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Atrogash the Corrupted







834.899.M41 (Oct31 40899)











Full Name

Arcenta elzuno


Chaos Undivided, Formerly Imperium of Man,the Adepta Soritas.


The Prophets of Torment, Formerly Order of the Crimson Vow.


Chaos Sorcerer, Formerly Celestian Bodyguard.




  • 899.M41| Found on the Steps of the Order of the Crimson Vow convent.

  • 925.M41| Arcenta is offically given the rank of Sister.

  • 935.M41| Arcenta along with the rest of her convent and the local PDF Regiments beat back a Orc Warband under the warboss Zuskgrim who has been a small problem for the local sector for little over 4 years.

  • 935.M41| after the campaign against the Orcs Arcenta is promoted to Sister Superior though questions was being asked between the older sisters about her being the only survivor of her squads during the fighting. but no corruption could be found in her conviction.

  • 939.M41| rumors of a Chaos cult Had begun to spread and the Local inquisitor Lineth and her Acolytes had asked for the convent to assist him Investigate and root out the cult and Canoness Jenael assigned Arcenta and her squad to be vanguard if the cult proved to big for the Inquisitor and his own forces to handle.

  • 939.M41| After having helped rooting out the Slanneshi cult but not before the Inquisitor fell to Chaos after having taken up a demonic weapon and fled the system on her ship the Mars Class Battlecruiser Sabre Of Glorious. But for her service to both the Imperium and her Convent would be reach its highest point with being given the honor of becoming a Celestian Bodyguard at the of this assignment.

  • 939.M41| But not more then a few days later the Acolytes would show Canoness Jenael footage from Servo-skull where it can be seen that Arcenta is using psychic powers and so Arcenta is stripped of her rank and locked in of the convents cells await collection by The League of Blackships.

  • 940.M41| with the sudden invasion of the planet by a chaos warband and the fall of the Canoness Jenael and most of her Celestians left the convent disorganized and so the Palantine a took a gamble and let Arcenta out of her cell since she was one of the few that had experience fighting Chaos where as the other members of the convent had mostly fought orcs threating Relzuno

  • 940.M41| during the Fighting Arcenta would give up hope for them winning or even turing the tide and so during her fight against the chief Chaos Sorcerer her Staff of Belief would break and after the fight she felt a pull towards his Bedlem staff as if callled to her. She would for a Time hide it from her allies but soon she would begin holding Sermons for the local PDF Companys and shortly their after they would turn traitor though this pattern would be noticed far to late.

  • 940.M41| Relzuno would fall to Chaos and Arcenta would end up being the architect of its fall and rise as a Champion of Chaos where she took the Bedlem staff of the thousand sons Sorcerer and with it dominate what remained of the minds of his Rubric Marines. And what few Sororitas and PDF who escaped gave her the name the Corrupted or the architect of Torment.

  • 999.M41| Arcenta or Atrogash the architect of Torment as she styles herself as now is a century old and has worked tirelessly slowly to take command of The Prophets of Torment for herself and only thing stopping her planned coup from beginning and that was the call from Warmaster Abbadon and his 13th black Crusade. though if an accident was to happen to Mordezar and Vargedaran on Cadia who was she to not take that chance.



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