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"Condolences Ep. 3"

Dear Mr & Mrs Burke,

You do not know me, my name is Rianni and I am a cadet with Starfleet. I write to you regarding your son, Jonathon; and can only apologize for the time delay in this. (And again, profusely so, if this is found to be unwelcome) I did not know your son either, at least not as I now wish I had. Though I was with him during his final moments on board the USS Gainsborough and felt it only right that you are given the opportunity to know him as I briefly did; as were it not for the actions of your son during that crisis, I would not be here now to describe them for you. During the final minutes on board - as the evacuation was sounded - I had been dazed and injured by an explosion when your son snapped me back to reality. He saw that I was injured but assisted my back to my feet nonetheless, and helped me to reach an escape pod. We aided other crewmembers and some civilians along the way before reaching our escape pod. Through all of this your son kept me going - physically and mentally - until we were both knocked down by another explosion. Owing entirely to the resolve your son had instilled in me through those preceding moments, upon seeing that he was unconscious at this point I pulled him into the escape pod and can confirm to you that he was at least clear of the breach which ultimately occurred a short time later. I am deeply saddened that it was not until I was able to more closely examine his condition in the escape pod that I learned he did not survive the explosion. This comms record indicates that you are located on Earth, and I am scheduled to visit the Sol system soon. With this in mind; I would humbly ask if you would permit me to visit any such memorial that may stand in your son's memory, that I may properly thank him for his help that day and honour his memory for myself. I understand if this request would be too much to bare in person, but if you were so willing as to accompany me; I would also very much like to learn who he was; as you knew him, as well.

With sincerest condolences,


Cadet Rianni Tierno

DS13 Academy Annex

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