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Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Somewhere on Mol'Rihan...

Mischa let out a heavy sigh as she looked out over the tranquil oceans of Mol'Rihan. She had patiently awaited her rendezvous for long past the scheduled time. Something had to be wrong. It seemed unlikely to be a setup given how long she had waited without incident, had her source lured her here into a trap it would surely have been sprung long before now. This meant only one thing; something had gone wrong.

As she continued to casually look out across the waters far below, she recounted the cryptic message received by the Tal Shiar source who previously aided her when they attempted to frame her for a murder she did not commit. Replaying the message in her mind, nothing struck her as untoward about his wording. Had there been a hidden message within his words, had she misunderstood his intent? No, she decided. It was crystal clear; this was the right time, the right place. So where was he? Deciding to wait no longer she pulled out her tricorder and conducted a series of scans, looking for any anomalous reading in the area. At first glance, there appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary. Then she noticed it... a trace element of Terellian diamond. Instantly she knew this was a clue intended for her eyes only; nobody else who happened to conduct a scan of the area would think twice about the specific mineral composition - they would likely not even recognise what it was. But Mischa... she knew these diamonds all too well, and nobody was more aware of that than her informant.

She let out another heavy sigh as she read the message, "Agent..." she scoffs quietly, "Do the Tal Shiar really hold such a steretypical view of Starfleet Intelligence?" She spoke to herself in vague amusement as she continued to read, her face turning more and more serious with the more she read, "Cursed Romulan spies! Did he help me just to call in a future favour?"

Alas, though much as she may loath the tone of this request; a mos'aodaet was indeed quite the prize - and she too could see the distinct trouble presented by a rogue Klingon house possessing the means to access the Tal Shiar's most coveted secrets. So with no time to waste; the young officer left Mol'Rihan behind and made her way to the Klingon's stronghold. Fortunately for her the KDF themselves were no comparison to the Romulans when it came to secure holdings against covert infiltration; let alone the minor houses. She comfortably worked her way the unsuspecting security and found her way into their centre of operations.

The Klingon forces inevitably became aware of her presence, and were quick to act in honourable defense of the house they thought was acting for the good of the Empire... if only they knew, but sadly there was no place in Sto'Vo'Kor for their treacherous masters. Mischa's kept a steady hand as she quickly stunned the guards in all directions and with an almost disappointed shake of her head, moved to the main console and began her search of their records. Just as she had suspected; it did not take long to find what she was looking for 'Romulan thingie' was her approximate translation of the cargo manifest, she chuckled at the Klingon's terminology and made her way over to the cargo area to search for the device.

"There you are" she smiles contentedly as she retrieves the small Tal Shiar encoder from a shipping crate. With a distinct look of satisfaction on her face; safe in the knowledge that she had completed all of her objectives, won a - albeit short lived since the Tal Shiar will inevitably change the cipher before too long - prize for Stafleet Intelligence, with the only violence ensuing being the heavy stun of a few Klingon guards who will be forever too shamed to admit their defeat by a lone human; and all in sufficient time that she can be home in time for supper. It was a good day and she whistled happily and she strolled out of the now derelict command centre.

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