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Tiks are an aquatic crustacean race who exist in a symbiotic relationship with their cosmosoan bioships. They have an established xenophobic outlook, though specifically this outlook was towards users of artificial technology rather than specific species types. Previous communication by Starfleet representatives has indicated that the Tiks refer to the cosmosoans as Gods. Though whether this derives from an ancient generational relationship or a more modern representation of their symbiotic relationship is unclear.

Tiks were one of the first species to join the EereE Order and did so willingly due to the alignment of their ideals of natural order with the beliefs of the EereE. The EereE proceeded to industrialize their homeworld, which polluted it to the degree that the cosmozoan creatures (the Tik Gods) who required its oceans to breed could no longer have their young survive there. Their experiences with the EereE have soured their view of non-biologically based technology, perceiving them as 'perversions of nature.

Their modern existence appears nomadic in nature, with herds of over a dozen cosmozoans moving throughout the sector with their core purpose being to seek out star systems with pure water; understood to be a continued essential to the longevity of the cosmozoans. The cosmozoan bioships resemble massive aquatic lifeforms, with interior environments entirely aquatic in nature. Reportedly likened to an estimation of the interior of a biological lifeform with reference to corridors being akin to blood vessels and the liquid environment to the creatures blood-equivalent, including it's circulatory flow. Capable of travelling both at sublight and low warp speeds, the cosmozoan herds are also able to accommodate radio wave communications between their respective Tik inhabitants or with third party vessels as required.

//Tik map and legend//


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