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Fiona Skye





CO | USS MacAlpine


ZF-647-4725 QES







59623 (16th august 2382)


Fife, Scotland, Earth











2400 | Entrance to the academy on Tactical Command Path

2404 | Graduated Academy - Assigned to USS Vera

2407 | Promoted Lt and tactical officer aboard USS Vera

2412 | Promoted to Lt Cmdr and assigned to USS Helios as X.O.

2414 | JUNE - Acting captain of USS Helios after the death of C.O.

2415 | JANAURAY - Promoted to Cmdr and given full command of USS Helios.

2416| FEBUARY - USS Helios assigned to DS13

JULY - USS Helios is destroyed in combat against a pirate band, 327 of the crew are lost with the ship.

SEPTEMBER - Promoted to Captain, giving command of the USS MacAlpine.

2417 | 25 FEBRUARY - Voluntary suspended her self from duty pending an investigation into the Icarus incident

10 MARCH - Returned to active service

24 MAY - Took a leave of absence for bereavement after the loss of her sister

2418 | FEBRUARY - Detonates bridge of the MacAlpine with herself on board to destroy Borg forces storming the bridge. Declared MIA presumed dead.

JUNE - Recovered from Tu'Von where she was being held by the United Council of Lorkav

JULY - Underwent treatment via Project Fal-tor-pan to aid in her recovery.


Fiona and Kira were born to a Father with his command in Starfleet and a Mother working on Earth as a doctor. While growing up, she spent most of her younger years in Scotland with her mother and sister. When Fiona was in her teens, she and her sister got to spend some time aboard their father's command getting a taste of life aboard a ship which confirmed both of their desires to serve aboard a Starfleet vessel.

At the age of 18 (2400), Fiona and Kira both entered the academy, Fiona going down a tactical command path while Kira was following operations based command path. During her time at the academy her instructors noted a high ability to adapt on the fly while under pressure, they also noted her willingness to take more of the blame and less of the credit when things were up or down for whatever team/group was working. They both completed their chosen course fully, graduating in 2404 to which they received an assignment to the USS Vera.

She was promoted to Lt Cmdr in 2412 with reassignment orders to the USS Helios as their new XO. Where she was serving with the outbreak of the Iconian War, come June 2414 the USS Helios was engaged in a skirmish with the Iconians when the CO was KIA during the fight with Fiona assuming command of the Helios to see it through the battle. Fiona remained in command until the end of the war upon which the Helios was ordered back to dry dock for extensive repairs and refits which would keep the ship grounded until March 2415. Come January 2415, Fiona was promoted to Commander and was giving a full commission for command of the USS Helios with a skeleton crew until replacements were available with the next graduating class once the Helios was ready to leave dry dock.

Once the USS Helios had a full crew complement, they were giving basic patrol and brief escort missions while they tested the recruits with their graduation flight before being assigned to DS13.

The USS Helios was lost in action, Fiona was injured during the battle leaving her face scarred. Upon being rescued, she took personal leave to recover both physically and mentally before returning to active service.

Upon her return to full service, she received a promotion to the rank of Captain for her bravery and service along with command of the USS MacAlpine.

On 23rd February 2417, The USS MacAlpine takes part in combat action against the Sacred Band organisation where she takes severe damage, forcing her to go into dry dock for repairs. Though despite taking this damage she gave more than she received, taking out a number of the Sacred Band ships, despite being outnumbered at almost every turn.

At near the end of the year, since she took command of the MacAlpine and fought the Sacred Band, the MacAlpine has seen many foes across the sector by this point and has a crew that has tasted battle and seen the worse it has to offer, or so they thought. It was a tense situation already with fleet assets of the 38th Fleet deployed around DS13 during a negotiation with the Azedi. When suddenly things went hostile when another fleet of ships entered the system, and the two sides began to exchange fire with Starfleet caught in the middle. This was still mostly unknown to Fiona since during the negotiations she was working with security teams on the Station to calm civilian unrest. But when the Azedi started to fire through the station to hit the ships she became aware of the situation and raised the MacAlpine on comms which was under the command of her XO, Luna Orso, at the moment to try and protect the station despite the orders from the Fleets Acting Commander to open fire on the unknown ships. Fiona attempted to open a line of communication with both sides to come to a peaceful solution despite the fleets willingness to use force as a first response due to this when the order to abandon the station was given she got caught in an explosion injuring her, and she had to be helped to an escape craft. During the evacuation the MacAlpine provided a rearguard action and put its self between the station and escape craft for as long as it could, resulting in substantial damage and loss of life throughout the ship but the number of lives they managed to save because of this meant that their sacrifice was not in vain.

During the evacuation as well, Cecilia was injured while helping her classmates escape when one of them was trapped she went back to help them before a bulkhead exploded and put her into a coma that she did not wake from until the new year.

Following this massive defeat suffered by the fleet, morale was low across the entire fleet, but aboard the MacAlpine, despite this, the crew and the civilians aboard worked with a renewed determination to maintain the ideals of Starfleet in honour of those that died. But at the same time, they were hardened by the losses suffered, and the ship lost a lot of its cheerful attitude.

Into the new year, the MacAlpine was patrolling around the now rebuilt DS13 when they received a priority one alert that a Borg force was en route to DS13. The MacAlpine rushed to join a quick response force that was moving to intercept the incoming fleet, during the battle the MacAlpine was boarded by the Borg, but the ship's crew with the MACO team onboard were able to slow down the Borg to buy time for the ship. However Fiona new fighting the Borg was a losing battle, so she had the bridge rigged to detonate and managed to draw the majority of the Borg to it. However, the ship took a hit while doing so and energy surged, thus frying the remote detonator. Fiona stayed behind while her bridge crew was evacuated to manually detonate the bridge once the Borg reached it. It was not long before the Borg had broken onto the bridge and Fiona detonated the bridge blowing it up and venting all the Borg and herself into space.

However, despite officially being listed as MIA and presumed dead, the crew of the USS MacAlpine were able to find and rescue her from the Lorkavian Government in the Tu'Vons system. The Lorkavians had apparently been the region of the battle with the borg but slipped undetected due to the properties of their ship hulls were made off along with the focus on the Borg.

After she had undergone therapy and was cleared for active duty, she resumed command of the MacAlpine for the rest of its 2-year deep space mission.


  • Majors

    • ARM200: Starship Phasers and Phaser Cannons

    • ARM210: Photon Torpedoes

    • DIPL200: Hostile Species

    • DIPL250: Non-Traditional Situation

    • ADMIN200: Starfleet Starship

    • ENG331: Operations and Command Functions

    • ENG234: Deflectors, Weapons and Security Systems

    • ENG322: Base-Mode Operations

    • PILOT210: Minor Ships

    • PILOT220: Major Ships

    • SURV200: Captivity

    • TAC175: Combat, Phasers and Photon Torpedos

    • TAC260: Combat, Minor Starships

    • TAC270: Combat, Major Starships

    • TAC300: Leadership

    • TAC301: Strategy of Battle 1

    • TAC302: Strategy of Battle 2

    • ADMIN210: Starfleet Bases and Outposts

  • Minors

    • ARM110: Hand Phasers, Phaser Rifles and Artillery

    • HIST200: Starfleet History

    • TAC200: Combat, Martial Arts, Anbo-Jytsu and Federation Standard

    • ARM220: Quantum Torpedoes

    • HIST270: Leaders and Explorers

    • MATH120: Calculus, Advanced

  • Electives

    • HIST210: The Five-Year Mission

    • ASTRO121: The First Three Minutes of the Universe

    • ASTRO122: The Grand Tour


  • MATERNAL Alaina Skye. Doctor, Earth. (2357 - )

  • PATERNAL Owen Skye. Fleet Admiral, Starfleet Elite Joint Operations Command, Starfleet Command. (2354 - )

  • SIBLING Kira Skye. Captain, USS Dawn. (MIA/Persumed Dead 2382 - 2417)

  • SIBLING Alex Skye. Liuetenant, USS Ares. (2389 - )

  • SPOUSE Keri Verlin. Commander, Science Officer, USS Valley Forge. (2383 - )

  • DAUGHTER Cecilia Skye. Cadet 2nd Class, USS Valley Forge. (2401 - )

  • DAUGHTER Nexus Skye. USS MacAlpine. (2419 - )

  • NEICE Lily Skye. Civilian, Earth. (2403 - )

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