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Eve Sharpe





MACO Team Lead | USS MacAlpine


FG-519-3717 HES







67716.5 (19 SEP 2390)


Themis Colony











2407| Enlisted in Military Assault Command Operations (MACO)

Underwent MACO Officer Training at Sandhurst

Underwent advanced training in Recon and Marksman Specialisations

2411| Graduated from Sandhurst, as an Ensign (ENS)

Assigned to USS Memphis and MACO Team 27

NOVEMBER - Captured by Klingons during an ambush as she covered the retreat of the away team. Presumed dead.

2412| JUNE - Rescued from a Klingon prison ship after spending a 7 months being interogated and tortured.

SEPTEMBER - With replacement limbs for those lost, she proves she is capable of re-entering active service and is reposted to MACO Team 27.


Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)

USS Memphis transferred to Vaadwaur campaign forces; MACO Team 27 deployed to the Campaign as part of SOTF Shield.

Lost her right eye during the battle of Hill 374.


Recalled at the start of the Iconian War, now acting OC of 2nd Platoon, Task Unit Blue

2415| Transferred to Earth Space Dock and MACO Team 5

2417| Promoted to Lieutenant (LT)

Assigned to MACO Team 12,

Platoon Leader of 1st Platoon, Task Unit Phalanx


Eve was the middle child of the Sharpe Family, with her older sister Elizabeth being her role model of shorts as the two of them where near identical at their respective ages. As soon as Eve was able to she started to tag along with Elizabeth as she went off into the woods near where they grew up to do rock climbing, Eve sat and watched most of the time or got help with the easier climbs due to her age. Even now, her friends and family say she looks almost identical to Elizabeth when she was her age.

Eve was struck by her parent's strong reaction when Elizabeth enlisted with the MACOs as she was unaware of just how strongly they felt. She felt isolated after her sister left for Sandhurst as she never really got along with her brother not did she feel close to her parents, all this just added to her desire to join the MACOs as she agreed with her sister's initial reasons for joining the MACOs.

When Eve was old enough to apply to the academy she did, this was just over a year after the start of the third Klingon-Federation war, and she managed to gain entrance into Sandhurst on her first application. Once she had started at the academy, her instructors put her forward for advanced training in recon and sharpshooting due to the natural talent she displayed.

Her parents felt the same way about her choice to join the MACOs as they did for her sister, and they blamed Elizabeth for Eve enlisting with the MACOs.

Once she graduated with one of the top results in her class, she joined Maco Team 27 aboard the USS Memphis, and she then took part in some actions against the Klingons were she demonstrates her natural skill as a sharpshooter.

During the Klingon war, she served in Team 27, Task Unit Red, 1st Platoon as the designated marksman for the second element. On one mission when they were securing a crash site of a few escape pods and survivors from a battle with the Klingons when her platoon was ambushed by the Klingons who used the escape pod as bait. It was here when covering the retreat of her platoon that she got cut off from the rest of her platoon and captured. She then underwent months of torture and interrogation during which she lost her left arm, and her right leg was all but destroyed during the torture upon her rescue she had to undergo months of medical care and cybernetic implants to be able to continue her service.

By 2413 she had proven her self to be an invaluable member of Team 27 due to her leadership and marksman ability. During the Vaadwaur Campaign, Team 27 are attached to MACO Teams 4 and 46, along with 8th Special Tactics Squadron and 31st Intelligence Support Activity Team to form a Special Operations Task Force, SOTF Shield. During this campaign, she was serving as the second in command of 2nd Platoon, Task Unit Blue, this ended up being her first real test as a leader. During the campaign SOTF Shield took part in several operations, providing special operations support to the front line forces by striking key positions behind enemy lines and other such strategic strikes. The most significant action the SOTF took part in was Operation Ypres, were Team 27 was tasked with taking hill 374 and knocking out the artillery that was using that hill. However, Operation Ypres proved to be a costly action due to inaccurate information due to a misinformation campaign the hostile force had been conducting before the start of Operation Ypres which resulted in a stronger than expected force to be present. Despite this and the losses suffered to the SOTF, they were able to complete their objectives which relived the pressure on the front line forces, despite this they were still unable to complete day one objectives. It was during this battle that Eve ended up in command of the entire platoon when her platoon commander was killed during the initial stages of the battle leaving Eve to command the platoon up the hill. It was also here when atop the hill that Eve lost her right eye when the enemy opened fire on the hill with other field guns and hit the ammo store causing a large explosion in the centre of the hill.

Following the end of the Iconian war, Eve took a transfer to Earth and a local MACO team, so that she could be closer to Elizabeth following Elizabeth's psychological trauma, and she stayed with MACO team 5, even after Elizabeth took the transfer to DS13.

With her exemplary career record, she was promoted to Lieutenant in 2417 and received transfer orders to the USS MacAlpine and MACO team 12.

During her time aboard the MacAlpine, she served in several missions be it from battles with pirates, rescue missions of Captains who seemed to keep getting kidnapped to fighting the Borg. In the early months of 2418, the MacAlpine took part in an action against a Borg fleet that was on course with Deep Space 13, during this battle the Borg managed to board the MacAlpine which resulted in MACO Team 12 and the Security officers fighting a desperate struggle to defend the ship. In the end, the Captain, Fiona Skye, managed to draw the majority of the Borg to the bridge and once she had done, so she detonated the bridge with her on it to vent them all into space.


  • MATERNAL Amy Pressler Sharpe. Docotor, Earth.

  • PATERNAL Andrew Sharpe. Captain, USS Gladius.

  • SIBLING Elizabeth Leah Sharpe. CMDR, MACO Command. (2378 - )

  • SIBLING Ray Edmund Sharpe. Lieutenant, Science Officer, USS Hope. (2390 - )

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