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ST:END214 | "Mister Mwanajama's Marvellous Machines"

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Rufus burst into the R&D lab. "I've done it!" Charles and Brie looked up from their shared workbench at the interruption, and then both simultaneously looked at each other, uttering a small sigh. "Mister Mwanajama. It's so... good..." Charles looked at Brie for confirmation of the last fact. She was not so sure. "... to see you," "I have finally done it!" Rufus repeated, bumbling over towards the pair. Brie looked at Charles. This is what good manners got you. Rufus, wearing a black technicians apron over his enlisted uniform, was also wearing a curious halo-like device around his neck, that seemed to orbit his head. Neither Brie, nor Charles, liked the look of this device. Brie glanced to Charles, giving him a look that practically screamed "don't you dare," Charles dared. Either to spite Brie, or, most likely, he didn't know what Brie was saying. "What have you done, Mister Mwanajama?" Brie aimed a kick at Charles' shin. "OUCH!" Rufus didn't seem to mind Charles' exclamation. His brain had stopped listening to what his ear said after Charles opened his mouth when he walked in. "Please. Stay seated. For my greatest invention to date! Tell me, do you snack?" Charles rubbed his shin whilst nodding. "I do yes," "WELL THEN!" Rufus exclaimed with much passion. "This device is for you! Do you want to snack without using your hands, leaving them free for other activities?" "No, not par..." "WELL WANT NO MORE! FOR I, RUFUS MWAMAJAMA HAVE A SOLUTION!" "Oh this is going to be interesting," Brie muttered. "Allow me to demonstrate. The humble Earth peanut. A staple for many a snacking need. Well, observe. MM67, please load an earth peanut to the snacking device," The device around Rufus' neck flashed with bright colours, and then a computerised voice, strangely similar to Rufus' own, responded. "THE peanut HAS BEEN LOADED!" It was clear that the word for peanut had been taken from the ship's own computerised voice and the change in voices was painfully obvious. Upon his neck, the halo rotated, and as it passed a small replicator, peanuts appeared on the disk. "And now, watch, as these peanuts move to my mouth, without me even touching them," Rufus exclaimed. Brie and Charles blinked once. Then twice. And then Brie's mouth quirked into a grin, and she reached for her PADD, ready to film. "Oh this is going to be gold," As the peanuts moved around in front of Rufus' mouth, a smaller device appeared on the outer rim of the disk, and suddenly began to fire the nuts across to Rufus' face. Peanuts flew everywhere, pelting the man again and again. The device then stopped. Rufus looked at the two, slightly dazed. And then he opened his mouth to show a peanut, successfully fired into it. "TADA!" Charles looked at the mass of peanuts that had missed, hitting the wall and dropping on the floor. Such mess. Brie was beside herself in laughter, falling off her stool. "Mister... Mwamajama... I... did you anticipate such a mess?" "NOPE!" Rufus exclaimed triumphantly. "BUT DO NOT WORRY! I HAVE A MACHINE THAT WILL CLEAN THIS UP STRAIGHT AWAY! I SHALL BE BACK!" Rufus ran out of the lab. "Oh boy..." Charles said, getting off his stool to pick up the mess. "Are you going to help me with this?" Brie replied through bouts of laughter. "Hell no,"

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