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Kelly Haron







1308YE (27 Years Old)












Imperial Agent

Advanced Class



Marksmanship, Engineering, Slicing


Recon Sniper Rifle Mk-II, D-406 Marksman Interceptor




Imperial Intelligence


  • 1332 | Left military to take leadership position in Haron Incorporation and serve as informant for Imperial Intelligence

  • 1331 | //REDACTED//

  • 1330 | //REDACTED//

  • 1329 | //REDACTED//

  • 1328 | //REDACTED//

  • 1326 | Enlisted in Imperial Military

  • 1308 | Born to Cal and Vera Haron


The only child of Cal Haron, an Imperial soldier turned businessman after suffering extensive injuries in the Battle of Bothawui, Kelly was raised with the intention of completing the military life her father had never achieved. Though Kelly had always demonstrated a desire to serve the Empire, she was far more interested in the inner workings of a blaster rifle than the training with it that her tutors provided. In her spare time, she often studied and worked with the droids manufactured by Haron Incorporation, her father's company.

At the age of eighteen, Kelly was conscripted into the Imperial Military like every other adult citizen. Alongside her talent with military technology, her private training during her teenage years also honed her into an effective marksman and as a result she was selected for //REDACTED//.

Following the death of Cal Haron in a speeder accident, Kelly was permitted to take a leading position in her father's business on the condition that she continue her mandatory military service as an asset of Imperial Intelligence. She accepted the offer and has been keeping an eye on the financial (and black market) world of the Empire for Intelligence ever since, and her work has resulted in the capture of several corrupt officials.



Squad 484, more commonly referred to as Seeker Squad, is an Imperial black ops team specializing in asset acquisition and high-level threat elimination. The squad was formed immediately following the Treaty of Coruscant to carry out deniable actions against the enemy as to not violate the Treaty. As a result, it is not officially a part of the Imperial Army and none of its activities are recorded in any form. Like any other black ops group, its members are disavowed by the Empire if they are discovered and subsequently left to die. Seeker Squad also works outside the command structure of the military and occasionally undertake missions assigned directly by Sith Lords.


Lieutenant Vaiken

Lieutenant Carlan Vaiken is a member of the prestigious Vaiken family. Having been given preferential treatment throughout training, Carlan was granted the rank of Lieutenant immediately following his graduation from officer's academy. He commanded a platoon during the Sacking of Coruscant and due to the victories around him, underestimated their enemy and ordered an attack on a Jedi trial ground separate from the temple. Lieutenant Vaiken's overconfidence cost the life of a Sith Lord as well as half his platoon. Though his family tried to uphold his position in the military, Carlan himself felt that he was not fit for such a command.

Lieutenant Vaiken did not receive a demotion, but was assigned to lead Squad 484, a posting which put him in the most precarious position in the Imperial Army. Though it was initially intended to be a punishment, he eventually formed bonds with his team and also developed his skills to their fullest potential now that he was aware of his own flaws. Psychological assessment suggests that Lieutenant Vaiken now prefers command of a small, tight-knit group and would not relinquish his position even if he was offered a higher rank.

Sergeant Hagan

Sergeant Jor Hagan is a heavy weapons and explosives specialist who excels at doing as much damage as possible. A veteran of the Great War, Hagan was one of the survivors of Lieutenant Vaiken's platoon and despite his commander's error in judgement, remained loyal to the point that he insisted a transfer to Seeker Squad. He was originally denied the request as the team was meant to carry out discreet missions and he was deemed unsuitable for its ranks. However, during a mission requiring delicate use of explosives, Lieutenant Vaiken borrowed the sergeant and his performance under his old commanding officer was so impressive that he was made a permanent addition to the squad.

Corporal Siles

Corporal Lann Siles is a product of the Imperial genetics program and possesses genius-level intellect similar to that of Imperial Intelligence's Watchers. Unlike many of his brothers and sisters from the program, he was deemed unsuitable for Intelligence work due to demonstrating too much empathy for those he worked with. Being genetically enhanced, Siles was an investment that the Empire did not want going to waste and as such he was given to the Imperial Army. In the military, he worked first as a medic, then a technical specialist, before being assigned to Seeker Squad where he filled both roles.

Specialist Espe

SP-04 is one of only a handful of human replica droids produced by Haron Inc. as special custom orders. This one was commissioned personally by executive Kelly Haron as a replacement for her position in Seeker Squad following her departure from the team to take her corporate position. Covered in synthflesh and synthskin, Espe can easily be mistaken for a human from a distance. Even though her true nature is visible with closer examination, most would simply assume her eyes and other mechanical features as a sign of cybernetic augmentation rather than a synthetic lifeform.

While her function was to operate as Seeker Squad's sniper (as no suitable candidates with Kelly's accuracy was readily available), she was given a human-looking appearance to maintain the sense of camaraderie in the team. However, Espe's role as a silent sniper and scout meant that her programming was not very talkative, and generally does not speak unless what she has to say is relevant to the mission or if she is directly addressed. Nonetheless, she has grown into a valued member of the team in her three years of service, and while the rest of the squad cannot always hear it, they know that their backs are covered by the calculated precision of Espe's rifle.

Specialist Kuyak

Specialist Kuyak is a descendant of the original Houk slaves brought along by the Sith during their exile. Like many others of his status, he broke his class barriers as a result of the war with the Republic in which countless Imperials lost their lives. Needing the replenish their ranks, the military took in former slaves, and the giant Houk was difficult to pass on. Despite the violent tendencies common with his species, Kuyak was familiar with obedience and soon became a favourite of the officers.

Preferring to take care of problems with a hands on approach, Kuyak specializes in close quarters combat and trained with vibroweapons and shotguns. Though his hulking size may suggest that he is nothing more than a mindless brute, Kuyak is actually a highly intelligent soldier. Like many other Houk, he prefers to use stealth and deceit in combat, often choosing to flank enemies and stab them in the back rather than charge into their defenses as the average grunt would. This trait made him a perfect addition to Seeker Squad.


  • Ensign Kelly Haron - Resigned

  • Sergeant Zayes - KIA

  • Corporal Valrie - Executed

  • Specialist Scenn - KIA

  • Specialist Meller - Transferred

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