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Mnemosyne Timeline

A timeline relevant specifically to the Mnemosyne stories

3950 BBY - Mnemosyne family barely escape the destruction of Darth Nyriss powerbase and the Empress Teta System leaves Darth revans falling sith forces and once again joins the republic.

3919 BBY – the Sith Emperor finds out the Mnemosyne family escaped and make the family send one member of the family to him to serve as of his personal servents. the Empress Teta in secret begins rebuilding its fleets for war against the republic.

3910 BBY – the Vineholl family is assigned to watch Mnemosyne for any other signs of treason.

3869 BBY – the twins Tihum and Naydi Mnemosyne is born and Naydi is sent to serve as first servent of the emperor while Tihum become the family heir.

3831 BBY – Tihum marries his first wife.

3825 BBY – Tihum wife dies in child birth and the child is stillborn.

3790 BBY – Tihum Marries again this time to a much younger sith pureblood who is none force sensitive.

3779 BBY - krevstra Mnemosyne is born.

3771 BBY - Serpin Mnemosyne is born and sent to serve the emperor.

3730 BBY - Krevstra is made a lord.

3716 BBY – Shayath Keto is made Empress. And Jinnu Rider is born on Eshan. Also during this time, the unknown Jedi Knight who will become S.V.A.K is born.

3706 BBY - Darvik Malcom is born and Serpin is sent to serve the Dreadmasters.

3700 BBY - the sith begins the final preparations for the invasion of the republic.

3696 BBY - Ravocha Tarkin is born on Eriadu.

3687 BBY – the Bombard is complete and the construction of the Dread Prototype begins.

3684 BBY - Serpin meets with Tenebrae at Maelstrom station and meets Revan for the first time.

3681 BBY – the Great Galactic War begins. Sith retake Korriban and other sith worlds. Kao Cen Darach a close friend of Jinnu Dies. Krevstra is made a darth for his combat skills during the battles in the Tingal arm.

3679 BBY - Krevstra marries Darth Mekhis.

3676 BBY - Atropos Mnemosyne is born to Serpin and the Dread Master Lord Calphayus and is used as a test subject by the dread masters with her mothers and father consent.

3672 BBY – Tihum dies at the hands of his four-year-old grandchild. Which pleases both of her Parents.

3671 BBY – Krevstra loses Face at the first Battle of Bothawui which leads to the first major defeat for the Empire.

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