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Sarena Kai







30BTC (35 Years Old)













Advanced Class

Combat Medic


Close Quarters Combat


Rifles, Pistols




Galactic Republic


  • 11 BTC | Enlisted in military following the death of her mother

  • 10 BTC | Completed boot camp and posted to Balmorra with the rank of Private

  • 8 BTC | Held off Mandalorian pursuers at Atzerri while off-duty, promoted to Corporal

  • 7 BTC | Participated in the breaking of the Mandalorian Blockade, the Battle of Ziost and the Battle of Ashas Ree

  • 0 ATC | Acted as security escort for the Alderaan Peace Conference and promoted to Sergeant upon the conclusion of the war; assigned to Republic Special Forces Division as commander of Nova Squad

  • 5 ATC | Rescued Jedi Padawan while escaping from Imperial custody


Born on Corellia to a government official and a doctor, Sarena grew up in the core of the Republic, enjoying a safe upbringing throughout the first portion of the Great Galactic War. Sarena admired the tales of Republic heroism but did not eagerly seek to involve herself in the war like many others around her. Instead, she wanted the grandeur and fame without the danger and elected to study as a holodrama actress.

Sarena was chosen for the monumental role of Meetra Surik for a series of holofilms documenting the Republic's past history with the Sith to promote the war effort. The role, if well-received, promised a long and successful career as she was to first play a younger version of the Jedi Exile in a film centred around Revan during the Mandalorian Wars, then return when she was older as the hero of the films detailing Surik's victory over the Sith Triumvirate.

However, a month before filming began, Sarena received news that the medical transport bearing her mother was destroyed by the Empire, with no reported survivors. This prompted her to act on her patriotism in a different way- by enlisting in the Republic Army. Following boot camp, Sarena, now Private Kai, was sent to fight a losing battle against the Empire on Balmorra. She did not see much action at first as their battalion was almost constantly on the retreat. Their numbers slowly dwindled and early in her second year of service, they were lured into a trap by the Imperial forces and decimated by orbital bombardment. Private Kai was among the few who safely made it back to friendly territory.

Private Kai stayed on the trade world of Atzerri during her leave time while she awaited reassignment. During that time, the surviving Jedi from the ill-fated attack on the Mandalorian Blockade fled to the world and promised Republic compensation for the support of the corrupt local government. When the Jedi's pursuers arrived, led by the 'Jedi-Hunter,' Mandalorian Dashade Uruk Vex, the Atzerri government immediately surrendered. As the Mandalorians scoured the planet for Jedi, Private Kai rallied a handful of off-duty troopers and other Republic supporters to stop the enemy.

The soldiers, knowing the territory better than the attackers, ambushed the Mandalorians as they made their way through the city. Unfortunately, their efforts did not stall the Jedi-Hunter for long. While the other troopers and the Jedi held off the Dashade, Private Kai and several local helpers took control of Atzerri's anti-air defenses and fired on the Mandalorian ships, forcing them to retreat and regroup for a proper assault on the planet. This provided the Jedi with the time needed to escape to Devaron.

Her heroism on Atzerri earned Kai the rank of Corporal as well as the nickname 'Jedi-Savior.' She was also part of the force that finally broke the blockade one year later, and participated in the Republic counterattacks at Ziost and Ashas Ree. Corporal Kai's reputation as well as her acting training qualified her as the 'poster-girl' for the Republic Army, and though she continued to serve on the front lines, she also become the focus of many posters and holofilms that promoted the army.

Corporal Kai was part of the military escort for the Republic delegation on Alderaan and was present at the site of the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. Following the war, she was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and assigned to lead Nova Squad under General Garza's Special Forces Division, where she continued to defend the Republic and work with Jedi into the Cold War.

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