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"Bump in the Night"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

"These are the memoirs of the Starfleet Officer Mischa; her continuing mission to explore strange new feelings, to seek out new love and new companionship's, to boldy go where no Leveson-Scott has gone before..."

Mischa sat at the desk in her quarters-turned-office, a rub of her dry eyes told her she'd been staring at the display for far too long, disseminating reports and building psych profiles - fun at was for her - could be equally tiring, not least after a day of running through crew evaluations as well. She pushed back from the desk, stretching her arms out and rolling her neck some. With a weary sigh she checked the chrono, noting her swapped shift to cover Sam while he went to play games on the Valley Forge was fast creeping up on her and so, got to her feet with another stretch and went to grab a sonic shower before heading up to the bridge.

Just beginning to relax at feeling the day's weariness drifting away, she was snapped back to reality by the alert klaxon, "Oh for the love of..." she mumbled, turning to deactivate the shower. However as she reached for the power control unit, the lights flickered out and she found herself in darkness, not even able to let out more exasperation before she felt her feet gently drifting off the floor as the grav-plating failed in that section. "Well... this is fun..." she scoffed out loud as she felt herself twist weightlessly against the natural orientation of the room. With the power out she knew the intercom would likely be down too and so needed to find her combadge, floating somewhere in this darkness...

The emergency lighting aided her to some degree; the pulsing dim red hue to the room only serving to bolster the disorientation as the obtuse angle of everything was further obscured by objects floating calmly around the open space. Pushing off the side of the shower unit with her bare feet, Mischa coasted through to her bedroom, knowing that was where her combadge had been; laying beside a freshly pressed uniform on her bed. "Ow!" she muttered at a stray boot bouncing off her head as she coasted around the room. She looked up - at least from her perspective - at her bed and groaned, "This is why I shouldn't bother making it every day..." shaking her head slightly at the ridiculousness of yet another system failure on board this ship, silently resolving to get the Endeavour in shape if it's the last thing she ever achieves in her life.

Mischa's attention was drawn by a banging noise coming from behind the walls. Head snapping towards the source - which seemed to echo eerily around the bulkheads with less ambient sound from the ship's systems as she was accustomed to - completely unknowing of the situation, her instincts assumed the worst and she pushed off again from the ceiling and - grabbing the open door frame - swung herself through to the open living area of her quarters. She again silently cursed at the mess that she would have to tidy up when her normally immaculate living space is put back to normal, though focused on the task at hand she aimed for the secure locker behind her desk to retrieve her phaser.

The banging continued - getting louder as it drew nearer - and seemed to centralize behind her replicator's access panel. Mischa spun instinctively, bringing the phaser to bare; cursing herself as instinct overwrote her zero-G training and she spiraled backwards like a fairground ride, though was prompt in bracing herself against the window; the slight chill of the exposed surface in the lack of environmental control waking her exposed back to her senses. She brought the weapon back to bare on the access panel, squinting through the poor lighting to see it pop clear and float away before what looked like an exocomp popped out.

A blink of surprise betrayed Mischa's reaction to the drone as it shone a spotlight around the room which focused on her. A series of excitable beeps ensued as it rose from the floor slightly; under complete and self-orientated control from it's standard maneuvering capabilities, before a figure rippled into view, standing quite naturally on the floor which was at about 60 degrees from Mischa's orientation. The figure - clad in a 23c yeoman uniform - smiled wide at Mischa, head tilting some with a giggle, " 'Allo Ms. Mischa!".

Mischa groaned, shaking her head, "Mia?! What are you doing here? Did..." she narrows her eyes, "What did you do...?"

Mia giggled, calmly strolling over as though gravity was normal, and extended a hand to Mischa; pulling the XO to hold her at a more natural orientation, "Oh, non-non-non Ms. Mischa! We did not cause this!" she gestures around with one hand as the drone behind her beeps an affirmative, while she continues, "We have been here working to fix your slight holomatrix problem, but were in between tasks when this occurred. Do not worry though, Ms. Mischa! We are aware of the fault and en route to render assistance! It will be a simple matter and we are far more capable of traversing the ship in this condition than your engineers!"

A soft sigh escapes Mischa's lips as she relaxes at the familiar presence. She moves to holster her phaser now the situation is known to be safe, remembering that she doesn't currently have a belt on, or anything for that matter. She looks around some and with a shrug, just lets it float away from her grasp before looking back to Mia, "Well then don't let me keep you. I'll just... try to get dressed I guess" she chuckles

The drone gives a chuckling sound of beeping, causing a smirk from Mia herself as she looks back to Mischa, "You do seem to be in quite the predicament Ms. Mischa. Can we assist before departing at all?"

"No Mia, you have more important things to do. And hey, no sensor scans! Little minx!" she notes to the drone, who seems to laugh more

Mia smiles, "Oh don't mind the little one! We promise, no scans or holo's. And don't worry, we'll have you back in gravity in no time at all, so... enjoy the zero-G Ms Mischa!" she gives a cheery wave, letting Mischa go to stabilize herself briefly against the side of her desk; watching as Mia ripples back out of view and promptly disappears back into the access panel.

Just starting to try and get her bearings before returning to the bedroom area, Mischa pauses at hearing the drone bump around in the access crawlways; more emotive beeping not unlike her own reaction to the earlier boot bouncing off her head. She laughs and then pushes over that way to listen more closely, was that drone... trying to whistle...?

Shaking her head with a laugh, Mischa looked about her room with a sigh before noting something else brush against her leg. Reaching out she picked up the small object and held it before her face, "No, I haven't forgotten about you. Maybe this trip will give me more time to study you, eh?" she muses, eyeing the small box which still tauntingly evades her attempts to opening it. She had studied all manner of lockbox techniques from the most advanced Olelian safes to the ancient cryptex puzzle boxes of Earth, yet this one still eluded her. She did not even know from whence it came, only that it was recovered along with her own personal effects during the station cleanup; thrown in with them because it seemed to be addressed to her and appeared as a standard Federation container, yet she was still to learn it's secrets and could only hope that finding a way to open it may reveal it's elusive origins...

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