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"A night to remember... Ep. 6"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

"Personal log Stardate 92638.3, Keelah Se'lai recording: Everything happened very fast, one minute I was having a nice quiet chat with Eunha and the next Jarus was in the bar suggesting we conduct the previously discussed dance challenge before I depart for shore leave. Then before I knew it, we were in the holosuite loading up the first program to put on a show for all our friends:"

"I really enjoyed that dance, it felt good to move alongside a real partner instead of a holo. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to rope him in to joining my performance piece I've been working on:"

"The girls were all quite suprised to see me return with blond hair, but I was quick to assure them that it was only temporary. Blond's might have more fun, but I've got a week of shore leave ahead of me for that now!"

"But enough of that, I've got a shuttle to catch...Computer: End log entry"

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