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The House of Kator

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

The Minor House of Kator was founded as the House of K’Van in late 2326 by K’Van, then a first lieutenant in the Klingon Defence Force. K’Van was originally a member of the House of Gorek, a house that had been divided ever since the signing of the Khitomer Accords. Warriors from the House of Gorek were involved in the conspiracy to sabotage the diplomatic talks, which brought shame to the house. Those in the house who were not found guilty but still opposed the alliance tolerated their situation with great distain.

Tensions finally erupted in 2326 when Gorek’s son announced his intention to marry a Deltan. In the resulting chaos, Gorek and all his heirs were killed. The military quickly put an end to the civil conflict before it could become something major, but by then the House of Gorek was already shattered. It was reorganized into the House of N’Tok, but K’Van and the other supporters of the Accords did not accept N’Tok as leader. They broke off from the house and were given a portion of Gorek lands.

K’Van lived a successful life and fathered two sons and a daughter. N’Tok, on the other hand, was not so fortunate and desperately wanted the land that was given to K’Van, land which he viewed as his rightful property. In 2352, as K’Van was being offered a promotion to Brigadier General, N’Tok realized that there was no political maneuver that could gain him the land, so he assassinated K’Van during his promotion ceremony. However, his assassins failed to kill K’Van’s children, and K’Gar, the eldest son and heir, defeated them all.

K’Gar sought the High Council to give him the right to revenge, but at the time there was a lack of evidence as nothing could connect the assassins to N’Tok. N’Rek, the nephew of N’Tok, who strongly disagreed with his uncle’s actions, eventually stepped up and confessed the crimes of his house. N’Tok was exiled and his house disbanded. K’Gar was given the right to revenge but N’Tok had already fled and hid.

For four years, K’Gar scoured the quadrant for his father’s murderer, and was joined in his quest by N’Rek, who desperately wanted to redeem his family’s name. They found N’Tok working as a mercenary with the Syndicate and tracked him to Nimbus, where K’Gar engaged and defeated him with a bat’leth.

Upon returning to Qo’noS, K’Gar gave a portion of N’Tok’s lands, which were now the House of K’Gar’s, to N’Rek so he could rebuild. He also married his sister B’Fan to him, and the two house leaders became great friends. Even to this day, the House of N’Rek and the House of Kator remain stalwart allies.

K’Gar served in the Klingon Defence Force, like his father did before him and like his sons would after he was gone. He rose to the rank of captain and was given command of a raptor. K’Gar participated in the Dominion War and was part of the defence of Starbase 151. His ship was among those that served as bait for the Dominion forces and it was destroyed in the battle.

With K’Gar killed in action, control of the house fell to his eldest son, Kator. He was a strong and capable leader, but following the death of his wife in the Federation-Klingon war and his son’s passing shortly afterwards in a training accident, he grew more strict and cruel in his leadership. Kator remarried with Ch’Vara, the wife of his brother K’Leth, who fell defending Qo’noS from the Undine, and had another heir. Though the line of succession is secure, Kator grows more eccentric by the day.


Age: 52

An iron-willed leader, Kator has led the house through the Federation-Klingon war and the Iconian conflict. The losses sustained by the house and his own family shattered him however, and he has become so stubborn that he refuses to listen to most, with even those closest to him having difficulty getting to him. As of late, he has been making numerous aggressive and unnecessary displays of strength.


Age: 46

The mistress of the house and originally the mate of Kator’s brother K’Leth, Ch’Vara is strong and fierce, an ideal Klingon wife by all accounts. As expected, she leaves the political work for her husband as she has little interest in such things; instead she practices close-quarters combat, more for sport than for actual fighting, as she was never part of the military. Nevertheless, due to her skill she is regarded as a swordmaster.


Age: 47

One of the non-normative Klingons who have distaste for war, Vogh was pressured to join the Klingon Defence Force by his father, where he currently serves as an engineer with the rank of second lieutenant.


Age: 47

The wife of Vogh, B’Las is a scientist specializing in astrometrics. Another Klingon outcast, it was no wonder that B’Las and Vogh got along well.


Age: 25

One of the twins of Vogh and B’Las, J’Ven walked in his parents footsteps and became a doctor. Kator nearly disowned him from the house, but was persuaded by K’Leth and Vogh that having someone with medical knowledge at hand may be useful.


Age: 25

One of the twins of Vogh and B’Las, Jusara disapproved of the life choices of her parents (and had a friendly rivalry with her brother). She went on to train as a warrior and currently serves as a sergeant in the Klingon Defence Force.


Age: 20

The youngest child of Vogh and B’Las, Koloth was named after the legendary Dahar Master Koloth, whom his parents held in high regards; despite their disdain for fighting they respected Koloth for his negotiation skills. Though this Koloth has not shown as much promise, his parents’ teachings had not gone without effect, as Koloth is now an apprentice loresinger and an amateur playwright.


Age: 26

The illegitimate half-Vulcan child of K’Leth, T’Vek was given a Vulcan upbringing in the Federation. She is not a formal member of the house.


Age: 18

The daughter of K’Leth and Ch’Vara, B’Atar is set on becoming a great warrior. She has only recently graduated from Klingon Academy and is currently serving in the Klingon Defence Force as a sergeant.


Age: 3

K’Nok is heir to the House of Kator and currently an infant.

Other Significant Members


Age: 52

The current gin'tak of the house, Ja'toq was close friends with both K'Leth and Kator, and attended Klingon Academy with the latter. He served briefly in the KDF before being recruited by Klingon Intelligence. Though he was an active field operative for most of his career, he is now working a desk job on Qo'noS due to extensive injuries suffered in his last mission. With access to various sources of information and trusted by Kator, Ja'toq was the best candidate for gin'tak following K'Leth's demise.

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