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The Razors

The Razors, also known as the Pelletine Razors or more infrequently the Razorclaws, is a notorious and elusive pirate group active in the Fourth Era. Very little is known about them, and the one thing they are known (and infamous) for is that the Razors burn anything they cannot capture. This fact is likely responsible for the lack of information about the group as they rarely leave anyone alive to tell the tale. Reports place the Razors' area of operations in the Topal Bay and the surrounding southern coastline, but they have also been heard of in the Abecean Sea region. It is impossible to count the number of raids the Razors have conducted, but it is suspected that they are responsible for the loss of many East Empire Company vessels.

The Imperial Navy has had several encounters with Razor vessels and classifies them as a primarily Khajiit group with various members from other races as is common for outlaw groups. The state of Pelletine and the Aldmeri Dominion officially label them as criminals along with other pirate and bandit organizations. Survivor accounts however have placed not only Wood Elf archers as members of the group but also High Elf battlemages. While some have dismissed these stories as delusions on the brink of death, others have used them to fuel speculation on the true nature of the Razors.

Based on the identity of survivors and failed raids that were foiled by the intervention of Imperial Navy escorts, it seems that the Razors' main target is Imperial mercantile vessels. The increase of East Empire ships disappearing in the Topal Bay and Abecean Sea areas during the Fourth Era corroborates this idea. Combined with these accounts of the group's members being comprised of Aldmeri Dominion (and Dominion client state) races, many believe that the Razors are secretly funded by the Dominion. It is no secret that the East Empire Company is the most successful trade organization in Tamriel, with even the High Elves often importing goods through them despite their loyalties. While the Dominion runs their own trading groups, none can rival the East Empire Company as the Imperial company has had significantly more time to expand their wealth and influence.

While it is possible for the Razors to be acting on a personal dislike for the East Empire Company or the Empire as a whole, it is more likely that these raiders are supported by the Thalmor in order to weaken the Imperial backed company. Although the Aldmeri Dominion possesses a formidable navy, they of course cannot utilize ships bearing their flag to attack Imperial civilian vessels save for times of open warfare when the East Empire Company rarely made trips near Dominion territory anyways and would be under heavy escort if they did. A criminal fleet unaccountable to anyone on the other hand, would be able to get away with doing whatever they liked. The theory is further affirmed by the fact that no Razor vessel has ever been described of having High Elven style, despite how they capture the ships they raid to use for their own purposes. This suggests they do not attack the Dominion and perhaps even purposefully refrain from showing anything that could connect the group to their Thalmor masters. The motives of the Razors have led some to draw a connection between them and the Renrijra Krin, an anti-Imperial Khajiit organization from the Third Era, with the Razors being a continuation of the group under the Aldmeri Dominion which is all too happy to fuel their sentiments.

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