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"Price of the Past"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Kiera stands behind the console as she rapidly taps away on it as she feeds the sensor data into the tactical targeting systems as the ship suddenly rocks after taking another direct hit, and one of the consoles on the left side of the bridge explodes and launches the officer operating it backwards. As soon as the bridge officers have steadied them self from the impact, the Operations officer turns to look back at the Captain and Kiera.

"Captain, shields are gone across the ship! We have hull breaches on decks 3 through 5."

As the operations officer finishes speaking the tactical officer turns at their station to face the captain as they giver their update as well.

"Captain, starboard weapons are down to 47%. What are your orders?"

As the bridge officers look at the Captain awaiting their orders as the ship continues to take evasive manoeuvres as the damaged weapon systems keeping firing off into space at the multiple attacking vessels, but the captain appears to have frozen at a fatal moment of indecisiveness. They slowly push them self up out of their chair as if they are going to give their orders when the ship is suddenly rocked by another direct hit from a torpedo volley and the captain is thrown from their feet and straight into a console as they hit their head against it on the way to the deck. Once the ship has stopped shaking from the impact, Kiera slowly moves over to the captain's chair as she sits down in it before she starts to give new orders.

"Helm set course for the nebula on heading 217, evasive manoeuvres as we go. Tactical keep the weapons firing as best you can and try to keep them off us as much as you can, recommend dispersal pattern sigma 4, and someone get the captain to medical pronto."

As Kiera finishes giving her orders to the specific stations, they begin to execute with the ship banking to fly on it's new heading as they approach the nebula in an attempt to escape their attackers, as they draw nearer the science officers looks over to Kiera.

"Commander, I'm picking up an anomaly on the edge of the nebula."

Just as the science officer finishes speaking the ship is rocked again as another volley of weapons fire scores a direct hit on their aft sections.

"Thanks, Lt. Helm bring us as close as you can to that anomaly before jumping to warp. Ops give me a damage report!"

"Deck 1 through 5 are depressurised, they have been sealed off now. Engineering is reporting damage to the warp core, they are saying if we don't jump to warp now we won't jump."

"Copy that, Helm you heard them make the jump now! Emergency warp patten bravo!"

As the ship is about to make the jump to warp the anomaly flares to life emitting a large amount of radiation into the surrounded space, as the radiation starts to affect the ships warp coils.

"Commander, getting a spike in radiation from that anomaly, it's starting to affect the warp bubble."

"Acknowledged Lt. Helm engage!"

As the ship enters warp, one final volley of torpedo strikes both of her nacelles, destabilising an already unstable warp bubble further as the vessel is suddenly almost yanked towards and into the anomaly. As the ship enters the anomaly, it is subjected to mass turbulence and strain on the hull with entire sections of the hull buckling or twisting in on its self due to the forces affecting it, with the crew getting thrown across the ship and into the bulkheads repeatedly.

As Kiera strikes one of the bulkheads she suddenly sits up with a scream, before she remembers where she is, she is currently in her shared quarters aboard the Valley Forge. She slowly swings her legs over the edge of her bed, as she looks around her empty room as the rest of the people who share a room with her are on shift, as she slowly rests her hands against her forehead.

"What...what was that felt so real..."

"It wasn't a dream, it was a memory and mine at that."

Kiera suddenly looks about the room until her eyes focus on a person leaning against the wall opposite her, as the person slowly walks forward and sits on the bed across from hers Kiera notices the early 23rd-century era uniform they are wearing and the fact that it is Kassandra a moment later. As Kiera slowly rubs her eyes as she shakes her head.

"You are not really across from me, you are still in my head...So, what was that then? You said it was your memory?"

"Yeah, that was the last battle of the Caledonian..."

"But that was your memory...why do I remember it if I wasn't there!"

As Kiera almost shouts this, she jumps to her feet to stand looking down at her brains projection of Kassandra on the other bed.

"It was my memory, yes, and it seems that our memories are getting tangled together and mixed up. I have already /remembered/ a few things that were clearly your memories."

"What! I want you out of my head and my memories!"

"You know it's not that simple..."

As Kassandra speaks, Kiera runs into the washroom as she places water into her face, before looking up in the mirror. As she looks at her own reflection in the mirror, it seems to shimmer for a moment before being replaced with Kassandra's reflection, Kiera freezes in shock for a moment before she doubles over, with a loud scream, in pains as it suddenly feels like all the nerves in her body are on fire. Kiera rocks on heels for a moment as she slowly collapses down onto the floor of the washroom where she remains until one of the people sharing quarters with her come backs and manages to snap her out of it.

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