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"Perfect Square Act III" Pt. 4

An even longer time ago, in a galaxy just as far away...


"Thank you bit we can manage I think. I don't want to get you in any more trouble" Mischa rellied with a friendly smile as she hopped out of the car. Moving around to the other side she set about retrieving ADIN and seemed to be managing until she ended up stumbling backwards with the astromech tumbling to the floor with her to the soud a mechanical squeal from the droid.

In doing so she once again forced the Privates hand into helping her back up, "Sorry... guess we couldn't quite manage after all!" She chuckled as he first pulled the astromech up to clear the way for her. "Are you ok?" The Twi'lek asked offering a hand to pull her back to her feet. "Oh quite fine. I think my ego took the biggest bruise there!" She smiled back, taking his hand gently.

As he helped her back up she made another subtly calculated tumble and stumbled right against him; bracing herself against his shoulder and allowing herself to fall a snugly against him, "ooh! Thank you! You are even stronger than you look!" She exclaimed, allowing a deep blush to form at the apparently unintended faux pas and allowing herself the briefest indulgence of giving his shoulder and impressed squeeze before pushing away; allowing her eyes to linger for a calculated moment.

With everyone set, she dusted off her skirt from the tumble - making sure the action of which afforded the Twi'lek an opportunity to admire her physique before she turned back to follow him into the building. Amidst wary looks from the guards, she and ADIN were quickly confirmed and processed through to the convention. Her first point of interedt after scoping security would be find a suitable access point for ADIN to use, which she knew he would also be watching for.

The Twi'lek followed behind her, trying his best not to stare, though much of his attention was diverted to Mischa. The building's guards, however, were more alert, making it difficult for ADIN to sneak away even in his astromech body. There were several public access terminals dotted around the convention centre which allowed HoloNet access, but the with the equipment on its current form, ADIN was able to do that already. Nonetheless, it pulled over to one of the terminals, plugging into the access port for a moment before backing away with a disappointed beep. It then signaled for Mischa's attention, and when Mischa had given the droid her datapad, it delivered her the following message:

Building network completely detached from public access terminals.

Access terminals=Useless

Security terminals potentially allow control of surveillance and defense systems.

With a nod of acknowledgement to ADIN, Mischa cleared and pocketed the datapad, "We'll see what the day brings. I'm sure we can find all sorts of interest as the day progresses" She turned her attention back to the Private, catching his wandering eye and flashing a sweet and embarrassed smile as he flusbed again and averted his gaze, "I- I assume we are heading for a specific renndezvous with Ms. Haron?" She asked with an emphasized stutter and a small nudge of her glasses.

"Sergeant wants us to meet where you're setting up, so I'll show you there first," answered the Twi'lek.

Having taken from the main lobby a datapad containing a map, the trooper led the way through the building. From what Mischa saw as they walked, the section they were in seemed to be exclusively dedicated for corporate display; all the rooms with open doors or transparisteel walls that allowed her to look inside were large presentation rooms with a central stage and rows of seats or meeting rooms of various sizes (but almost all smaller than the auditoriums) with chairs positioned around a central table. Mischa did not visit the lower levels of the gigantic skyscraper, and from what she saw of the map it did not detail these floors either. Her eyes did manage to an area designated "Offices" which were likely for management and security.

They took an elevator to reach the main hall, a sight that represented perfectly the grandeur of upper Coruscant. Located on the topmost floor of the building, it took up the entirety of the level, one single massive chamber covered in a relatively simple but visibly high-quality red rug. The view overhead was more impressive, for the domed roof of the tower was all transparent, allowing the natural light to shine in at this morning hour. Shadows of the occasional speeder or ship passing overhead darkened parts of the hall, but with the building being one of the tallest in the vicinity, the majority of traffic moved around it rather than above. Nonetheless, these movements did not disrupt the beauty of the architecture; if anything they added to the liveliness, not that any more was needed at this particular moment

Despite its size, the convention hall was completely filled. The larger companies had either already set up their displays or were almost finished with their preparations. The floor was already brimming with droids of all shapes and sizes, from small mouse droids that beeped as they zoomed in demonstrative circles to protocol droids announcing their presence with overly cheerful voices to even large, three-legged battle droid that clanked loudly every time they shifted around. Several spots had not been occupied yet, but their positions were reserved by holographic signs that clearly stated the name of the group that had purchased them. Mischa was lead to one such hologram which projected the Haron Inc. logo, a sleek, clean beacon that stood out beside various fancy and colourful Republic companies.

"You should probably have this too," the Private handed Mischa the datapad with the map on it. "I can get another copy; this'll let you know where the bathrooms and all are at, if you need them."

The Twi'lek's comment made Mischa realize that with just her and the rookie soldier, this was probably her best opportunity of slipping away; once Kelly arrived the less agreeable Sergeant would certainly be along too, making their chances of moving about without an escort extremely unlikely. She would not have her partner's support if she did so of course, but she knew that ADIN's chip could be used to sneak him away as well, and there was no shortage of droid bodies for him to inhabit here...

Mischa thanked the Private and set about working to setup their display. She focused a lot of her efforts with the astomech she travelled with - unbeknownst to onlookers actually giving ADIN encrypted instructions.

When she was done, she pulled a chip from the back of the astomech and inserted it into a mouse droid which she had nabbed to assist with setup. After a few moments the mouse droid beeped an acknowledgement of her instructions and whizzed away through the crowds. Mischa focused her attention on a console who's display was obscured from passers by. She worked on corporate PR material while watching a small display which was feeding an image from the ADIN mouse droid and had a data feed scrolling vertically though the image.

She watched and relayed instructiins to ADIN as he discretely worked his way down to the offices in search of a suitable security network connection to take advantage of during the chaotic setup time. The mouse droid shell would not be able to perform the hack alone but with Mischa's remote help, the two should easily be able to manage some success.

After successfully slicing into the security network, Mischa found that she now had control over the building's surveillance and alarm systems. This would allow her to lure away guards by triggering false warnings or create blind zones where she would be able to act without being watched. One or two of these tricks can be explained away as malfunctions or accidents, however too many uses would no doubt raise suspicion. While in the network, Mischa also discovered that the SIS had a tap on the skyscraper's security which allowed them to access their records and footage. She could potentially ride this connection in an attempt to bypass the SIS defenses, but it would be a very risky move. If she was not careful, Republic spies will know that someone inside this building was trying to slice them, and assuming they fail to find her, they would at least take measures to ensure the security systems would not be compromised again.

Mischa opted to bide her time for the moment, waiting for Kelly to return and focusing efforts on the cover task at hand while returning mouse droid ADIN to her side. She now knew what her options were, as the day progressed at the convention; she hoped to determine how best to capitalize on the available options.

Mischa did not have much time to think before Kelly arrived. Her entrance was not from the visitor's elevator Mischa had used, but instead a much larger cargo elevator in a discreet section of the display hall which was mostly covered from view by several security booths. The Sergeant was, as expected, following along, the two of them staying on opposite sides of an anti-gravity load lifter that they were escorting. On top of it were several crates with the Haron Inc. brand, which Mischa knew to contain the display droids.

"Already started setting up I see! Ever so diligent, aren't you Jana?" Kelly complimented as she approached. "So, what have we got to work with?"

"T-thank you, Ms. Haron!" she replied nervously adjusting her glasses as she stood from the console, "You'll be pleased to know that I have identified a number of potential opportunities for us here. Some may be high risk ventures, but nothing we can't find an amenable compromise I'm sure! Oh, and I seconded the use of this mouse droid to help me run errands during the course of the day. The astromech is a fine unit but I thought it better utilized in the display area"

"Good thinking," Kelly gave Mischa a pat on the shoulder like a superior would commend the behaviour of their underling. "Keep at it, and let me know if you have anything that requires my attention."

Flashing another friendly smile, she turned to work on setting up the droids, which involved arranging the holographic description plaques and tweaking the droids' limitations to fit the amount of space given to them so that they were active but did not wander off. It did not sound like much, but the positioning of a visually appealing display was no easy feat. The work would take much if not all of the day at hand, which gave Mischa plenty of time to pursue her side project, albeit now under the occasional scrutinizing gaze from the Sergeant.

Mischa bided her time and worked with a strong focus on their cover assignment. Whilst working away with Kelly throughout the morning she despatched ADIN to find a list of guests expected at the convention; namely other Imperials.

The list of companies attending the convention was easy enough for ADIN to retrieve; the droid did not even have to do anything illegal. It appeared that only four Imperial-based corporations were present including Haron Inc., as expanding business into the Republic was a fairly controversial thing. However, Mischa would recognize a small amount of neutral companies who also operated within the borders of the Empire.

Accessing the security network they had sliced into, ADIN also retrieved the names and positions of the representatives from all the companies, including Solor Zad, the head of the rival Imperial droid manufacturer Kelly had mentioned. It seemed that he had changed the name of his group from AutoPower to PowerTech Industries and had personally come to Coruscant.

Armed with the information she saught; Mischa worked discretely in the background to set things in motion. Before she could attempt to piggtback the SIS signal however she first despatched ADIN to slice in and steal the credentials of Solor Zad.

With this; she could attempt the secure hack via a remote slice of his personal console. If all went well, she would succeed in accessing the SIS database with them nonethwiser. If not; the she would have Zad as a firewall to obscure her from detection.

She knew though that timing was imperative andso first triggered a remote security alert at a nearby office. It was closer to the Haron Inc. Booth than Powertechs but so much that it would draw unwanted attention to them. It would however divert attention away from Zad's area which she calculated would serve further to incriminate him should her SIS slice be detected.

As the security alert sounded, the building guards rushed over to secure the location. This diversion worked even better than Mischa had expected, as the Sergeant turned her attention to the source of the alarm to figure out what was going on. She did not leave them, but the distraction was more than enough for her to disregard whatever Mischa was doing at the moment.

The slice worked successfully, allowing Mischa to ride the SIS tap back into their systems, all the while operating from a device linked to Solor Zad of PowerTech Industries. There were several blocks along the way, but nothing that could not be bypassed with a little skill. Once inside, Mischa had access to an extensive database of which the building surveillance footage was only a very small part. She could not see anything about ongoing SIS operations and was restricted only to archival information, though it was already significantly more data than ADIN had managed to access on its own in the hotel.

It was impossible to use the connection size of the tap to download any substantial portion of the database, and whatever Mischa was looking for, she would have to find and extract individually.

Allowing herself a small smile at the level of success, Mischa worked quickly with ADIN's aid to extract the details of the crime scenes where her fellow agents where reported killed. Her focus was on locations, but she tried to ascertain as much as she could before having to terminate the connection - which she did so promptly after allowing herself a very strict time limit based on potential SIS response times, and an estimate of how long it would take the local security forces to realize that they were responding to a false alarm.

There was little variation between the information she retrieved from the databanks and the information ADIN got on his earlier attempt, save for one key difference. The level at which Mischa accessed allowed her to view the 'Additional Comments' section of each case, which included suspicions on the side made by SIS agents. Of the five cases, two had nothing else written on them, while another two included some fairly brief notes about how foul play was suspected, though there was no solid evidence to prove it. The person responsible for these murders was clearly a very experienced assassin.

The final case, concerning the Corellian Councillor's aide, was the odd one out. Of the two cases without any notes, the files simply had no 'Additional Comments' sections. Here however, a comments section was present with no information in it. This also happened to be the case with the victim whom the SIS already had their sights on. It was possible that someone wrote a comment and erased it afterwards, but with the odd formatting and ADIN's earlier estimates, the most likely situation was that the SIS databanks (specifically this entry) had been altered by whoever sliced into it before them.

Security guards were already beginning to return to their usual posts, meaning that Mischa's diversion was at an end. She had still not been detected in the networks though, and perhaps had a little more time to continue her search...

Before pulling out of the slice, Mischa attempted to retrieve the names and personnel files of the SIS members who wrote and subsequently accessed the files; starting with the case file for the Corellian Councillor's aide.

Unsurprisingly, the file on the Councillor's aide was accessed the most:




Ardun Kothe

Bureau Chief

Counterintelligence Operations

Cei Mahatt

Bureau Chief

Domestic Affairs Investigations


Special Agent

Counterintelligence Operations


Special Agent

Counterintelligence Operations

Zael Davak

Special Agent

Criminal Investigations


Special Agent

Domestic Affairs Investigations

Unidentified Address



The two files which had additional comments attached were accessed and modified by Zael Davak & Kalenni. The SIS appeared to have no interest in the other two cases, and the files were simply archived information from local law enforcement. It was however, still accessed by the unidentified address visitor.

With no further indicators regarding the unknown person who whose trail they were following; Mischa took solace in the fact they had a consistent lead in agent Davak. She could only hope that in following him more closely, she would find her lead into this mysterious assailant whom she was coming to believe with increasing conviction; that was directly linked to the case in some form. If it was not their missing cipher covering his tracks, it could be someone else following the same trail.

With the SIS hack closed she turned her attention back to Kelly with a soft nudge of her glasses as she looked out over the bustling activity, "What's going on Ms. Haron; some sort of emergency drill?"

While the archived data did not contain information on present operations and therefore not the whereabouts of Zael Davak, it did give some useful hints on where he could be. The agent often went offworld to investigate cases, but he was also known to work out of his office at the Heorem Complex, a large group of buildings commonly referred to just as SIS Headquarters. He apparently shared a residence with fellow agent Cassri'dalle, an apartment half an hour's drive away from his office.

Kelly looked over to Mischa as she was addressed, shrugging her shoulders in response, "Not sure. No one was evacuating, so could be a drill for the guards or a false alarm."

"It was a false alarm," the Sergeant answered, just turning her attention back to them after having finished speaking over a communicator.

"Everything's alright then?" Kelly's question seemed to be directed at the Sergeant, but Mischa knew from the glance she passed that it was also asking whether everything was proceeding as planned.

Mischa gave the subtlest of nods in response, allowing the situation to settle before confirming verbally with an apparent different context, "As excited as I am for what today brings Ms. Haron, I am looking forward to some potential downtime later where we might enjoy the beauty of Coruscant. I took the liberty of researching some picturesque regions that I thought might be nice to visit; should we be afforded the time later, of course" she smiled.

"Thank you," Kelly smiled at Mischa before she turned her gaze to the Sergeant. "We're allowed to see the city while we're here, right? Under your escort, of course." "You'll have to be watched, of course," the human trooper responded. "You can go wherever civilians are allowed, but the locals might not be very friendly if they know who you are. And I'd prefer it if you don't keep us up too late." "Yes, many places can be very dangerous at night," nodded the Twi'lek in an obvious attempt to sugar coat his superior's words, which the Sergeant frowned at.

"Well then, it's a good job we have the Republic's finest to keep us safe!" Mischa concluded with the flash of a flirtatious smile aimed at the Twi'lek, "I do look forward to taking in the sights, but for now; we have work to do" she said looking back to Kelly, "If it pleases, Ms. Haron; with our preparations well in hand here, I thought I might take a look around some of the other exhibitors..." she paused and glanced over to the troopers, "If our escorted privileges would allow it of course..."

"Now's the time to check out the other companies," Kelly agreed. "We need to know who we're competing with, but things will start to get very busy once the public are allowed to visit." The Sergeant gave a single nod, presumably giving permission for Mischa to wander off rather than supporting Kelly's statement. She did not move from her position, instead signalling for her subordinate to step up instead. "Keep an eye on her," she instructed the Private. "Tail her if she gets too far away." "Yes sir," the Twi'lek responded and stepped to the front of the Haron Inc. booth as he watched Mischa with a little too much focus.

Mischa strolled off browsing the many booths in various states of preparedness. While she casually perused the convention she maintained a constant awareness of the Private's less than discreet tailing. After a short time spent strategically testing her followers capability she decided to make a move and have some fun with him. She turned a corner through a small crowd of workers she had been watching and used the brief loss of visibility to double back and watch from a blind spot. The Twi'lek turned the corner after her and his face turned instantly as he realised he had lost her. She allowed him a brief panicked search before sneaking up behind him and tapping on his armoured shoulder, "Are you ok? You look a little flustered!" She smiled a cheeky smile, making clear that she was intentionally teasing him, but reinforcing her innocence with a gentle nudge of her eyeglasses as she looked up at him.

"O-oh, oh there you are," he stammered as he spin around to face her, his sudden movement causing him to clumsily knock his foot against a small astromech rolling beside him. The droid spewed a series of annoyed beeps before zooming away, taking no note of the Twi'lek's "Sorry!" He took a moment to re-orientate himself before looking back to Mischa. "I...I couldn't find you for a moment," the Private continued. "The Sergeant said I was supposed to keep an eye on you, so I was uhh...watching you. I hope I'm not intruding; I was trying to stay a little further back so I don't, and then you must've turned a corner or something."

Mischa gave a soft giggle, "Yes I noticed. You know you don't exactly blend into the corporate crowd; trudging around in that bright white armour of yours!" As her giggle faded to a friendly smile she laid a hand on his arm, "I am sorry though, I didn't mean to get you worried or anything; just having a little fun with you is all!" Holding her hand on his arm, she leaned in and up on her tip toes slightly to speak in a hushed tone, "Places like this are stuffy enough if you ask me. One needs to make a little fun sometimes just to get through the day!"

"Yeah, I'm not one for corporate things," the Private nodded, giving a little chuckle, "but the Sergeant will kill me if I try to have fun while I'm on duty. I can guide you around though, if there's anywhere you want to go. We can't wander too far away, but anywhere in the display levels should be fine; we'll be able to go to other places on Coruscant once your boss is done setting up. I'm not too bad with a map...that is, if you want me to accompany you. I don't mean to presume, I'll...stay behind you if you prefer."

Mischa rewarded him with a sweet smile, "I think that sounds like a wonderful idea! And if you aren't in uniform later then nobody would even have reason to think I'm Imperial; we would just blend in naturally. That should make things easier for us both if there is less risk, right?" She paused and stepped back some, assuming a more formal posture, "As for here and now; you are required to follow me anyway so you may as well walk with me" she flashed another smile as she tucked her hair back behind her ear to feign an attempt to hide a slight flush in her cheeks. With a nudge of her eyeglasses she looked back to him, " I know your mean Sergeant doesn't want you to have fun while you work but there's nothing wrong with a little guidance I'm sure. Why that's just being efficient and ensuring I don't accidentally wander somewhere I am not meant to! Come on, let's see what interesting things are on display already!"

The Twi'lek trooper took Mischa on a quick tour around, showing her the major companies that he recognized, though he did not know much about the technicalities of their creations. She was even permitted to view the combat models, but of course there was nothing that the Empire was not aware of already as it was a public convention; the latest military developments were probably exclusive to military use and concealed from civilian eyes. The most interesting occurrence happened when the Private began to lead her back to their own display. In front of the Haron Inc. sign stood a bulwark of a man, even better built than Kelly and towered a head above her; he was even taller than the armoured Sergeant. The features that most instantly drew Mischa's attention were the two shiny plates attached atop his otherwise bare head. At first, it seemed as if it was the glowing top of some humanoid droid, but as she drew closer it became apparent that it was simply the sunlight being reflected off the cybernetic attachments. Approaching the display, Mischa would notice a small circular port at the base of his neck, connected to a series of wires just visible underneath his pale skin. He had no trace of hair; where his eyebrows were expected to be were instead two long strips of blinking lights. Were it not for the corporate setting and the clean cut suit that the man wore, he would have passed for a soldier or perhaps a bounty hunter. When he spoke, his voice was deep and fitting of his stature, but it was far from gruff. His voice carried a refined Imperial accent, and he pronounced each word in a methodical fashion that was both sophisticated and menacing. "I did not think the Minister of Defense would allow you to be here." "I didn't think security would let you through with all your enhancements," Kelly replied coolly. "Expanding our market isn't forbidden, Zad. It's not like we're allowed to sell our military droids here." "You never struck me as the type to seek business with our enemies," the cyborg proclaimed. "A most unusual move for your board." "And you always struck me as the type to seize any opportunity for advancement, regardless of loyalties. Is that why you renamed your company to PowerTech, to emphasize on power?" "Do not presume to know my loyalties." Kelly shook her head, "I'm not presuming anything. I'm just saying, you'd make for an excellent Sith." "The Sith can have their mysticism," he spat. "It is through our achievements of technology that we shall hone ourselves into perfection." "Be careful what you say." "Be careful what you do, Haron," Zad's lips curled into a slight smirk. "I may not agree with the Sith, but I have connections among them. Your company is involved in something too big for you." "Maybe yours is just too small," Kelly smirked back.

Following the share of an uncertain glance with her trooper escort, Mischa stepped closer and assumed a typically Imperial formal stance, "We have returned from our tour Ms. Haron; thank you for allowing the indulgence. It is still terribly exciting as my my first convention!" She spoke with an emphasized upbeat tone to exaggerate her enthusiasm. She offered a polite smile and dip of her head to Zad, "And did I hear the name Zad? You must be the head of PowerTech; quite the impressive display you have"

"I'm glad you approve," Zad gave her a curt nod. "It would be even greater had the Republic allowed us to bring our battle droids. Then perhaps it would live up to the standards of the finest robotics corporation in the Empire." "Good to see you're having fun," Kelly smiled. "And yes, this is the Solor Zad of the newly renamed PowerTech Industries, one of the Empire's droid manufacturers and a primary competitor with Haron Inc. on the market."

Mischa returned the smile, "It is so nice to see that we can demonstrate here to the Republic; the refined Imperial discipline which allows us to engage in friendly competition. No doubt there is plenty of business to be won here, both for PowerTech and Haron" she finished, turning her smile towards Zad, "It is an honour to meet another titan of the industry" she added with a polite dip of her head, promptly followed by a quick nudge of her eyeglasses before they slipped too far off her nose with the bow.

Yet another smile formed on Zad's lips as he responded, "Conflict makes us stronger. That is something the Republic has yet to understand. You will do well in the business world. Alas, Haron found you first, but my doors are always open should you require other employment opportunities." "I shall be on my way now," the bulky cyborg nodded as politely as possible for one of his intimidating appearance before he turned. As he headed off, Kelly repositioned herself to the back of their display area, where she began to gather up her supplies for diagnosing and programming the droids. Raising a hand, she motioned for Mischa to come and help out. "All the prep's finished and the place closes down in half an hour, so we're packing up. Do you think we got time to see any places tonight, or should we just go back to the hotel?"

"I'm game for a little sight seeing" She smiled back, glancing in the direction Zad wandered off in, "So that was Solor Zad. He seemed... nice?"

"He's as dangerous as he looks," Kelly remarked. "It's rare that someone so brutish can be so politically cunning as well. Zad's intelligent, ambitious, ruthless and a little sadistic; pretty much a Sith Lord without Force powers. I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to let him on Coruscant." "Knowing Coruscant, he probably bribed half the Senate or something," the Sergeant stated cynically. "We've got a full squad keeping an eye on him though. If he's here to carry out some shady Imperial business, he won't get far."

Mischa couldn't help be smile quietly to herself at the thought that he technically already has, since she went through a local hack of his personal console in order to ride the data stream back to the SIS archives herself. She was also pleasantly surprised to see this first hint of cynicism from the Sergeant regarding the present climate within the Republic capital, she quirked a surprised look at the Sergeant, "You say that like it is common practice for your Senate to be bought so easily. That can't be right, surely, can it? I mean... doesn't that go against everything your government proclaims to stand for? I could certainly believe it were we stood on Dromund Kaas right now, but... here?"

"I wish it wasn't right," she responded. "Just cause we believe in something different doesn't mean we've perfected that system. The Republic's made up of people, just like your Empire. People make mistakes, get greedy when they have too much power in their hands. It might seem worse on Kaas because your leaders' got more absolute power; on the other hand your citizens have more discipline, and I respect that, I really do. But where we differ is that we're willing to change and to improve. Conflict's got a place in shaping someone up, sure, but the Republic recognizes that everyone is stronger when we stand together, not in isolation or oppression. Ruling the galaxy means nothing when you don't have the loyalty of the systems under you, and that's why the Empire'll never rule us." "So, uhh...where is it you wanted to go after this?" the Twi'lek cut in, eager to change the topic away from a potentially heated political debate. "We'll need to make arrangements for it."

"Well..." Mischa began, turning a welcoming smile to the Private - seemingly appreciative of his timely conversation diversion, "...I have heard that Senate District is one of the most breathtaking views on Coruscant - a must see!" she added with hastened excitement at the apparent prospect of beholding such a wonder, "If it is allowed, I think it would be wonderful to behold such a marvel" Without affording either of their Republic escorts an opportunity to respond, she hurried excitedly around the console in their booth and rummaged through her collection of datapads before pulling one out triumphantly; which she promptly returned to the Private's side, without actively obscuring it from anyone else, but rather offering him the information as the one who first asked about it, "See here..." she pointed to the datapad which showed a very standard tourist map of Coruscant as she zoomed it in to the Senate Distsrict, "...If I have interpreted this correctly, we should be able to enjoy an unobstructed view of the Senate Tower from here" she again pointed to a region bordering Sah'c Town, "W-what do you think; could we go?" She asked feigning a poorly masked nervous excitement.

"The Senate district," muttered the Sergeant, quietly contemplating the request. "It's where all the tourism sites are," the Private added. "And the safest, for both us and them. If they go to some of the seedier places..." "That spot's also a few minutes away from the Heorem Complex," the woman seemed to be catching on to Mischa's choice of location. "SIS Headquarters is indisputably off-limits." "Well...they'll have surveillance all over the place," her subordinate pointed out. The Sergeant shook her head. "How about this?" the Twi'lek marked another building on the map a little further away from the area labeled 'Heorem,' "That's a popular viewing place for visitors." "It'll be crowded, but we can work with it," she replied. "Good work, Private." "We're ready to go when you are," Kelly joined in as she stood up, closing up a toolbox as she packed up the last of her supplies. "The Senate district sounds like a good first stop."

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