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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Located on Zenti I, Zenti System, Hobus Sector, Lenthara is a Romulan colony. During the Star Empire days, Zenti was a major Romulan asset. When Romulus was destroyed, and the Empire in chaos, various factions attacked and sacked cities on the planet. With no way of fending off the attackers, Romulan colonists left in droves, and the planet fell into obscurity.

The years after the Iconian War saw a revival of colonials on the planet, and several cities emerged from the ruins of the previous cities. Lenthara is possibly the largest city on the planet. Rumoured to be founded by Romulan colonists who did not abandon the planet post-Hobus, it has attracted many Romulans to live there, who prefer to live in the company of other Romulans than outsiders. Because of this, Lenthara has grown haphazardly and quickly. With no actual governance and police force, crime is rife. The city is divided into various districts, both official and unofficial. The official districts are controlled by governors, whilst the unofficial ones are under no control or under the control of various gangs and criminal elements.

Lenthara City

Lenthara City is the central part of Lenthara. This is where the governance sits. It is the most protected part of Lenthara, and is also the most diverse. There are stringent checks on people coming in and out.

Despite it being renown for the more wealthy citizens, Lenthara City is poor in comparison to even the most modest Federation colonies. The city boasts some of the impressive Romulan architecture from the Star Empire days. Most of these buildings now lie in ruins, and have been built on.

Lenthara City is the most diverse district of Lenthara. It is also the most policed and security is tight. This does not ease the racial tensions in the area, especially since many of the residents are poor. There is a divide between the older residents of Lenthara City, and the influx of recent refugees, nicknamed "Squabblers". Recent legislation has made it harder for Squabblers to take residence in the City District.

To limit the growing population of Lenthara City, the 2418 Squabbler Reforms were passed. Residents who had lived in Lenthara for less than two years were to be evicted and moved to one of the outlying districts. Non-Residents could not take up work in the city. Those who were evicted could keep their jobs, but had to have a work permit to move about in the city. Residents who were not evicted had to carry Residential Permits or they would risk eviction from the city.

Bujer District

Set to the north of Lenthara City, the Bujer District is a new Romulan dominated district, named after the governor, Bujer ir'Lenthara. The district was formed in 2419 as an attempt to limit the population of Lenthara City; Romulan Squabblers were forcibly relocated to the district. This mass eviction was the first following the 2418 Reforms, and was met with fierce resistance. The RomSqab Riots lasted three months but eventually ended when the leaders of the riots were publically executed, and the Romulans evicted.

The Bujer District is predominantly Romulan, made of the Romulan Squabblers from the Lenthara City District. 8% of the Romulans in the City district were evicted; these became the new residents of the Bujer District.

In June 2419, the Tirama Flu hit the district. In an effort to stop the spread, the entire district was placed in quarantine, though no medical assistance was given by the Lentharan governance. The cure to the flu was found by a Starfleet Doctor, Commander Mirazuni Ayesha, when she visited the District.

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