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Mirazuni Ayesha

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CO | USS Endeavour


TR-928-3023 IEP



Betazoid / Bajoran Hybrid




62956.5 (16 December 2385)


Deep Space 9












Graduated from Starfleet Academy.

- Awarded the Academy Graduation Medal

Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade).

Assigned to the USS Blissful.

- Awarded the Starfleet Surgeons Decoration (x2) - Awarded the Starfleet Medal of Commendation - Awarded the Starfleet Silver Star - Awarded the Starfleet Purple Heart


Transferred to Starbase 343.

- Awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor - Awarded the Starfleet Surgeons Decoration (x3) - Awarded the Starfleet Purple Heart

Reassigned to Starfleet Medical Headquarters on Earth.


Promoted to Lieutenant.

- Awarded the Zefram Cochrane Medal of Excellence

Transfer as Assistant CMO on the USS Robert Peel.

- Awarded the Starfleet Bronze Star - Awarded the Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry - Awarded the Starfleet Medal of Commendation (x2) - Awarded the Starfleet Purple Heart


Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

- Awarded the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry - Awarded the Starfleet Medal of Commendation

Transfer as Assistant CMO on the USS Tesla.

- Awarded the Starfleet Medal of Commendation - Awarded the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry


Transfer as Assistant CMO on the Derau II Colony.

Transfer to Deep Space 16 as Chief Medical Officer.


- Awarded the Preantares Ribbon of Commendation


Promotion to Commander.

- Awarded the Preantares Ribbon of Commendation (x2)


- Awarded the Starfleet Surgeons Decoration


Is made Acting First Officer following the death of Captain Victor Emmanuel

- Awarded the Legion of Honor

- Awarded the Starfleet Silver Star

- Awarded the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry

- Awarded the Starfleet Surgeons Decoration

Is made Acting Commanding Officer of Deep Space 16, before being relieved by Captain Frederick Rostov.


Promotion to Captain

Transfer to the 38th Fleet "Argo"

Made commanding officer of the U.S.S. Endeavour.


Ayesha was born to a Bajoran mother and a Betazoid father. She inherited full telepathic powers from her father, though a genetic oddity meant that she would have severe headaches from overuse, something she continues to struggle with and treats with neuro-suppressants. Growing up, Ayesha was studious, spending long hours reading and writing. She had few friends; those that were her friends had to put up with her harsh mannerisms and condescending nature. Not very athletic, she reluctantly joined the volleyball club at high school to round out her education, which began her long obsession with the sport. She was also proficient at games of logic and strategy, on the account of her use of telepathic abilities to gain an edge; whilst she did not abuse her ability, she did not want to neglect it either. Due to her telepathic powers, she was always fascinated by how her brain worked and knew from a young age that she wanted to research neurology.

The first three years of her life was spent on Deep Space 9, before the family moved to Bajor, where she lived until she was seven. Her mother was then promoted to Vice Admiral and she was to run sector operations covering both the Denobula and Tellar Sector. Ayesha moved with her father to Betazed, whilst her mother moved to Denobula to mange Starfleet operations. After three years, Ayesha's mother retired from active service, remaining on reserve, and the family moved to Taemara, a colony in the Betazed sector, where they lived in relative comfort. When she was fourteen, her mother was recalled to duty, and Ayesha and her father remained on Taemara. A few months later, the two were informed that her mother had passed away from cardiovascular complications following an injury in the line of duty. This was a significant factor in her decision to join Starfleet to train in medicine and follow in her mother's footsteps, though her father preferred that she remained in civilian service. At the age of sixteen, she left her home to volunteer on the U.S.S. Yaşargil. At the age of eighteen, she applied for the academy and passed the entrance with ease. Eight years later, she graduated with honours specialising in neurology and cardiology, including cardiovascular and neurosurgery. It was during her time in the academy that she picked up her love for painting, one of her late mother's favourite past-times.

During her service on the U.S.S. Blissful, she served as a first responder medic, giving aid to Romulan colonies under attack from Tal Shiar and Elachi attacks. She received a Starfleet Silver Star, when she beamed down to render crucial first aid and coordinate an evacuation of Romulan Colony facing a Tal Shiar attack. During the war with the Klingons, she was transferred to Starbase 343 where she received the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor and a Starfleet Surgeon Decoration for her actions during a Klingon assault when she led a defence of the medical bay after several Klingon assault teams had boarded and taken over the station. Her defence lasted four days before MACO forces were able to regain control of the Starbase.

Following this, she requested reassignment to Earth where she spent a few months recovering from her wounds and undertaking neuro-cardiological research. Her publications on the link between cardiology and neurology were well received in the medical community. She was then transferred to an Assistant CMO position on the U.S.S. Robert Peel, where she participated in the Defence of Sol, receiving a Bronze Star and a Decoration for Gallantry. Her actions earnt her another promotion, and another reassignment to the U.S.S. Tesla, where she participated in several battles during the Iconian War.

With the Iconian Ceasefire, she spent a few months assisting rebuilding efforts on the Derau II Colony before she accepted the Chief Medical Officer post on the newly reopened DS16. She was promoted to Commander in 2417. In 2419, after the assassination of Captain Victor Emmanuel, she was elevated to acting First Officer. After Deep Space 16 was retaken by Starfleet, she was posted as Acting Commanding Officer, before being relived by Captain Frederick Rostov. She then returned to her post as Chief Medical Officer.

She has a Tibeyran Fox named Azure.


Has full, powerful, telepathic abilities for a limited time.

This power is not passive, and she must direct her energies to get a reading. When she does, she's able to break through most blocks, though more telepathically able species are harder to do so. The longer she tries to establish a link, the weaker she becomes. Extensive usage can lead to irreversible brain damage.

Her range is limited to people she can see, to around 1km. ((in game terms this is around 32m, the range of local chat)). On average, the longest she can establish an unbroken link for is around 60 seconds. She then requires a "cooldown" of about 100 seconds to establish another 60 second link. This is not an exact science, and the more links she tries to create, the weaker they become. Physically, she is limited to how much she is able to do, as any contact longer than five seconds drains her energy and stamina.

Similiarly, her powers allow her to block people reading her mind. This ability can last longer, but is not indefinite, and requires her to maintain high levels of concentration. Passively, she knows if someone is trying to read her mind. She also knows if people are trying to communicate with her telepathically, and she can reply, though longer communications are similarly draining, and she would much rather speak herself.

She is able to control people's minds for a short time, especially if they are mentally weak. This is very draining for her and she can only make people do simple tasks, like stop, move, or pause. These actions can only last seconds. Once she does this, she is completely drained and cannot use this power again until she has rested. Any attempt at anything more can result in severe brain damage.

A particularly sharp emotion or memory can trigger her telepathy.


  • MATERNAL Mirazuni Taso. Vice Admiral, Deceased.

  • PATERNAL Aalun Graasit. Mathamatian.

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