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Fallout: Legacy

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Welcome to the first installment of Fallout: Legacy. This series will follow the (mis)adventures of Enelya on an alternative journey through the Commonwealth Wasteland. For any who didn't catch any of my Skyrim series, the focus of the images is often to showcase mods which will be highlighted at the end of the episode, also at certain times (and if we gather enough of a following again!) sometimes an episode will end with a choice where you can vote for Enelya's next course of action!

This is being portrayed a bit differently to previous series' since one of the first showcases is the in-game journal. Any feedback for better or worse regarding this new format for the episodes will be greatly appreciated as it will forge the format of the rest of the series!


Screenshot Assistant - without which I would not have been able to capture the series!

Courser Power Suit - for Enelya's pipboy

Journal of the Sole Survivor - allows me to make the journal in game as you see it here

Nuka Gear - for (IMO) the best looking vault suit in the game

Obviously there are MANY more mods whose influence can be felt throughout these captures, but my aim here is simply to highlight those in the main focus for the episode. The featured mods for the bonus video will be listed separately as I will likely do a showcase episode of that home just to feature all the great workshop / settlement mods in use


This is a quick video tour of 'Outpost Homeplate' as mentioned in Enelya's journal, for anyone who is curious about the place It's not the best quality I'm afraid, downscaled the video for a quick & easy Youtube upload!

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