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"Dead Woman Walking"

Cronos Station, Cerberus Headquarters, Head of security's quarters.

All that can be seen in the dimly lit room is the outline of a heavly armored woman who is looking at a framed picture of an older woman with a damaged visored helmet and with a small part of a scar visable and alot of security moniters turned on around the room aswell as a computer which is receiving signals from every other cerberus base.

"Where the hell have you disappeared to Jackie i could really use your help right about now." came the low voice of the rooms only occupant just as her computer pinged with an incoming call and as it did she put away the picture just as she took the call. "ah Gabriella i see that you are still mourning Captain Amari's disappearance and i will admit that her skills could have been used to get the mission on the SSV Geneva but i may have good news for you and it involves an asset i have sent to one of our new colonies called Cybele." came the voice of Jack Harper or as most people now knew him as the Illusive Man just as he took another drag from his cigaret. "i see and what is the new mission jack." came the voice of the now identified Gabriella. "i have told you to call me the illusive man Reyes but bacl to the matter at hand we have just recruited a bright new scientist called Mischa but she is currently on her way to Cybele to see if her husband is alive and while we have backdoor access to her research we still need her so will be sending you to Cybele to make sure that she make it out alive. But you will not be going there with her you are to follow her at a distance and only go in if she is at any risk of dying." came the voice of the Illusive man. "so i am to be a babysitter for her you could give this job to almost anyone else there is something else isn't there." asked Gabriella with a hint of outrage at being called in to babysit a new scientist. "yes there is one of our other assets on the citadel spotted a freelance merc who looked alot like Captain Amari and if that is true then i owe you atleast to send you in and not some other operative to make sure it is her. she did save both of our live in the first contact war so this is me finally paying back that debt." came the calm voice of the illusive man since he knew he had shocked the last remaining team member from when he served with the alliance. "i--i---i.. i dont know what to say other then when can my ship be ready for lift off i will ofcourse put the mission first but if it is her then i will find her and make her tell me why she left." came the shocked voice of Gabriella since she thought her wife to be dead since shortly after the first Contact war ended but now she may still be alive and working for Batarian and for money no less. she did not now what she would do if it was her but as she thought about it she came to the conlusion that her mission came first and if she found jackie and did not like her reason the she would just put a few bullets in her head. " and one more thing if the situation on Cybele becomes any worse then we may see that the citadel council will send one of thier spectres in i think you are familliar with an asari specte called Atropos rumor is that her bondmate is one of the captains from the eclipse mercenaries down there." came the illsusive mans voice after another drag from his smoke. " good i have always wanted to test my skills against a council spectre."

"dont get to overconfident in your regenerative abilities they do have a limit after all and good luck Dr.reyes." came the illusive mans voice as he disconnected the call and as he did so you could now she the amored womans face in the dim light if not for the mask on her face but you could almost see the smile under it as she looked forward to some action.


on a ship somewhere the Hades Gamma Cluster.

"hey Abigail what are you watching now i thought i told you to contact Rena and ask where we would need to pick her up before going on our way to Cybele." came the gravely voice of Reyes behind her mask to hide her unnatural pale skin from others.

"oh not much just the security footage from the Zhuge Liang and how our charge is taking to the experiment done on the little pobrecita! " came the voice of a younger woman from her place at the monitors as she turned towards her mamma "and i told you we need better security for our bases but no you and uncle jack seems to think its good enough that almost no one can hack into cerberus"

"you know aswell as i do that the number of people who can hack our most secure files can be counted on two hands and the people who can do it without leaving any trace of it can be counted too on one hamd if not by using one finger and thats because she helped by setting it up little one." came the now softer voice from gabriella while taking of her mask.

"mama i know you like hiding behind the mask since you come off as a monster or a psychopath to the troops-" I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning psychopath." interupted gabe while laughing about an interal joke. "i know you ar crazy but i know you are doing this to make up to uncle jack for helping you after the accident but i also know you dont agree with is more extreme methods and i know you did not agree with the cyberntic enchancements i got Rena to help me with." came the serious voice of Abigail.

"ofcourse i did not agree with my little girl being almost more synthetic then flesh and bone but i cant argue about the results of them since i did notice that you found out about a certain broker. And no i have not told jack about it is his problem to deal with after this is mission is done and if the rumors of jackie being on cybele are true then i am cutting ties with cerberus and if he does not like it he can send anyone after me he wants to since they will be going back to him in a bodybag. now lets go pick up you friend and get this babysitter job over with."


onboard the Zhuge Liang one researcher actually was starring at Shaw and her target before Shaw caught her gaze and she quickly rushed off to the next room. inside her small office she quickly pulled up her comm unit to call in the rest of her small team. "hey reyes i know you are there get you ship to the Zhuge Liang they are about to leave so i kinda need that pick up if am gonna be of any use to you." came an the voice of Rena Ziegler now waiting one her team leader to pick her up. " take it easy we still need to wait for them to get far enough away so it does not seem like we are following them so we will be there in about 5 hours we are just waiting outside the system on them." answered Reyes. "alright fine i'll just prepare the rest of my equipment in the mean time Rena out" " dont go all formal on me kid i was your babysitter when you were younger." came the amused voice of reyes. " see you old timer."


Onboard the stolen turian Corvette Black Sparrow. "ah good to be back onboard this ship again auntie Reyes those people where so dull to be around but its good to get back to doing something abit more fun." came the soothing voice of Rena ziegler as she was putting her medical supplies away in her small med-bay on the ship. " it good to have you back on the ship and abbigail wanted to go over some new tech she been working on so i hope that can keep you distracted long enough for us to get to Cybele."came the irritated voice of Gabriella Reyes who still hated having to play babysitter for a new asset even though she had one in the form of Gabriel Shaw who did not half-bad in a combat setting if his records were to be believed. But for now she would do the illusive mans job and when she thought about it she seemed to be calling him that more then his real name it seemed that her accident had changed their friendship to something else but before she got further down that line of thought the ship intercom turned on and over it came the voice of one her last remaining friends Jia " captain Reyes we are round 4 hours behind the target should i put more power into the engines to go faster." "negative stay at this distance so that we dont seem suspicious." "copy that mam ETA about 34 hours." "good then i'll go and get some rest and anyone who is not apart of this shift should do the same Captain Reyes out."


" we are about four hours out from Cybele." came the voice of Jia Ling over the intercom " and boss lady do we have a plan for our landing since we are in a turian ship." " yeah abigail is already inside thier server she just needs to be abit close and then she can make it seem like the air-space is clear but they can still see us if they look outside their base. and you can up the speed on this thing our target has already landed we are safe to go as fast as we can oh and Sawada is joining us planetside ." came Gabriellas reply. "what when did he get onboard." came the shocked voice of jia "he is not onboard he is was tracking Siubhan and last time he spotted her she was on her way here and that was about four months ago." "oh so thats where he went alright. i'll ping you when we get closer to cybele."


"Abigail did their scanners see us." asked Gabriella who was on her way of the ship loading dock to jump off. "no but they may have someone on patrol who can see the ship since we are only a few kilometers from the alliance base." came the reply from Abigail who was doing some final checks on her terminal in her room. "good i'll contact you when i need you find a place to hide the ship i'll be dealing with Dunaidh first before going after our real assignment." was the last thing Gabriella said before she jumped the 40 feet down from the loading ramp. "now then let the hunt begin."

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