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Thalmor Dossier: The Lorekeeper

Status: Active (Capture), Top Priority, Emissary Level Approval

Description: Female, Masceymer, Age (visible) early 20s, discernible features include runic markings tattooed across the body.

Background: The Lorekeeper is believed to be a prominent figure among the accursed Masceymer and must be captured alive at all costs for interrogation. Given the elusive nature of these affronts to Merkind, obtaining accurate historical accountings is extremely problematic. Working on the theory that all prominent Masceymer are involved in their subversive operations when they do act, then the Lorekeeper is suspected of having a hand in major events dating back at least to the founding of the Alessian Empire. Yes, that is not a mistake. If you have been cleared for access to view this dossier then you will no doubt already be well aware of the Masceymer and their insulting existence as immortal Mer; an existence denied to the rest of Merkind despite our birthright. This is why the Lorekeeper must be detained; for only she holds the secret to this stolen existence, and with it - the key to Aldermi dominion over Tamriel.

Operational Notes: Patrols in Skyrim have recently reported sightings of a figure who matches the Lorekeeper's profile. However she has also been reportedly sighted in northern Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, Hammerfell, High Rock & Morrowind during conflicting time frames. She is presently believed to be acting alone, though to what end is still a matter of debate. If historical accounts are to be believed, then the blue star will soon appear in the night sky as herald to the end of an era. Reports from the Embassy in Solitude suggest growing malcontent among the Nords and speculate about uprisings and even civil war breaking out within the next few years. If such a conflict were to arise as backlash against the Cyrodiilic Empire of Titus Mede II, that would likely attract the Lorekeeper and her accomplices to the region.

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