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Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Planet Nuevis III, present day...

Five days have passed since Mischa departed the Gainsborough, and despite his initial decision to allow her ten days to complete her wayward assignment; Captain Lazard had grown restless in waiting. With his carefully selected allies of the ship's half Betazed counselor - Jung 'Eunha' Eunbi and the Liberated Captain Tabitha Caine of the U.S.S. Hurricane - both close and trusted friends to Lazard as much as Mischa - he set off in persuit of his lost Intelligence officer.

Armed with the knowledge of Mischa's destination and the warp signature of the runabout she took, they were quickly able to track Mischa as far as the third planet of the Nuevis system. Once planetside, Eunha was able to distantly sense Mischa's human presence among the alien populous and they had followed the empathic trail to as seedy looking underground club.

Lazard: *Steps through the door and squints as his eyes adjust to the dark hallway.* It smells like...nevermind.

Caine: Everyone remember where we parked and no accepting drinks from strangers or Mal.

Lazard: Cheap dates, then. The best kind. Any reading on Mischa?

Eunha: Give me a moment. *She focuses*

Caine: I'm not picking up her biosigns. *glances at Eunha*

Lazard: *places each hand in the opposing sleeve and parks them there.*

Eunha: *shakes her head a little* She's here but i'm losing her within the crowd

Lazard: Do not overtax yourself, counselor.

Eunha: *Adjusts her top a little* I have other means of finding her so i'll try not too *she winks*

Lazard: *Blinks a few times at that, then swallows.* Well...right, shall we?

Caine: *hikes up her trouser in similar fashion to the dress adjustment and grins* Let's mingle.

Lazard: *looks to Tabi and shakes his head* I will bring up the rear.

As the trio entered the main room of the club; their eyes were greeted with a sight equally distasteful as the smell. They perched against a nearby balcony overlooking the action and observed as entertainers of all races and genders performed for the lustful eyes of the inebriated crowd.

Lazard: What have we here?

Caine: Well ... it looks like poledancers.

Lazard: *looks for long as she's near the center stage*

Eunha: You two have fun staring at the nearly naked women I'll go get to work *smirks as she heads off towards the bar*

Lazard: We -should- get a closer look, afterall.

Caine: Pff. Lay of the land, sweets. *indicates exits, entrances, probable overwatch areas*

Eunha: *Orders a drink and begins to flirt with some of the patrons using her empathic abilities to sense anything*

As they work their way around the room in a strategic search, the lights suddenly dim as a pair of colored spots begin to encircle the room and the music changes, catching theirs - and everyone elses - attention.


Lazard: *knows what that means and goes right to the stage*

Effect smoke begins to pool across the centre stage, accentuating the spot lights that continue to dance around the room in line with the tempo of the music"PUT YOUR HANDS, CLAWS AND TENTACLES TOGETHER FOR YOUR FAVOURITE PARTNERS ON CENTRE STAGE..."

"THAT'S RIGHT... IT'S TIME FOR BUTTERCUP AND THE PRINCESS!" As the announcement completes the crowd roars and cheers, people jeering and whistling as the stage floor parts and a platform rises to reveal the dancing duo

Eunha: *Watches the stage from the bar unable to get way from the Patron*

Lazard: *stands still with his arms crossed in his sleeves*

Caine: *leans on the railing up above, quirking a brow and watching. More intent on the crowd and threats than the dancing, before making her way towards the bar*

Eunha: *Flirts with the patron again trying to find out some info about the dancer*

As Mischa dances with an emotionless face she scans the crowd and promply flushes a VERY deep red when she recognises Mal

Lazard: *looks on with a half-smirk*

Caine: Hey. Bartender. Who do I talk to about getting a private dance with her? *jerks a thumb at Mischa*

Mischa continues to do her routine avoiding eye contact at all costs

Eunha: *Glances over to Lazard for a moment trying to grab his attention but turns back to the Patron continuing to flirt adjusting her dress once again*

Lazard: *has his full attention on the dancers*

As the set ends, Princess & Buttercup exit through the stage lowering into the floor through a haze of smoke

Caine: *idly tosses a full strip of latinum on the bar toward the tender* Tonight that's me.

Lazard: *shakes his head and turns to the bar*

After been kept waiting for just a bit longer than is comfortable in the private lounge overlooking the main floor, Tabi sees a hulking Orion slavemaster frogmarch Mischa into the room and point to her table, tapping at a chrono. Mischa sighs in digust and tugs herself free of his grasp before looking to the table... and her face drops.

Caine: *quirks a brow, beckoning Mischa closer with absolute peremptory confidence*

Caine: I am expecting a dance. In peace. *glances daggers at the slavemaster*

Mischa: *looks down while doing her dance* Tabi, seriously...

Mischa: *sighs*

Mischa: Now what the /hell/ are you doing here? And don't tell me this is just a favourite haunt

Caine: *can whisper now Mischa is closer* Good to see you. Whisper sweet tactical situation in my ear.

Mischa: I'm undercover, tracking someone who was trying to frame me for murder

Caine: Backup required?

Mischa: jerks her head slightly indicating the fat Orion in the corner

Caine: Pimpdaddy?

Mischa: Daliar; a backstabbing, murdering, pimpdaddy arms dealer to be precise

Caine: What do you need us to do, Misch? You clocked Mal, Jung is here too.

Mischa: Oh what? Did he bring all the fleet with him to see me like this? *sighs*

Caine: Next time leave a memo about vanishing.

Mischa: I... I'm sorry, I had no time to act - I still don't, that false evidence /he/ sent will soon be transmitting to Starfleet HQ

Caine: A text message would have done. Do you need extraction?

Mischa: No! I can't blow this now, it's taken me this long to work up a rep and get myself up here

Mischa: Tabi, we need to take this guy down. Tonight.

Caine: There's a locator chip behind my left ear. I'm sure you can find a way to retrieve it.

Caine: You want him dead?

Mischa: I want that transmission stopped and him in custody; I'm not an assassin Tabi, why does everyone seem to think that of me?

Caine: *nods slowly, obviously enjoying the dance*

Mischa: *works her way into an intimate dance and feigns nibbling Tabi's ear as she retrieves the locator chip

Caine: Y'think you can swing a private dance with pimpdaddy? We can track and listen in now.

Mischa: Possibly... I've noticed him... eyeing me *looks visibly sick at the thought*

Caine: Consider it your Princess Leia moment, Misch.

Mischa: *shoots daggereyes at Tabi, but can't resist seeing the funny side of it as she does*

Mischa: We can make this work, we have to

As they continue, Dalir sits in the far corner and groans wearily, throwing his glass at Buttercup who squeals and runs away in a huff. He glances around wearily and smirks a disgusting smirk at 'Princess' waving her over

Mischa: *again in hushed tone* I hope you lot are ready. This is the closest I've ever got *chokes back a bit of sick as she's so close she can smell him now*

Lazard: *grinds his teeth*

Mischa: *speaks in a new accent, no hint of her English heritage. More of a faux american accent* Heeey sweetie, why you make a girl wait so long to come play with you, huh? *she pouts*

Dalir grins stupidly and tries to run a hand across her leg which she kicks aside, much to his dismay

Mischa: Nu-uh *wags her finger at him* look with your eyes, you know the rules

Mischa: *plays a begruding acceptance of the inevitable and works her way closer to him*

Mischa: *slowly sashays around to throw a brief glance at the gang with a nod*

Caine: *nods very slightly in Mischa's direction*

Lazard: *just looks pissed*

Mischa: *slinks her way off the table and to his side. He doesn't object so moves around behind him, still playing the loving dancer routine. She leans in as though to whisper in his ear while one hand discreetly pulls a palm phaser from under her skirt. She promptly slips the weapon out and presses it into the back of his neck quite forcefully"

Dalir: Princess...

Mischa: *speaks in natural accent now* Eugh, If that's the last time I hear anyone call me that, it will be too soon!

Dalir: What is all this about?

Mischa: *flatly* In the name of the United Federation of Planets I am placing you under arrest for arms dealership, theft, murder... and just being generally disgusting *her face twists as she speaks the last

Lazard: *Leans in deeply, pretending to wrap his arm around Eunha for a big kiss, when really attempting to tuck her under the table*

Dalir begins to laugh, more and more heartily. He quickly pushes up out of the seat and throws Mischa back in to the railing with a squeal. Dalir turns to face his would be captor, his hulking form towering over her

Eunha: *Nods to Laz pretending to accept the Kiss before diving under the table*

Lazard: *Stands and pivots on a heel, spinning a reverse hook heel into the head of a bouncer.*

Caine: *raises her hand and shoots at Dalir, squirrelly blue energy arcing out to stun him*

Dalir is shocked by the hit and the sudden ruckus, but the blast wasn't enough to take him down. He quickly hits is wristpad and is transported away

Mischa: NO! Goddamn sonofa...

Caine: *snorts in disgust at her palm phaser and swings round to cover the rest of the room, thumbing wide field*

Caine: *one warning shot above, then* Everyone down on the ground.

Caine: Now.

Caine: Ahh ... *grins ferally* You're going to resist. I ~love~ it when people do that.

Lazard: *stands with his weight loaded in a back stance, looking around the room*

Eunha: *Peeks from under the table*

Dalir's disappearance prompted the patrons - who as it transpired were predominately his loyal subordinates - into action. In a flash, the room became awash with weapons fire and flying bar room debris. With no time for discussion; Mal, Tabi, Eunha & Mischa leapt into action allowing their advanced tactical training to guide their actions.

As the fight descending into an all out brawl, the group seized the advantage and set off in persuit of Dalir. Tabi's tracking device - which Mischa had tactfully planted on him whilst acting the part of the dancer - told them that he had not transported far. They made haste towards the rear of the building where Mischa wasted no time in bursting through the door to his office;