minabi14/08/2020 "I can bring him to the Agonizer booths." One of them says softly and steps closer legacycloud14/08/2020 She nods, "Do so. I... will interrogate him once he has had sufficient time in there to reflect on his situation" Minabi14/08/2020 "Which setting Lieutenant?" The one on Rianni's left said "Maximum. He threatened the captain..." The other says with absolute hatred dripping from her voice "He will only survive about 4 hours at that. Is that enough time for you to prepare interrogations Lieutenant?" legacycloud14/08/2020 "Oh, um... no, start him off slow. Too much pain and you risk his mind simply closing off" Minabi14/08/2020 "That's not like you Lieutenant." The one on her left said "She is learning Mika." The other one responded. "Remember the Captain is taking great pride in her progress. She is right that a slow approach will likely yield better results." The one called Mika hmphs, but then nods "As you say Soma. It shall be done Lieutenant. Soma will remain with you." The little alien effortlessly picks up the whimpering Ensign, betraying strength being what the little frame seems capable of and marches away legacycloud14/08/2020 Rianni watches the unsettling sight disappear around the corner before turning to the other shadow, "You guys are full of surprises aren't you" Minabi14/08/2020 "I would hope we never run out of them." Soma smiles briefly, then tilts her head "Your quarters are not far. Shall we?" legacycloud14/08/2020 Rianni nods, moving off that way with a slightly tenser posture as she remains extra wary of more attacks Minabi14/08/2020 once they reach Rianni's quarters, Soma holds up one hand to stop Rianni. She moves ahead, gesturing for Rianni to open the door, then slips into the room first doing a quick, silent sweep. She emerges a moment later. "Clear Lieutenant. I will remain outside should you require my presence." legacycloud14/08/2020 Rianni nods, "Thank you" before stepping inside, securing the door behind her Minabi14/08/2020 -- TRANSITION -- ---Rianni's Quarters--- Stepping into the room, Rianni let the door close behind her and ensured her shadow didn't sneak in too before locking it. She looked around the room and seemed to deflate with a weary sigh. She toured the room, admiring the trophy collection and almost tripping over the head of the Lupan skin rug. Shuddering, she she settled at the desk terminal where she set about busily reviewing various files: 1. Terran Empire 2. State of the galaxy 3. Personnel profile: LT Tierno, Rianni 4. Starship records: ISS Kassandra Minabi17/08/2020 The Files are displayed without question, none of them being particularly highly classified. A detailed history of the Empire along with a map showing the current reach of the Imperial Fleet are shown alongside a dossier on Rianni, with the latest entry being an official promotion to Lieutenant, entered just a moment ago. The Records of the Kassandra itself are displayed in a separate file. Some sections are marked "adjusted by Chief Engineer", likely relating to the upgrades the Kassandra received in this Universe legacycloud17/08/2020 She skims most of the broader documents to start with, settling on her own file for a more detailed read, "Only 3 years at the academy? Guess that explains a few things..." she murmured, "Kassandra since then, huh. Wonder what happened to their Gainsborough..." she briefly considers checking but shakes the thought from her mind... and gives a frustrated huff at the long hair tickling down the side of her neck, "Eugh how does she suffer this!" She sighs, flicking it back and continuing her personnel studies, looking next to the Captain Minabi17/08/2020 The Captain's file is displayed, giving her a bit better of a picture of the Trill woman. Similarities in regards to having lost years of her life and entering the Academy late, but where the Minabi she remembered had excelled in a more straightforward manner, this one had adopted less pristine tactics quickly. The advancement those tactics could gain her however were offset by the relentless pushback from an Empire that did not give Trill much of a fighting chance. Multiple performance reports marked her as weak and soft. Ironically while reporting on her performance where she was responsible for wiping out rebellions or dissidents. legacycloud17/08/2020 She shakes her head at the nature of the world she is peering into, but feels satisfied that she has gained sufficient insight into things for the moment. She moves on to make a tentative search of recent activity on the terminal as well as data on their current circumstances and the universe crossover. Minabi17/08/2020 Most of what she finds there is relating to the extended Outer Rim assignment of the Kassandra prior to the Crossover. A few mentions of a civilian Advisor, Nalah, being captured during a raid on the ship. Mention of how they captured the Rebel Technology and adapted it to the ship. No details, mostly from Rianni's point of view. It includes mention of the Imperial ship coming to "arrest" them on supposed charges of treason and how that had forced their hands in using the device early. A few more personal logs on the transition and then some personal logs on how they arrived and had worked with the Lupan. Rianni's perspective on this in particular was....interesting. legacycloud17/08/2020 She retrieves a glass of Orion wine from the replicator, reading the recent logs more thoroughly, "So they are fugitives from the Empire? Almost sounds like they shouldn't want to go back..." she reads on, leaning in attentively as she reaches the part about the void entity appearing to her as her younger sister, "Now that's creepy..." Minabi17/08/2020 The whole transition period had, indeed, been described in a pretty creepy manner. However, as seemed to be Terran tradition, they had taken the apparently best option for themselves and ran with it legacycloud17/08/2020 She marvelled at what she read, quietly sipping her drink and passing kneejerk judgement on the people she already saw as rash, misguided and delusional. Even with a remarkable sense of self importance; all no doubt sullied by her experiemce to date of being abducted then tortured in the agany booth, "Stars, do I really need to keep referring to non Humans as 'sub-Terrans...?' While I'm here?" A defeated sigh escapes her, " Minabi17/08/2020 The terminal did not deign to answer that question for her. It was odd though, considering that the Captain was non Human. legacycloud17/08/2020 "Why would such a xenophobe take a posting a ship so heavily populated with other species in the first place..." she pondered aloud, "and under a Trill CO!" She takes another sip, "I'll have to dig qround the personal logs later. If I keep a detailed journal, she must do too. Unless... she's the opposite so she doesn't...." she rubs her brow, "stupid parallels" Minabi17/08/2020 her Terminal beeped with an incoming message on the ship's network legacycloud17/08/2020 She gave ther terminal a curious look, almost accusing it of something with her gaze befe reaching in and curiously opening the message Minabi17/08/2020 it was a short message from one Ensign Jenner, simply reading: "Congratulations Ri! You just keep going places. Let me remind you of lil' me by inviting you to a celebratory dinner later tonight! Say 2100 hours, your place? I'll cook!" legacycloud17/08/2020 "Jenner?" She pondered aloud, not recognising the name. She feels obliged to accept, keeping the response short and simple. "2100. That should give me long enough to dig into the files and logs to figure who this person is. It'll be a good test..." she says, convincing herself, "and at least if they did figure me out, we're alone so easier to deal with. Now... computer, bring up all my personal logs mentioning Ensign Jenner" Minabi17/08/2020 the log reacts quickly enough, showing her various log entries and correspondences relating to the Ensign in question. Her eyebrows likely rose even higher as some of those entries were rather...graphic legacycloud17/08/2020 A nervous gulp escaped her as her mind raced with the position she would be put in later in the evening Minabi17/08/2020 her accepting the message is greeted with another short reply of: "Awesome, I'll bring the strong stuff. Celebrations are in order!" legacycloud17/08/2020 She siggs, head dropping defeatedly, "I suppose I should check her wardrobe and see what passes for off duty wear around here..." she closes the terminal and crosses to the bedroom Minabi17/08/2020 her wardrobe has a couple of choice outfits present along with a few boxes of personal items that seem to have been handled with more care than most other things around legacycloud17/08/2020 She soon settles on a modest outfit, happy to lose the obscurely skant uniform for a while. Never much of one to linger on fashion, or really having to, she retrieves the personal effects and sits on the bed. Oddly only now feeling like an intrusion of privacy as she delves into her other self's personal life Minabi17/08/2020 she remains undisturbed for the time being. She had another 2 hours before the -date- that she now had to look forward to and the little bodyguards had not bothered her since entering legacycloud17/08/2020 A good rummage reveals the usual keepsakes including a holoimage of Rianni with her sister which brought a smile to her face. She curiously studies the medals amd awards, noting how much they remind her of Captain Vix' collection from the KDF. She also finds a number of personal mementos that don't really mean anything to her, though her attention is drawn to a pink stuffed bear with a locket around it's neck. She grimaces to see the locket contains a picture of the other Rianni with someone she couldn't help but could to be Jenner Minabi17/08/2020 The bear stared at her, almost accusingly in its cuteness. What kind of person would grow up in this world and pick THIS as a present. And what kind of weird combination made the Rianni from here -keep- it? legacycloud18/08/2020 She held the bear up befre her face with both hands, finding some amusement in the prospect of her sinister doppelganger having a secret cute side she daren't show to the outside world. The thought gave her a glimmer of hope that distracted her from the pending visit Minabi18/08/2020 The bear seems innocent enough. She idly wondered if a universe such as the one she had been reading about even had toys of this sort for children? Didn't they all grow up with 'Kiddos First Agonizer Booth'? While lost in thought, she almost missed that it was getting closer to the time of her "date" legacycloud18/08/2020 She was so caught up exploring the box of personal effects she would end up only realising the time when the door chimes. Rushing to her feet and scrambling to stow the box away she calls out, "Just a minute!" After a few minutes she would open the door, a little flushed from the rushing around Minabi18/08/2020 outside stood the young man from the locket. Wearing a casual outfit that was basically just a light, breezy top and comfortable pants, he looked....genuinely happy to see her. "Hey Ri. Congratulations!" he was holding a small basket in one hand and a bottle of brandy in the other "Just got ready, huh?" he added, noting her flushed expression legacycloud18/08/2020 Glancing down herself she quickly got into character and smiled, "Busy life now!" Stepping aside to let him in, "You sure about this; cooming I mean? Or is that just slang for using the replicator?" Minabi18/08/2020 "Hey, you're a replicator-brat. I get that. But cooking is fun and besides, you never complain about the results. Which is rare." he steps inside, leans over and goes in for a quick kiss before he would move on to the dining area of Rianni's quarters. legacycloud18/08/2020 She stands, stunned frozen briefly by the casual kiss before catching herself and stepping into the room more. She settles quite casually at the table to observe the familiar stranger, "You just haven't given me cause to complain yet. I can complain if you like" she teases Minabi18/08/2020 "Oh that's alright." the young man chuckles and puts the basket on the table, then begins to unpack, a small home-cook setup and various ingredients. "So, how does it feel being the Captain's favorite?" legacycloud18/08/2020 She scoffs, "Hardly. Desperate times call for desperate measures, more like. Besides, everyone knows those creepy little shadows are her real favourites" Minabi18/08/2020 "Eh, she wouldn't put you there if she didn't trust you. Besides...have you -ever- seen her assign her little creeps to anyone for longer periods of time? I mean, I didn't mind the staredown I got when I arrived here but...still, feels safe in here, gotta admit." he began by mixing assorted ingredients in a bowl, whistling as he went legacycloud18/08/2020 She briefly considers pointing out that one is guarding her door right now, then lingers on the thought that they may not be alone in the room now. She slowly scans the room as they talk, being sure not draw attention with her gaze, "I mean... creeps might be a bit strong. But- " she chirps with only a slightly wicked tone, " - it's good that you feel safe in here with me" Minabi18/08/2020 he smirks lightly as he forms patties from the ingredients made previously and puts them on the grill plate "Your words, to be fair. Speaking of, Hector is trying to spread some more anger towards you. Going for the xeno-lover angle." legacycloud18/08/2020 "Oh? I'm hurt..." she says in a mocking tone before leaning in, "Hector ranting does not worry me. People listening however..." she lets the words hang with an inquisitive tone Minabi18/08/2020 "Heh. Oh come on. It's Hector. I mean...apart from his usual cronies no one is paying attention." he continues the cooking, seeming, at least for now, to not be suspicious of the new Rianni legacycloud18/08/2020 "Seriously?" She scoffs, leaning back and stretching her legs out with a casual and relaxed pose, "Are you seriously telling me that even now - with so many of the crew getting their panties bunched about being stuck in this oddball universe - nobody is paying more attention to his ranting?" She gives a wicked little grin, "Come on... just give me a reason to take care of him. We could make a date of it, not like we get to do fun stuff that often, right!" Minabi18/08/2020 he sighs a little and shakes his head "We're understaffed as it is in Science, you know. Not like an Empire ship ever gets a lot of scientists to begin with. So...the department is kinda split in the middle. But...yeah...he's getting some other people from engineering in on it. Some of them aren't happy that Derix made a xeno their direct boss." legacycloud18/08/2020 She turns away with disinterest, "in fighting and the usual xenophobia is one thing. It's only natural, healthy even. What concerns me more is the whispering of more... drastic action" Minabi18/08/2020 he works in quiet for a little while, the sizzling of, what Rianni can now identify as some delicious smelling burgers, the only sound in the room. Eventually, he speaks again "When did you become so loyal to a sub-human?" he asks then, peering at her legacycloud18/08/2020 She narrows her eyes at the idea of suspicion, "I am loyal to the Empire. If that means an alien Captain... so be it" Minabi18/08/2020 "Ah...but the Empire isn't around here, is it?" he smiles faintly and now starts grilling the buns legacycloud18/08/2020 She tilts her head, taking on a somewhat amused tone, " I know that look. What are you suggesting...?" Minabi18/08/2020 "I'm just saying Ri!" he throws his arms up for a moment, then sighs "For a lot here, the idea of no Empire means that they feel like they can finally be free. Especially with all the aliens on board. But others think it just means our captain wants to abandon the Empire, so she must be replaced." legacycloud18/08/2020 "What about you... what do you think?" Minabi18/08/2020 "Are you kidding me? This is a new Universe! Can you imagine the new things we could discover here?!" he chuckles softly legacycloud18/08/2020 She grins, "Indeed. We return to the Empire with knowledge of this universe. Maybe even new tech and treasures, we'll all be heroes!" Minabi18/08/2020 "I....don't know if I want to return." he says...slowly legacycloud18/08/2020 She leans in just as slowly, eyes fixed on him, "You know you're not the only one..." Minabi18/08/2020 "Yeah but...think about it Ri! It's a new universe! We can do our own thing. We can be our own Empire!" he inclines his head and then starts plating the burgers, pushing one plate to Rianni's direction legacycloud18/08/2020 She sits up with a grin, "Are you saying I'm your Empress? Because that's something I could get used to you know..." Minabi18/08/2020 "Haha, you know I wouldn't be opposed to that. But you'll have to kill Derix first." he winks legacycloud18/08/2020 "Now that's dangerous talk" she smirks, admiring the food, "You know... might have to wait again for that complaining. This does smell good" Minabi18/08/2020 he smiles and nods "Dig in." he meanwhile also pours two tall glasses of the brandy which smells....VERY strong and slides one glass to Rianni legacycloud18/08/2020 She takes a whiff, instinctively recoiling from the potency, "Phew! What is this?" Minabi18/08/2020 "Brandy from France on Earth." he grins "It's got a nice kick to it and it'll keep you warm and cozy. And ready for a long night." he chuckles legacycloud18/08/2020 She slides the glass aside, focusing on the food, "I'll keep that in mind" she chuckles Minabi18/08/2020 he takes a sip, coughs and chuckles "Whew..." then begins to eat as well "Anyway, I'm not saying you should even consider killing Derix. I mean you've got it good here. Just thinking it'll be better here than going back to the Empire that probably wants anyone loyal to Derix dead ASAP." legacycloud18/08/2020 "Which at this point includes the entire crew. We are all fugitives from the Empire after all. Almost like folks around here have forgotten that already." She scoffs between mouthfulls, "I mean, what do they will happen if they go running back now?!" Minabi18/08/2020 " know the usual. And to be fair, I am sure they'd be welcomed back if they brought some intel...or the head of Derix on a platter." he shrugs between mouthfuls "I think though they know they have to hurry to get back. So I've heard some talk of subverting the current plans and a followup soon." legacycloud18/08/2020 She gives him a curious look, cringing internally but feeling inclined to play her part. She smiles and coos, "Subterfuge is sexy..." Minabi18/08/2020 he tilts his head slightly "Really...I thought you actually cared for Derix? Don't tell me you've been playing me to get closer to those assholes?" legacycloud18/08/2020 She leans back, looking away offended, "Oh please! Everyone plays everyone. That's just how the universe works, caring doesn't even come into the equation" Minabi18/08/2020 he sighs softly, taking the last bite from his burger and leaning back as well "Huh...feels like I'm talking to Hector. But I guess you're right." legacycloud18/08/2020 She seems a little surprised at his reaction indicating more sincerity than she expected from these people. Quicky gathrring herself she jabs his arm across the table, "Hey no need for insults! Jeez, you're such an easy mark" she teases Minabi18/08/2020 he blinks and then chuckles faintly, rubbing the back of his neck "Sorry...everything's been pretty crazy since the Fatalis attacked us. I know you're up in Senior Officer land now, but the Lower Decks are....a bit of a minefield." legacycloud18/08/2020 "Then help me reign them in. Lile you saod, from my position I'm outsode the loop now. But you... you're at the heart of it still. Help me bring order to the ship; then - and only then - will we be able to start planning a future either way. If then you choose to trust the Captain, you'll be in her favour. If you choose me..." she smiles sweetly, "You'll still be in favour." Minabi18/08/2020 "There you go again...." he blinks and tilts his head, looking a little confused "You or the Captain? When did that become a thing? I mean...I remember when you first came on board but I thought you told me you've moved past that?" legacycloud18/08/2020 "You know what I mean" she tries to casually brush it off, "I don't literally mean it's me or her, silly! I just mean that whatever you choose to do, if you and me stick k together then we can be unstoppable" Minabi18/08/2020 he pondered this a moment, then sighs and shrugs his shoulders lightly. "I suppose. Just seems like a weird thing to say Post-Promotion. You should have some drink by the way, this is good stuff." legacycloud18/08/2020 "Is it? In this position I'm more exposed than ever to opportunistic attack, even without the unsteady climate on board. Is it really so hard to imagine that I want to make sure my trusted friends have my back? And that I have theirs" Minabi18/08/2020 "Sure. Just seems an odd way to express it is all." he leaned back, watching her curiously legacycloud19/08/2020 With a weary sigh she pushes up from the table, taking the glass and turning to face out of the window. She stands with her back to him, nursing the drink in her hands, "You're right, I'm sorry. I'm just not myself at the moment. It's this damned promotion, I mean... rank is one thing, but delartment head - and security no less!" She huffs, "Under the best of circumstances it would be a risky job on this ship - with all the sub-humans and all - but with all thats going on... it's like I've been thrown head first into a minefield! You call me Derix' favourite?" She scoffs over her shoulder, "I wonder I've been set up to get me out of the way..." she trails off, aiming to draw out his sympathetic feelings for her Minabi19/08/2020 there is a faint rustling of movement, then she suddenly feels the young mans arms slip around her in an attempt at a gentle embrace legacycloud19/08/2020 While mentally cringing at the unfamiliar close contact, Rianni outwardly welcomed it. She smiled and let her head lean back against his shoulder while wrapping her hands over his to hold the embrace. She welcomed it because it meant she had read him correctly and her memories of the Junayd infiltrator had not let her down. She survived it by thinking back to Emma's warm embrace and holding onto thought of feeling it again. Minabi19/08/2020 "Maybe we just rest tonight then, mh? Have another drink, then get some sleep? If you're this exhausted." he said with a soft voice legacycloud19/08/2020 She nods, softening against him, "That sounds good to me. Thank you for understanding, what would I do without you?" She smiles, turning to kiss him softly on the cheek Minabi19/08/2020 "You'd be fine." he chuckled and returned the kiss, then let her go "Alright...relax and movie time. I clean up and get the drinks, you pick the movie." legacycloud19/08/2020 "Movie time. Right..." she finds her console and quickly starts browsing to find something the other her might watch Minabi19/08/2020 joined a moment later by her...well, boyfriend, the two of them settled in for a relaxing evening. He excused himself at some point before it would be time to sleep, leaving her with another kiss and a promise to get back together soon legacycloud19/08/2020 With her date night over, Rianni melts into the sofa as she finally relaxes and tries to get some rest for the night MinabiYesterday at 17:20 -- END --

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