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Crystyl Tyr





Operations Officer | USS Valley Forge


LC-681-5782 JDF







59297.3 [19th April 2382]


USS Rhea











2400 | Enlisted in Starfleet as a communications technician | Petty Officer 2nd Class. Assigned to USS Rio Branco

2404 | Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class

2407 | Promoted to Chief Petty Officer & reposted to Operations Officer following successful shipboard training

2412 | Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer. Temporarily reassigned following the decommissioning of USS Rio Branco to USS Magellan

2413 | Reassigned to USS Jasmine

2416 | Promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer. Reposted to Officer of the Watch

2417 | Awarded the Starfleet Medal of Commendation for her actions during the Jasmine's brief involvement in the Hur'Q conflict

2418 | Reassigned following the destruction of USS Jasmine to USS Valley Forge


Born to a humble family of Starfleet personnel on board their then posting - the Luna class USS Rhea - Crystyl was raised through her younger years knowing nothing but wonder for the world beyond the ship's outer hull. In 2390, her parents relocated to the Sol system; her father taking a new position at Utopia Planetia while her mother retired from active service to raise Crystyl on Earth. At the age of 18, Crystyl enlisted in Starfleet - following her parents teachings of 'honest labour' service over officer training, over the more ambitious example of her older step-brother who was a Starfleet Ensign at this point - and quickly found a fitting application of her skills as a Communications Technician, having demonstrated a natural affinity for working with translation matrices. Taking assignment to the Oberth class Rio Branco, Crystyl settled into a modest career marked by steady progression as a reflection of personal improvement undertaken through shipboard training programs, eventually reposting within the Rio Branco roster to duty Operations.

After taking heavy damage during the Borg conflict of 2412, the Rio Branco was decommissioned and Crystyl saw immediate reassignment to the Galaxy class USS Magellan. Though only a brief temporary assignment to accommodate immediate wartime requirements, it was enough to open Crystyl's eyes to the wider Starfleet experience; being that much more of a modern and comparatively luxurious Starfleet vessel with considerably more crew. Her friendliness and empathic nature saw her rapid rise to a respected member of the Magellan crew as she bolstered the strained counselling departments efforts. So much so that they even encouraged her to attend the Academy and retrain to be a qualified counsellor, though this was declined favouring a personal inclination towards her existing role in Operations.

With the immediate conflict resolved and the Magellan moving to the Solanae front, Crystyl took the presented opportunity for reassignment to the Nebula class USS Jasmine. Though her brief experience on board an exploration vessel had sparked a fascination within her, the continued wartime service did not appeal and ultimately drove her decision. With the Jasmine focused primarily on border patrol duties, colony support & supply; Crystyl found a much more appealing balance between security and exploration and once again settled into a career of steady progression. Though this now also carried her established interpersonal skills and during her years of service on board the Jasmine, Crystyl became a respected senior member of the crew who - at one point or another - had acted as friend and confidant to virtually everyone on board from the Captain to the freshest of crewmen.

In early 2418, the Jasmine was destroyed by unidentified pirate forces after she moved to aid a civilian convoy that was under siege. The renegade forces overwhelmed the aging Starfleet cruiser however and - without fleet support at such a remote location - the Jasmine was destroyed when she lost power and got pulled into the atmosphere of a Class-L planet. Though a small number of the crew were able to escape via small craft, all launched escape pods were also either unable to escape the planet's gravity and destroyed on impact, or destroyed by the pursuing renegade forces. That is save for one escape pod; Crystyl's, which had a relatively fortuitous launch trajectory from the unstable descent of the Jasmine and was shielded by the rugged landscape when the Jasmine impacted. Crystyl's escape pod was still severely damaged and many of it's survival supplies were beyond serviceability, forcing her to rely on training she had never thought to come to the forefront. Her seasoned experience paid dividends however, and - taking refuge from the extreme atmospheric conditions in a natural cave formation - she was able to repair the pods emergency transponder and broadcast a distress signal which was eventually intercepted by the USS Valley Forge as it crossed the region on a return to base from a deep space assignment.


  • Bethany Tyr | Starfleet Crewman (Ret.) [maternal]

  • Andrew Tyr | Starfleet Engineer [paternal]

  • CMDR Steven Tyr | Tactical Officer; USS Redoubt [step-brother]

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