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ST:END209 | "New Me, New You Part 5"

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Brie very much dreaded this day. Valentines Day. She hated it on a normal occasion; star-struck lovers making cookie cutter gestures professing their undying love for each other, only to break up a few months down the line? Or how about the November babies, almost certainly conceived on this day, or, more likely, on this night. No thank you. Going to the bar was a celebration of love, where you couldn't turn your head without seeing two people locked in some sort of kiss. Either that, or it was full of sad loners who spent the night in holosuites.

Neither were things Brie enjoyed on a good day. But this year it was different. This year, there was someone she wanted, and she hoped wanted her too. And if he did, today would be the day he'd say something. He was stupid that way. And predictable.

So Brie spent the entire day on edge, signing up on double bridge shift having nobody but the Captain around. He also signed up for double shifts, letting Amy have the day off to spend with her fiancé who had decided to surprise her by coming up yesterday. The very surprise that Amy loved, but Brie despised. If she could make it through today without any surprises, it would be good.

To be fair to the Captain, it wasn't necessarily boring. They'd played Starship Operation (where participants turned off systems without setting off an alarm), which the Captain was surprisingly good at. Very, very surprising. They'd debated about the placement of a grand staircase on the Endeavour (Brie suggested that the right side strut leading up to the saucer would be the best, because they could install a giant slide on the other side, which the Captain seemed to like, as long as there was a ball pit at the bottom. Child). Vayyolet came up the bridge, and asked what Valentines Day actually was, because she had no idea what love was (Brie explained that it was when a naughty flying creature flew around with arrows and shot people making them go crazy). The Captain was not pleased with her explanation, but was even less pleased when Brie tasked Vayyolet with going around the ship looking for them.

And then the Captain got a call in his ready room, which Brie eavesdropped. It was from his sectors away wife. Brie left him there and decided to sit on his chair, adjusting the height and the recline, before climbing up on top of the viewscreen and sitting there dodging Pippa, Mimi, and Amelie's attempts to knock her off.

Then Samir came up and tried to tell them off, so they took his combadge and played Samir in the middle with it. The game ended when Samir stormed off to his console in a huff, and that also signalled the end of Brie's shift. Great, she thought. Now all she had to do was do a workout and then head to bed. Valentines Bar Night, normally when Brie went around ruining relationships, was off the cards. He'd most certainly be there. She could sit in her room and watch Takeshi's Starship, or I'm a Vulcan, Get Me Out of Here!.

She killed it in workout. Sejanus challenged her to a fight. She won. That put her top of the Endeavour for the first time this year. Brie took comfort that she did break one heart today, along with a bone, she was sure. Sejanus showed very little emotion as he limped off to medical. After an intense session of weightlifting before setting off on a three mile run in double gravity, Brie felt like she was invincible. After packing her bag, she left the gym, sweat glistening across her bare thighs, stomach, and arms. She was two steps from safety when she heard his voice.

"Gabriella?" his voice was deep, a low Spanish rumble, that ignited a fire inside her. "I've been looking for you everywhere..."

Brie turned, her post-workout invincibility shattering as their eyes locked. Diego's eyes travelled up and down Brie's body, and her fire was stoked further. He was still in uniform, but his jacket was slung loosely over his shoulder, his index finger on his right hand hooked around the collar to stop it from sliding down. "Hello Diego..."

"I... had... how was your day?" Diego said.

"Fine," Brie replied quickly, wanting this conversation to end so she could get to the comfort of her bed and that of the antics of Keeping up with the Cardassians.

"I... kinda..." he rubbed the back of his neck. "Happy Valen..." his sentence was cut as the sound of the slap echoed down the corridor.

"No!" Brie hissed. "No, don't say it?"

"Why?" Diego asked, shocked at her slap.

"I don't want to hear it," Brie tried to get away from him, his intoxicating smell, his eyes that were filled with sadness and pain at her slap.

"Okay... okay..." he said quickly. "I... was going to ask are you going to the party?"

"No. I'm not feeling well,"

"Oh? Do you want to go to medical?" Diego asked, his pain suddenly gone, and replaced with concern. "I'll take you?" he took a few steps closer.

"No, I don't need to go to medical," Brie stated. "I just want to go shower,"

"Oh..." Diego said, stopping where he was. "Oh, okay... have a good night," he said, and turned to leave.

Brie's legs forced her towards Diego, and her hand flew up again to slap him. He was quicker this time, and managed to catch her hand moments before it hit him. "Brie?" he asked quizzically.

Brie stood there frozen, her hand in mid-air. Then finally, "just shut up and kiss me," she whispered, her voice shaking and trembling, barely audible.

The kiss was everything Brie wanted and more. It was what she needed, what she craved, her apple of sin. And it was too much. She pushed Diego off her. "Te odio... Haga conmigo lo que quiera," she said, breathless before she bolted into her room and locked the door.

Her breath slowly returned to normal as she stood on the other side, leaning against the door. Her senses returned, radiating from her heart to her extremities. Her brain fought happy and sad. Her lips tingled with the taste of his. She was in the dark now. She was inside the hurricane. And the only way was forward.

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