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The Kobali Cobras

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Over the course of the siege of Kobali Prime, a large number of ground troops were deployed on Kobali Prime. One of the leaders of a section of trench was Commander Samuel Bishop. Drawing from history, his idea to break the deadlock of the trenches was to create small, highly mobile and trained squadrons that would punch through enemy lines. The squad he created in his sector were nicknamed "The Kobali Cobras."


Squad Leader: Commander Samuel Alexander Bishop (Human Male).

Current status: Captain, USS Endeavour

Second Officer: Lieutenant Commander Ricky Chance Wilson (Human Male).

Current status: Captain, USS Titanic

Doctor: Lieutenant Commander Jaidan Reeder (Human Male).

Current status: KIA


  • Lieutenant Commander Haade Meebi (Bajoran Female). Current status: Commander, CO, USS Queen Elizabeth

  • Staff Sergeant Aryss Ch'rohrol (Andorian Male). Current status: KIA

  • Sergeant Radmila Nekvasilová (Human Female). Current status: Sargeant, DS 9

  • Private Vudre Tidel (Trill Female) Current Status: Private, ESD

  • Crewman Orres (Vulcan Female) Current status: Ensign, USS Randolph

  • Private Zassa Zh'zianniss (Andorian Female) Current status: KIA


  • Chief Petty Officer C’sall (Caitlan Female). Current status: KIA

  • Private Adnan Macik (Human Male). Current status: Retired

  • Crewman Aurore Lemaigre (Human Female). Current status: CPO, USS Easter Island

Communications: Corporal Hagum Kir (Tellerite Male).

Current status: KIA

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