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Species 2501

Believed to exist in an alternate dimensional plane; the species formally listed as 2501 in lieu of a proper name being known, exists in a symbiotic relationship with the Eagek. Little is known about the nature of their existence, though interactions with Starfleet personnel have indicated a nature extremely different to our universe. It is believed that the 2501 plane is not concurrent with the linear passage of time, if any passage at all. Limited understanding to date indicates that it is something of a 'pocket realm' which is both limited and limitless to our basic understanding. The realm - through circumstances yet to be defined - is only accessible via a link to the Eagek homeworld, and actively utilized by numerous distinct individuals from the 2501 species.

The race came to be worshipped by the Eagek as deities, given their seemingly limitless capacity to influence the physicality of the Eagek homeworld at their leisure. The personality differences between members of the race (currently believed to be limited in number to <20), coming to be worshipped by the Eagek as representative aspects of their godhood. This relationship seemingly evolved favourably with Species 2501 as what can best be likened to a form of entertainment; with the current understanding that there exists no other means of entertainment of other means of occupation within their plane which is presumably a direct evolution of their existence in non-linear time.

Individual members of 2501 have been known both to influence the Eagek world and walk among it's people - appearing as a member of the indigenous species at will. Given testimony from Starfleet personnel witnessing such direct interaction, it is believed that they possess the capacity to appear as they see fit; altering said appearance at will. Though it is unknown what - if any - limit exists to this capacity, it is believed that the entities do completely transfer to this universe when conducting themselves in this manner. Coupled with alternate perspectives and ideas offered by Starfleet personnel first encountering the species; this capacity to transition between planes has been considered by Species 2501 as a permanent move as opposed to their current use of it for short lived entertainment.

//Zryg's Portal//
//MAD's hand illusion//

known Individuals:

  • Wruot'nt - god of knowledge and memory

  • Treannhn - god of living energies

  • Zryg- god of destruction

  • 'MAD' - unknown aspect


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