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"Logs of the MacAlpine"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Stardate 93699.5 - A new command

--- Audio Only Log ---

"Captains Log, First entry, The U.S.S. MacAlpine, Endeavour Class, under the command of Captain Fiona Skye."

"I have just finished my inspection of the MacAlpine after the completion of her shakedown cruise, and she is in top shape, along with the crew. Though some of the crew are pretty fresh with this being the first posting for some of them along with some not having seen proper combat yet. Though my senior staff has a deep pool of experience which will help in the coming weeks as I settle into the new command and rank proper."

"She seems like a good ship with state of the art kit, but her first taste of combat with me in the chair will tell me what I need to know about her. Computer end log."

--- Log Ends ---

Stardate 94093.3 - Failure

Stardate 94278.2 - Liyan Cluster orders (Captains Log)

Stardate 94278.2 - Liyan Cluster orders (Personal Log)

Stardate 94291.8

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