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Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Tal Shiar base, undisclosed system...

Mischa: after a recall to Starfleet Intelligence HQ where the team interviewed a Tal Shiar defector who would only speak with Mischa

Mischa: who turned out to be her informant from previous operations

Mischa: the crew learned of a power struggle within the Tal Shiar, with a strong leader coming through who had severe plans against Starfleet

Mischa: Acting on his information, they saught out a KDF operative on Legia IX who provided crucial details for access to the facility where this was occurring

Mischa: the KDF operative - Mysti - who provided assistance due to personal ties with Starfleet, also put them in contact with a Romulan freelancer who could help with the infiltration - Alyss

Mischa: Alyss installed her cloaking device on the Gainsmobile in return for being able to join the away team in shutting down the operation

Mischa: as a former victim of Tal Shiar experiments, her motive is simply to see them shut down

Mischa: now en route to the Brea system; the team must finalize their plan

Mischa: also in the ready room behind Mischa, are Alyss and Dhiov (the defector)

Mischa: Mischa and Dhiov will be inserting into the base seperately from the main team to take out secondary objective of transport inhibitors to allow quick escape

Mischa: Alyss is set to hack the main team through their route across the base. Questions?

Mischa: as i understand it; the team is actually wearing Romulan disguises and temporary cosmetic surgery to appear Romulan. Or holo disguises, or something!

Lazard: "In and out. All to plan, we should be able to avoid any conflict until arrival at the master control station."

Lazard: "There is no reason to escalate this into more bloodshed than required. I would prefer none at all."

Caelia nods "of course."

Thani zh'Kerro nods "We can lock the phasers to heavy stun."

T'Vek: "Heavy stun should have an effect on Romulans...right?"

Lazard: "I would not risk it. Avoid conflict if at all possible...but not at the cost of your own wellbeing. This is the Tal'Shiar we are dealing with."

Caelia nods "Noted" finds her phaser and adjust the settings

T'Vek still has to pick up a phaser on her way out.

Lazard enters data into his desk pc.

Lazard stands to retrieve a phaser rifle from the shelf behind him, meticulously cleaned and resting in an almost ceremonial fashion.

T'Vek: "So if we think someone's seen through our disguises...better safe than sorry?"

Lazard places one hand on either side of the rifle and raises it an inch or so from the shelf. Closing his eyes and bowing his head, he pauses for a brief moment of silence before nodding and slinging +

Lazard it over his shoulder. "Yes, Lieutenant. Quite right."

Mischa | Alyss snickers, "You all look so cute in your disguises!"

Caelia smirks "Fantastic"

T'Vek checks over her toolbelt. "Got everything I need...I think. Any more preparations?"

Lazard looks to his monitor. "As far as I see, all has been prepared."

T'Vek takes a scan with her tricorder. "DNA mask is working optimally...better than that Syndicate infiltrator's at least. Should be good to go, captain."

Caelia looks around "Looks like we are ready to get started then"

Lazard heads off toward the transporter pad. "No time like the present."

T'Vek realizes Eunha has a phaser and she doesn't this time...

T'Vek goes to grab a phaser.

Caelia makes one final check into her medical bag and is content with what she stuffed in there

Lazard: "Energize."

Thani zh'Kerro: The beamin point is secured, I don't think they've noticed us yet.

Thani zh'Kerro scans the environment with a tricorder.

T'Vek: "Let's hope we can keep it that way..."

Lazard: "Remember, if our cover does not last...survive."

Caelia nods

Thani zh'Kerro searches through the stunned Romulan for her comm equipment.

Lazard watches the alley.

Thani zh'Kerro hands the equipment over to Kelly "There you go Lieutenant."

T'Vek: "Thanks. This'll come in handy."

T'Vek hides the body once Thani is finished.

Lazard: "Hostiles ahead."

T'Vek hooks up the Romulan comm gear and monitors it for activity.

Caelia: "Our back seems to be clear"

Thani zh'Kerro: One of our objectives is just through here.

Lazard: "Take point, Commander."

Thani zh'Kerro: Captain, if I may?

Thani zh'Kerro: Kelly, see if you can send out a false alert.

T'Vek: "Picking up Romulan chatter, they're deploying security to essential positions."

T'Vek nods. "I'll do what I can to draw them away."

T'Vek masks her accent as she speaks into the comms.

T'Vek: <C> "Hello? Is anyone reading me?"

Mischa: <C> "You are on a secure channel. Who is this?"

T'Vek: <C> "This is..." She checks the ID of the dead Romulan "...Uhlan Toreth. I just sent in a security alert, you're getting it, right?"

Thani zh'Kerro: This area is clear

Mischa: <C> Confirmed Uhlan. Responders are en route now

T'Vek: <C> "No no no, not my position, you want the..." she checks her map. "Eastern wing. Western wing is clear, repeat, western wing is clear."

T'Vek: rolls 18 (1-100)

Mischa: <C> "...What is your personnel ID, Uhlan? You should not be monitoring locations away from your post. You will be reported to your superior"

Mischa: FX | Security forces continue to the western wing

Thani zh'Kerro: Captain, I believe this is one of the data points.

T'Vek: <C> "I'll right back at my post, sorry...sir."

Thani zh'Kerro: We should set up one of the monitoring devices.

Lazard waves Alyss over to the terminal.

Mischa: FX | Alyss approaches the terminal, plugging in through her cranial implant and working her magic

Lazard watches the rooftops through his scope.

Mischa: FX | After a few moments, she unplugs herself, nodding confirmation that this grid section is down

T'Vek: <C> "Looks like intruders have set plasma charges along the main entrance to the western side...advise rerouting from southern entrance."

T'Vek: rolls 10 (1-100)

T'Vek: "Looks like the Tal Shiar's not easy to fool..."

T'Vek looks to Lazard. "Guess we'll have to move quickly, captain."

Lazard nods once. We should move quickly (once Cae is back) but not negate caution for haste."

T'Vek scans. "I think some of the access points we need are above us."

T'Vek: "Pretty exposed up there but with luck the holos should confuse them enough not to shoot at us from everywhere..."

Mischa: <C> Team 2 to team 1; Captain, what is your progress? We have just accessed base systems at the northern substation"

Lazard taps his combadge.

Lazard: <C> Lazard here. One node down, moving to second point."

Mischa: <C> Understood. We have gained access to the base layout so if require guidance let me know. team 2 out

T'Vek: <C> "We can use this staircase to move up, right?"

Thani zh'Kerro: Captain, if the Romulans have sent reinforcements, I expect they'll be coming shortly.

Lazard: "Take us out, Commander."

Mischa: <C> If you're position is mapping accurately on my scans... yes

Lazard: "Stay low, watch the rooftops."

Thani zh'Kerro: What the hell?

T'Vek calls up Alyss NPC.

Thani zh'Kerro: Captain!

Lazard: "What is it, Commander?"

Thani zh'Kerro: Over there, some fighters.

Lazard: "I see. Send coordinates to the Gainsborough. We cannot let those fighters lose their footing."

Thani zh'Kerro nods and sends the coordinates.

Mischa: FX | Alyss npc steps up again and does her thing

T'Vek: <C> "Alright...where to next?"

Thani zh'Kerro scans the environment with a tricorder.

Thani zh'Kerro points dramatically forward.

Lazard says something too quiet to make out.

Mischa: <C> "Plotting route... there! Sending it through to you now, Kelly

Thani zh'Kerro: There

T'Vek: <C> "Thanks commander."

Lazard posts up in a sniper nest on the stairs.

T'Vek calls up Alyss NPC again.

T'Vek: "Alright...they're definitely sending reinforcements now..."

Thani zh'Kerro: So much for stealth

T'Vek: "At least we're not caught yet."

Caelia: "Lets keep it like that, shall we"

Mischa: FX | Alyss npc again steps up works her cyber magic

Thani zh'Kerro: Let's just hope they haven't discovered the Gainsborough yet

Lazard: "Move with purpose. Strike swiftly and disappear into the shadow."

T'Vek searches the fallen Romulans for weapons.

T'Vek lags slightly behind as she fiddles with weapon energy cells.

T'Vek calls up Alyss NPC as another point is secured.

Mischa: FX | Alyss npc again steps up works her cyber magic

T'Vek: <C> " the command centre now?"

Thani zh'Kerro: Sir, there's a problem.

Lazard: "Go."

Thani zh'Kerro: Forcefield.

Lazard looks up.

Mischa: <C> Confirmed. Dhiov and I will meet you th- *thud*...."

T'Vek: <C> "Commander?"

Lazard sharply looks to his commbadge. "That is not good."

Mischa: <C> *static*