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Rianni (Volai)



Thieves Guild







14th day of Sun's Dawn, 4E 155 the year of Dibella











Class | Nightblade

Birthsign | The Lover


4E 161 | Orphaned by unknown bandit attack.

4E 164 | Caught attempting to pickpocket Thieves Guild Master Gallus and recruited.

4E 173 | Learned of magical ability during a heist.


Little is known of the former street urchin - Rianni - save for the fact that even as she matures into a bright young woman, she is still plagued by visions of her troubled past. At the age of just 6, Rianni was orphaned when her family were killed by an unidentified group of bandits during a raid on the homestead where they were staying. She eventually found her way into living on the streets of Riften which leads the general consensus to believe that the attack took place somewhere in that Hold; though no indication if it was a family owned stead which was attacked or simply one they were staying at. Having made her own way surviving on scraps and charitable donations - finding herself naturally fearful and distrusting of adults - Rianni was eventually caught attempting to pick the pocket of the Imperial - Gallus Desidenius - whom she did not known until after the fact was actually the guildmaster of the Thieves Guild based in Riften. Taking a natural shine to the young street urchin, Gallus took her into the Ratways beneath the city and welcomed Rianni into the guild.

As Rianni matured into a young woman in the company of her new adopted family, she took to reflecting this new life through the artwork which had adorned her body for as long as she could remember. The once flowing floral patterns adorning her flesh have slowly given way to harsher tribal patterning more indicative of her evolved nature as a Nightblade. Even so, she refuses to completely let go of her past - some nagging feeling in the back of her mind preventing it - meaning that those with a keen eye will notice the contradictory styles in her body art; the faded patterning from her youth still visible beyond the bold lines of her newer tattoos. Her natural tendency to use her looks to her advantage is also become prevalent as she matures, making her body art tantalizingly visible at times - though never so much as to be considered inappropriate. This is largely attributed to the unusually strong connection with her birthsign - speculated to be owing to her rare breed - though also considered as a direct link to her birthsign not only being the Lover, but in the year of Dibella. Nobody truly knows the significance of such astrological pairings, though many scholars throughout the era's have speculated; one thing is for certain though, and that is as Rianni matures and grows increasingly aware of her natural prowess; her ability to master such skills grows with her.

Throughout the years that followed, Rianni trained religiously in the art of thieving and learned to apply her skills for the greater causes presented by the guild. Whilst her small frame made for a naturally high agility which favoured short blades in combat, her personal preference was the bow and she soon became a fixture within the guild as a resident huntsmen - relied up for providing freshly caught game to sustain the guild as much in nourishment as in pelts and hides for armour. In the later months of 4E 173, Rianni was on a heist with Karliah - Gallus' lover and dear friend and mentor to Rianni, whom she looked up as one would an older sibling - when an encounter with a flame atronach led her to the inadvertent discovery of a magical power dwelling within her.


  • Valindra | Deceased | [maternal]

  • Unknown | Deceased (Presumed) | [paternal]

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