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Cato Cosades










9th day of Midyear, 4E 140 - the year of Mara











Class | Knight

Birthsign | The Steed


4E 161 | Assigned to Black Marsh to spy on the An-Xileel.

4E 174 | Returned to Cyrodiil to find Cloud Ruler Temple destroyed before going north to Skyrim.

4E 175 | Forced into hiding during the Battle of the Red Ring. Began to journey to Morrowind after learning of the White-Gold Concordat but intervened to save a Nord woman from Thalmor agents wandering Skyrim, resulting in his falling in with the outlaws of Fort Dunstad, later Drubgurz's Marauders.


Cato Cosades is a former Knight Brother of the Blades in exile in Skyrim after the disbanding of the order by the White-Gold Concordat. He is a member of the proud Cosades bloodline which produced several knights, most notably the Blades spymaster Caius Cosades. Cato's father also served the Blades and his mother was a Knight of the White Stallion. As a result, he was raised with the importance of honour and duty. Though his father was a very traditional Colovian, Cato was born in Leyawiin and to a Nibenese mother, leading to a mixed upbringing that taught him martial prowess while not being ignorant of religion and trade.

It was no surprise that Cato sought to become a knight himself, joining the Blades as soon as he could. Having already received training from his parents, he was quick to master the Akaviri-derived swordsmanship skills of the order. He also demonstrated an impressive adherence to knightly principles, so much so that the Grandmaster of the Blades actually deemed him naive. Believing that Cato belonged to a more golden era where Blades agents served publicly as the Emperor's bodyguard, the Grandmaster assigned him the exact opposite task- to live undercover so that he would understand humility and discretion.

Cato's experience with the swampy environment of County Leyawiin made him suited to operating on the edges of Black Marsh, where he posed as a representative of the East Empire Company. His mission was to spy on the xenophobic An-Xileel who controlled the kingdom of Argonia, and if necessary, prevent them from forming alliances with the Thalmor. Cato initially despised this posting, but by the time of the Great War he began to appreciate the work of behind-the-scenes agents. For most of the war he remained in Argonia to continue his mission but in 4E 174 he was recalled to defend Cyrodiil from the advancing forces of the Aldmeri Dominion.

By the time he returned to the Heartlands, he found the Imperial City under Dominion occupation and Cloud Ruler Temple in flames. Cato was unable to locate any fellow Knight Brothers or Sisters, though through the use of his now honed skills as a spy he learned about the Imperial Legion regrouping in the north. He proceeded to Skyrim to assist their efforts but found himself tracked by Thalmor agents, forcing him to discard much of his Blades armour and veer off his intended course. Driven into hiding in Skyrim, Cato was unable to join up with the Legion during its counterattack on the Imperial City.

News of the White-Gold Concordat eventually reached Cato after its signing. With the Blades order disbanded, he made plans to journey east across Skyrim into Morrowind, where he would attempt to hide in a region largely free from Imperial or Dominion influence. Unfortunately, things rarely go according to plan...


  • Nerva Cosades (née Donati) | Knight of the White Stallion | [maternal]

  • Lucius Cosades | Former Knight Brother of the Blades | [paternal]

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