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ST:END302 | "Never be the Same Part 1"

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Gabriella entered the holodeck, looking around. The simulation placed her on a grassy hillock, the sun beating warmly on her. In the shade of a couple of trees, she could see Diego working on a mobile lab. The wind rustled his brown hair as his eyebrows were furrowed in concentration; he didn’t see Brie enter. Brie meandered towards him, her hands in his pockets. “Ah, hola, Gabriella,” he said, looking up for a moment. “Un momento,” “Take your time,” she said, waving her hand and looking around the holoprogram. Nearby, Diego had laid out a picnic mat, complete with a picnic basket. Brie wandered over and sat down, hugging her knees, watching Diego work. “Bueno,” he said after a few more minutes of working. “Now we just wait,” “What are you doing?” she said as Diego approached. His jacket was off and Brie could see is toned body from the undershirt. Diego scratched his stubble and sat down. “Remember the Vila Colony we resupplied a few weeks back?” “Mhm?” “Yeah, there was an atmospheric imbalance that was causing the plant life to die. I’m just simulating a compound to see if they can use that to seed the soil and enable the plants to grow. Just waiting to see if the compound doesn’t degrade in contact with the local atmosphere,” “I see,” “How about you?” he asked, leaning back and kicking his boots off. “Been busy, I see?” “Nah,” she said and then lay down on the mat, looking up at the sky. “No?” Diego frowned. “Apparently you’re helping those refugees. Been down to medical to help with their medication. They’re in terrible shape,” “Are they? I don’t know. I’ve been out of the loop,” “¿Qué? Gabriella, I thought you were in charge of the mission to go find out more intel?” “I am…” she sighed. “No lo sé, Diego. I’m just out of it recently,” Diego sighed and shuffled closer to her, gently lifting her head and putting it on his lap. “What’s wrong, chica?” “You’re blocking my sunlight,” Brie replied flatly. “I know,” Brie pouted. “Everything’s changed, Diego. I don’t know what, it all just feels different,” “It’s been a rough change, with the new CO and all,” Diego nodded. “No… no,” Brie frowned and rolled over slightly. “It’s not that. I’ve been through many command changes. It’s not that. Everyone thinks that,” “Then what is it?” Diego asked, softly, stroking her hair. “I… I think it’s me… Diego. I… think I’m the one who’s changed,” Diego said nothing, knowing that this was her moment. Brie turned to look up at Diego. “I’m not the same person who joined this ship three years ago. I got a promotion. I got placed in charge of my MACO team. I was given… increased responsibility. And now I don’t have that anymore. It’s been taken away from me. Was… was I not up to the task? Was I not good enough for that responsibility? I’ve tried to represent the MACO the best way possible. Show everyone that we’re called the best of the best for a reason. But it seems like it wasn’t for anything,” Diego looked down at her. “I don’t know, I think the MACO are the best of the best. Well, you definitely,” Brie shook her head lightly, a smile appearing. “It’s only because I saved your ass,” “I think you’ve saved a lot of people. I think you’ve saved this ship many times over. They all feel as I do. Look, people love you, Brie. They show it in different ways. Just like you do,” “I hope you know that I do,” “Do what?” “Love you. Even if I show it in a different way,” Diego leaned down and kissed her. “Of course,” Brie allowed herself to be kissed. “How long we have for your simulation to complete?” Diego grinned lightly. “Computer, pause program,” he said. “How long do you need,” “How long do you want?” Brie smirked and rolled over, pushing Diego down and mounting him. “We’ll play it by ear,” came the reply. Brie just leaned down and kissed him.

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