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ST:END203 | "Swings and Roundabouts Part 3"

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Amy closed her eyes as she finished the latest batch of crew evaluations. Her eyes were burning from staring at a screen for so long. She gently massaged her eyelids with her thumbs, trying to rub away the letters and numbers she could see etched into her brain.

Who would have thought being a First Officer would require more paperwork than being a drydock manager? In any case, she had finally finished her stack for today. She opened her eyes and yawned, leaning back on her chair and stretching her arms up in the air as she glanced at the time. 22:54. She could grab about two hours of sleep before her shift started. Not ideal, but it could be worse.

Climbing up from her seat, she stumbled over to the bathroom, washing her face and staring at herself in the mirror. Was she getting wrinkles in her brow? She should stop frowning so much. She would also go and ask Kuris for her skin cream, it seemed to work wonders for the little Trill lady. Amy reached up and undid her hair, letting it fall along her shoulders as she turned to leave. She froze at the door. Turning back around slowly, she inched closer to the mirror.

Was that a strand of white hair?

She combed her scalp looking for the elusive silver strand that she had thought she had spotted. It had disappeared. Or maybe it wasn't even there in the first place. Amy decided that it was the tiredness making her see things and opted (and prayed), it was the latter. With a final scan, she settled the matter, deciding it was her eyesight and that her hair was the dark brown colour she knew well. As she made her way to the bed, she thought what it would look like dyed. Maybe blonde? Or she could dye it red, like Tasha's hair. It would be sensible though, not something outlandish and obvious.

Amy grabbed the covers, when she was interrupted by her combadge beep.

"Stai scherzando?" Amy muttered staring at the combadge as if it was an explosive. She hoped if she didn't pick it up, it would go away. It didn't. With great reluctance, she pressed it and assumed her most diplomatic voice. It only half came into fruition. "Commander Samaras,"

"Amy... I hope I'm not disturbing?" Molly's voice came from the other side.

"No, Molly, you're not," Amy lied.

"Great, because we've got a problem,"

Of course they do. She mentally placed a bet on it being Gabriella related. And then she rescinded her mental bet, because she really needed to stop betting, imaginary or not. "I'm assuming it's a big problem if you're not dealing with it Molly?" Amy hoped it was a small problem so that she didn't have to leave her room.

"Amy, if it was a small problem, I wouldn't be disturbing you. We had an issue in one of our hydroponics labs. A plant had a sudden growth spurt and in less than an hour, it had worked it's way through two decks and is now currently making its way along deck 10,"

Amy blinked. "Can we beam it to a secure location? Like off the ship?"

"No. We can't. It's entangled itself into the ship's systems. We have to be careful otherwise we'd be pulling the ship apart. It's like a leech,"

"Okay, so seal the sections it's invaded, and we'll get a team on it. Is it still growing?"

"It is still growing, but it seems to be working it's way along deck 10 at the moment,"

"Okay, yeah, so seal it off, stop it from moving in the first in... ah..." Amy shook her head as the realisation hit her.

"You now see the problem,"

"I now see why you didn't go to the Captain, yes,"

"If that delegation is spooked in any way, we're looking at a potential war," Molly stated.

"Yes, thank you for reminding me. Get an emergency team there. Call all the department heads. And evacuate any section the plant has colonised. Is there any structural damage?"

"No, the plant's been rather clever in how it's moved. It's been working along Jefferies tubes and corridors. It's just going to be a pain to get this out,"

"Where are you?"

"Hydro Bay 1,"

"I'm on my way,"

Amy closed her eyes and looked longingly at her bed. She could just sleep through this.

But then again, the Endeavour was mediating a diplomatic meeting between two hostile groups. And both of them were paranoid. It took weeks for the Captain to convince the groups that the Endeavour was a safe meeting place. Everything was planned so that the Endeavour would not be doing anything during the five hours they were due to meet. If any of the parties felt even three degrees colder, the wars would continue and the Endeavour would be viewed as a hostile party.

Amy was not going to let some stupid overgrown flower ruin any potential peace. It had already ruined her sleep. That's as much as it was going to get.

Throwing on her uniform, slipping her boots on, and clipping her combadge on, she strode out of the room, tying her hair up.

She returned seconds later.

"Coffee, black, hot," she ordered from the replicator and then marched out, drink in hand.

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