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Cecilia Skye





Tactical Cadet


TR-102-6567 ZXR







78993.4 (29 December 2401)


Fife, Scotland, Earth











2417| Entrance to the academy on Tactical/Command Path.

2418| Progressed to the 2nd year of her studies as a cadet.

Injured during the battle of DS13 and made comatose.

2419| Progressed to the 3rd year of her studies as a cadet.


Daughter of Fiona Skye and Keri Verlin, She spent most of her childhood being raised by her grandparents with Fiona and Keri spending whatever time they could with her while they were both still in training.

Cecilia's early life was one spent growing up around Starfleet, much like her parents, she always looked up to them whenever she got time to visit back home. Cecilia always wanted to follow in Fiona's footsteps so she dedicated her life to learning and practising what it would take to be an officer in Starfleet under the careful watch of her Grandparents who was based in the Sol system.

Cecilia was on Earth during the Iconian war, after the war had ended, it redoubled her desire to join Starfleet as she saw the bravery and tenacity of the ships and their crews.

She gained entrance into the 2417 enrollment after passing the selection exam with high marks despite her young age and requested to be transferred to the Deep Space 13 Academy Annex.

During her time at DS13, Cecilia continued her studies mainly under the care of Keri while Fiona was away on missions. For a while, Fiona and Cecilia were estranged of each other, as Fiona pulled away feeling like she was failing Cecilia by being a poor mother which caused Cecilia to pull away due to that. It took Keri and Fiona's sister Alex to push them both back together and to make up. Following this, their family was closer than ever with Fiona spending more time with Cecilia whenever possible. Because of this, Cecilia finally actually had her mother as a role model who was around properly not just doing flying visits or who was there but never fully involved in being there. It was with this backing that Cecilia started to grow into a leadership position with taking on leadership tasks within her classes more, up until the battle of DS13.

During the battle, she was helping and leading people once the evacuation was sounded, making sure that everyone was making it to the escape craft. While they were running for the escape ships, an explosion caused a support beam to fall and trap one of her classmates. Almost without thinking, she had sprinted back to him to try and help. However, due to the weight of the beam there wasn't a chance that she would get it off his legs and she was forced to use a phaser to cut his leg off as close to the support as possible. They set off with Cecilia supporting him on his one leg. Just when they were getting close to the escape pods, she feels the impact of the beam before the explosion and she turns slightly while she throws the other cadet forward to the waiting instructors and other cadets. She is launched forward by the explosion, and she lands hard against the deck, and she is knocked out and falls into a coma. The escape pod launches with her having been pulled in to it, the pod was then picked up by the USS Valley Forge where she was taken for medical care right away.

Cecilia remained in medical care for several months while she remained comatose, she came out of her coma a bit into the new year still on the Valley Forge. The Valley Forge was on its way back to DS13 were she was told Keri and Fiona were both waiting for her when they arrived at DS13 she was told that a Borg Fleet had launched an attack at the Station and that Fiona had become MIA during the battle.

Following that battle, she knew she wanted to continue in her service in Starfleet and learning by doing, so when she heard that the Valley Forge was going to be going on a deep space mission and she knew Keri was looking for something away from DS13. They both requested transfers to the Valley Forge in time for the start of its deep-space mission.


  • MATERNAL Fiona Skye. Captain, USS MacAlpine. (2382 - )

  • MATERNAL Keri Verlin. Commander, Science Officer, USS Valley Forge. (2383 - )

  • SIBLING Nexus Skye. USS MacAlpine. (2419 - )

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