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Raven's Star

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Location: Boreth Sector, Raven's Star system.

Ruling Faction: Protectorate of Cuervo Verde

Leader: Protector Akaar Qwilliam the 23rd

Habitable Planets: One, Class X Demon Planet. Cuervo Verde


Settled over two thousand Earth years ago by the Ravenites fleeing their long lost dying homeworld. The Near-Human Ravenites have unfortunately arrived on a toxic world that was ill suited for habitation, conditions ranged from heavy salt contaminated water, heavy toxic metals in the soil, and a harsh mixture of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Chlorine in the atmosphere. The Ravenites were forced to set up bio-domes to live on the surface of the planet. The first century of life on Green Raven was filled with deep divisions about staying. This came to a head into a deadly nine year war when the neighboring star system (The Yu system) was discovered to have two M class planets, named Vakuul and Charron, translated into the Ravenites native tongue meant Paradise and Garden of God.

The Protectorate lead by Akaar the First, also known as Akaar the Savior, won the war and exiled the opposing faction of Ravenites, now known as the Faithful to the Yu system. Since the end of the Great War, there have been twenty more devastating wars fought between the Protectorate and the Faithful, the last one ended with an armistice signed in 2378.

The Yu system and Raven's Star system are connected by a subspace bridge, as such the Protectorate and the Faithful never had any reason to build warp drives. Until the Armistice station, a neutral meeting ground in the Yu system near the bridge was shut down by the Faithful in 2400. Just before the station was shut down, the Protectorate Embassy ship was able to detect something massive being built near the Faithful's main shipyard. With the shut down of the Armistice station and the embargo on use of the bridge due to heavily fortification on both sides, the Protectorate was forced to developed other means of space travel, and achieved warp drive in late 2417. Unfortunately for the Protectorate and the Faithful, they have now attracted the watchful eye of the Tholians and the Federation, Raven's Star could be used as a strategic advantage for the Tholians to freely strike major Federation trade routes...


Military: The Protectorate Space Navy

Leader: High Admiral Yurki Xan II

Active Ships: Forty six

Active Duty personnel: Three Million officers and enlisted men.

History: The Protectorate Space Navy was not founded until after the end of the first Raven-Yu system war when the Faithful launched an unexpected surprise attack on the Protectorate's mining operations in the middle rim sixty years after their exile. The war nearly crippled the Protectorate as they had no warships of their own, their only ships were mining ships and cargo vessels to ferry needed materials from the middle rim to Green Raven. The first war only lasted two months. The turning point in favor of the Protectorate was six weeks after the first attack when a cargo vessel named the Manticore, captained by a man named Yuri Xan, managed to hijack one of the Faithful's warships during a raid. The warship was used to strike back at the main Faithful fleet and drive them out of the Raven's Star system during the Battle of the Blackbird. Although the warship and her crew did not survive, Protector Akaar the Third made the Xan family honorary bloodmembers of the Qwilliam family, as well as established the Protectorate Space Navy with a sizable military budget that could be spared.

The PSN has been the Protectorate's only line of defense from the Faithful after they declared the Protectorate to be heretics. The PSN's Main mission has historically been one of defense, very rarely have the PN ever launched a direct attack on the Yu system. In part due to the economy being heavily invested solely into the construction of orbital bio-domes for farming, forcing the PSN's number of ships to be vastly outnumbered by the Faithful. When the Subspace bridge was shut down in 2400, the PSN embarked on designing and building their first new warship in almost a hundred years.

Fleet: The flagship of the Protectorate is their first warp capable vessel P.S.N.V. Akaar the Savior, she can reach the speed of Warp Five, and is the first new design build in over a hundred years. The rest of the PSN fleet contains two Dreadnoughts, three battle cruisers, eight heavy cruisers, fourteen light cruisers, and twenty destroyers.

Weapons: The PSN have no energy type weapons, all of their weapons are strictly kinetic with the use of bullets, missiles, torpedoes and nuclear devices. The main batteries of a typical PSN warship are able to fire in two modes, Flak and Offensive.

Defensive systems: The Protectorate has no shield technology, so their ship hulls are heavily armored to be able to withstand a direct hit from a nuclear device. (Note it is unknown if their hull is capable of withstanding a photon torpedo or other types of anti-matter weapons.)

Patrol routes: The PSN is divided up into three fleets, each one contains one Battle cruiser to act as a flagship. The first fleet regularly patrols the outer rim of the Raven's Star system as well as guards the Subspace bridge along with the two Yuri Xan dreadnoughts. The second fleet patrols the middle rim, keeping eyes on the mining operations and acting as fast response units for any mishaps or mining accidents. The third fleet protects the homeworld Green Raven and is the last line of defense for the Protectorate from the Faithful.


High Admiral - is a Seven Star Admiral, and is the Commander in Chief of all Protectorate Naval, Security, and Police personnel, he answers only to the Protector. This rank is traditionally held by a direct decadent of Yuri Xan, in the entire history of the PSS, only five High Admirals have not carried the blood of Xan, four of them were members of the Qwilliam bloodline.

Grand Admiral - Six Star Admirals, Grand Admirals are the High Admiral's advisers, and rarely leave the PSN headquarters. Historically there have always been five, however when Grand Admiral Yuri Vanko sacrificed his life to save the life of Akaar the 20th from a Faithful Assassination attempt, his spot was retired with full honors, and now there are only four Grand Admirals.

Fleet Admirals - Five Star Admirals, The Fleet Admirals command the fleets, as there are only thee fleets in current service, there are only three Fleet Admirals.

Admiral- Four Stars, the Admirals command the Security Forces of each bio-dome.

Vice Admiral - Three Stars, Vice Admirals serve as second in command of the Bio-domes

Rear Admiral - two Stars, Rear Admirals serve as police chiefs in the Bio-domes, depending on the size of a bio-dome there are always at least three. The largest Bio-Dome, Qwilliam City, has ten.

Commodore - One Star, Commodores serve as second in command of the fleets, usually with a Manticore as their flagship.

Captain - Serve as ship commanders or as Security chiefs to Bio-domes, as well as command police stations.

Commander - All ranks of Commander and under serve under the command of a Captain or aides on the staff of an Admiral.

Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Senior Grade

Lieutenant Junior Grade



Government: Protectorate of the Green Raven

Ruler: Protector Akaar the Qwillaim the 23rd the 92nd Protector.

Governmental Body: The Conclave of the Raven.

History: When the Ravenites fled their homeworld for Green Raven, they used a fleet of sixteen colony ships with thousands of Ravenites in cryosleep pods. Almost by sheer miracle the five hundred year journey was a success beyond all odds, all sixteen ships and all the passengers made it to Green Raven alive. Unfortunately it wasn't until after they arrived that they realized that their new home was a nightmare. Ten of the sixteen ships were dismantled and turned into bio-domes. As the Ravenites were already a deeply religious people, the miracle divided the people into two groups, the first were the ones that thanked the science behind their survival, while the other half believed it was the hand of the Great Raven that allowed them to arrive safely, they called themselves the Faithful.

A hundred years after the settlement, the Ravenites were able to set up a space program to send probes out towards the middle rim of the system. The first probe sent was lost with in a week of her launch, when contact was reestablished almost five years later, they discovered that the probe found the Subspace Bridge to the Yu system as well as the discovery of the two M-class planets.

After the discovery, the Ravenites attempted to make plans for an exodus from Green Raven to the Yu system, however because there were only four colony ships still intact, the Faithful decided to take matters in their own hands and begun a rebellion. Five years into the war, a man named Akaar Qwilliam united the Ravenites to fight back the Faithful. The Ravenites were able to win the war, but in a moment of mercy for their kinsmen, they decided to exile them to the Yu system and make life work for themselves on Green Raven.

After the war, Akaar and the Ravenites formed the Protectorate as the official ruling body, and labeled the new era as year 0 A.P. (After Protectorate. Note: Interestingly enough, Year 0 matches up with the year 1 B.C. on the Human calendar) In the year 60 A.P. the Faithful declared the Protectorates as heretics and begun their two thousand year crusade to eradicate the Protectorate from existence. Since the year 60, there have been twenty wars between the Raven and the Yu system. All the wars have lasted from as short as two months to one as long as two hundred years.

Although most of the Protectorate's history has been involved in a state of hostility with the Yu system, there was a era of peace for seven hundred years that begun in 1348 after the Faithful, their population tired from the consistence state of war, elected a more secularist party leadership. For seven hundred years the Faithful and the Protectorate lived in peace, with free trade, tourism, sharing of technology and medical science. This ended in 2024 after the more conservative and radical elements of the Faithful overthrew the secular government body and kicked off the two hundred year war.

The Faithful and the Protectorate have again spent the last four hundred years in a state of warfare in one way or another, the last battle took place over the Yu system homewolrds in 2378 when the PSN smashed the Faithful's fleet and an armistice was signed. The Armistice was broken in 2400 when the Faithful closed the station and placed a blockade on their end of the subspace bridge, but no attack has come since they closed the bridge, due to this, the Protectorate has finally become a warp capable civilization to prepare for the Faithful's new War Machine...

Society: Life on Green Raven is not easy, with a population of close to eight billion, and the male population outnumbered by women two to one, the Ravenites are a male dominated race. As such, only men are allowed to join the military, police forces, and rise to public office. Each male is expected to marry two women and father at least four children. Due to the harsh conditions of their homeworld, only two in four children survive to adulthood, many as three in four experience leukemia and other types of cancer. In adulthood, cancer is the leading cause of death for up to 60% of all adults. (It is worth noting that over the last thousand years, the death rates related to cancer has fallen almost a full 25%)

The Ravenites, and the Protectorate are a deeply religious people, the Protector rules with the consent of the Church of the Great Raven. There have been moments of civil unrest when the Church has refused to give consent to the Protector, such as the case when Protector Rhykoff II started the Fifth Raven-Yu war with a futile invasion of the Yu system in 333. And in 1209 when Protector Adrik III actually attempted to dissolve the Conclave of the Raven when they refused to give him a greater military budget and allow the formation of a second military branch.

Physiology: The Ravenites are very close Near-Humans, the main differences is located in eye colors, The Ravenites have three different types, Gold, Purple and Sliver colored eyes. The typical Ravenite male stands at around 162.56 centimeters tall, Ravenite females are typically around 157.48 centimeters tall.

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