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How Force Powers are Aligned


The most basic Force techniques, requiring mastery over self. Control was the first basic abilities to be learned by a Jedi.

Force speed also known as burst of speed or Force sprint.

Force stealth Also known as Force concealment.

Force Sense

The Force technique of Force Sense included all abilities enhancing perception of the world around a being.

Force sight also known as Force seeing or Combat sense, was a basic Force ability, perhaps related to Force sense. It enhanced the bearer's visual and spatial perception even in the dark or behind walls.

Farseeing was the ability to gain vague impressions of events happening in other places or times using the Force. These visions focused on strong imagery and emotions. The future is always in motion, however, and is thus subject to change.

Force empathy.

Telepathy was the very basic ability to mentally communicate over small or vast distances with other individuals.


The most perceptive to the dark side, alter was the last technique taught to younglings. It included powers to create external phenomenon.


Force Jump/Leap.

Force Pull/Push.


Universal powers were generic Force techniques which were associated with neither side of the Force. Almost all Core powers also qualified as Universal powers, but many of them were uncommon and not an integral part of basic Jedi training.

Art of the Small was a radical Force technique. By narrowing their focus, a Force user could essentially shrink their presence in the Force to a microscopic size. While in this state, the user could operate molecules in any way they wanted, turning them into something completely different.

Aing-Tii fighting-sight was a particular form of highly accurate precognition used by the Aing-Tii, experts in the manipulation of space and time, in battle.

Battle meditation.

Breath control.

Comprehend Speech.


Force bellow

Force Body

Force Comprehension

Force Confusion

Force deflection (without a lightsaber).

Force Listening


Force Illusion

Force meld

Force suppression

Force Breach advanced version of Force Suppression.

Force Throw

Force barrier

Force vision

Force Whirlwind variation of Force Push.

Force Wave advanced version of Force Push.

Force Repulse another advanced version of Force Push.

Force weapon.

Force Whisper.




Sever Force as a non-lethal Force power by which a being's connection to the Force was interrupted, or blocked from them with a wall of light side energy.

Shatterpoint were a complex Force phenomenon, perceivable only by an unknown innate talent or immense focus and concentration on the part of the Force-user. Shatterpoints were akin to fault lines; similar to different pathways of actions. Adept Force-users were able to perceive these faults through the Force, and influence them.



"A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack."


Light side powers were the Force powers that the user accessed through the Force's light side. The Jedi used them for protection, increasing physical and mental capacities, and for defense. They could also inspire and increase the resolve of allies. Certain light side powers could also be used offensively, but did not directly cause physical harm.

Alter Environment.

Animal friendship.




Dark transfer Originally believed to only be accessible through the Dark side, but later discovered to also be accessible through the Light side.

Droid Disable.

Electric Judgment.

Force blinding.

Force Enlightenment.

Force healing.

Force ghost.

Force Light.

Wall of light Can be used by the combined might of many Jedi, though the results may be catastrophic.

Force Orb.

Force projection.

Force protection A power only achieved by high-rank Jedi Masters, Force protection made the bearer invulnerable to a wide range of attacks; the ultimate power in terms of defense.

Force defend Reduced damage taken by Force powers.

Force absorb A trained Jedi may have converted all kinds of Force attacks used against them to additional Force charge. As the energy used to perform Force-related powers was limited, a Jedi could use the enemy's attacks to their own benefit, instead of receiving damage from them.

Protection bubble With this Force power, the user could create a defensive sphere around the body, which would protect him from a wide range of attacks, deflect laser blasts, and inflict a certain amount of damage upon contact with the enemy.

Force Stun.

Force Stasis advanced version of Force Stun.

Force Stasis Field the most advanced version of Force Stun.

Force valor.

Hibernation trance.

Levitation Not restricted to Jedi usage.

Mind Trick (Also known as Affect Mind).

Force Persuasion Less powerful than the Mind Trick.



Plant Surge.




"A Sith knows when to unleash the fury of the dark side, and when to hold back. Patience can be a weapon if you know how to use it, and your anger can fuel the dark side if you learn how to control it."

―Darth Bane.

Dark side powers were used to harm, debilitate, or kill. Some, like Rage and Drain, were used to benefit the user personally, akin to powers of the light side, with the difference that these were used at the expense of his or her own health or another individual's Force reserve. The dark side drew its power from negative emotions, and while the intent behind their use may well have been good at the time, it was most likely to lead one to further spiritual corruption from overuse, without the proper self control and mindset. Continuous use of dark powers was shown to have a physically corrupting effect on the Force-user, regardless of intent, due to the body's inability to handle such power for long periods of time.

Dark transfer Originally believed to only be accessible through the Dark side, but later discovered to also be accessible through the Light side.

Deadly Sight.

Drain Knowledge.

Force Destruction.

Force drain.

Force Fear.

Force Horror advanced version of Force Fear.

Force Insanity the most advanced version of Force Horror.

Force lightning (Organic limbs & extremities required).

Chain lightning variation of Force lightning.

Force shock variation of Force lightning.

Force storm (lightning) advanced version of Force lightning.

Force Maelstrom.

Force phantom (Originally but not exclusively employed by the Sith).

Force rage.

Force scream.

Force Slow.

Force Affliction variation of Force Slow.

Force Plague advanced version of Force Slow.

Force Sphere.

Force storm (wormhole).

Force wound.

Force grip advanced version of Force Wound.

Force choke variation of Force Grip.

Force crush the most advanced version of Force Wound.



Midi-chlorian manipulation.

Mind Control.

Sith alchemy.

Spear of midnight black was a dark side Force power. It enabled the Force-user to summon the Force and forge with it an invisible spear from dark side energies which could be hurled at opponents, killing or injuring them as if it were a real, physical spear.

Spirit Transference.

Thought bomb.

Torture by Chagrin.

Force powers applied to lightsaber combat

The Jedi and other Force organizations that used lightsabers also developed specific Force techniques especially for lightsaber combat.

Alter Damage

Dun Möch

Saber Barrier

Saber Throw

Telekinetic lightsaber combat

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