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Arshai Colonial Fleet

Updated: Mar 12, 2023


The Arshai Colonial Fleet is the military branch of the Arshai New World colony. It was first revealed to the Federation under the guise of a crime organization led by an individual using the alias of the 'Branded Lady.' The existence of the New World colony has not yet been confirmed and is known only through interactions with the Colonial Fleet. It is suspected that if the colony does exist, it lies beyond known space.

According to the Colonial Fleet, the New World formed from exiles who escaped the dying Arshai homeworld but refused to join the EereE Order (See the database entry on EereE space for more information). These Arshai supposedly found a very well hidden planet and established a colony where their cultural identity was preserved. They slowly built up their fleet, originally intended for defensive purposes. When Vora-Orion Dos Shaie'Foree Nos Zona (The Branded Lady), an Arshai-Orion hybrid child of an Arshai exile from the EereE Order, encountered the New World with a sizable pirate force, the two joined together with the ultimate goal of taking control of EereE space and 'liberating their people' from the EereE Overseer AI Network.

The Colonial Fleet makes use of genetic engineering technology, including cloning. The original intent of developing such technology was apparently to repopulate the then-endangered Arshai species, though it is now being utilized by Vora to create an army of clones.

Vora-Orion Dos Shaie'Foree Nos Zona currently serves as the Supreme Commander of the Colonial Fleet, a rank equivalent to Commander in Chief. Only one other high-ranking fleet official is known: Fleet Commander Caeru-Faeshe Dos Indoi'Vaie'Take Nos Rosu-Vondorei Indoi-Vondoree, who visited Deep Space K-7 and spoke with VADM Perim and RDML Konieczko of the 38th Fleet.

  • Stardate 43396.9 | First mention of a 'Branded Lady' rising to the position of lieutenant under Matriarch Sarani of the Orion Syndicate. She is described as a member of a never-before seen alien species.

  • Stardate 51086.1 | Ex-Syndicate operative reveals that the Branded Lady worked as one of the Syndicate's liaisons with the Dominion during this time.

  • Stardate 53203.6 | Matriarch Sarani reportedly dies.

  • Stardate 54689.1 | The Branded Lady is first identified as the leader of Sarani's former Syndicate cell. She is described as an Orion with lodubyal markings.

  • Stardate 71340.4 | Rumours spread of hostilities between the Branded Lady's cell and the rest of the Syndicate following the treaty with the Klingon Empire.

  • Stardate 76865.4 | Nausicaan mercenaries in Federation custody claim to have seen the Branded Lady around this date. They describe her as an alien covered in markings which appeared to be burned into her skin.

  • Stardate 82915.1 | Details on the activities of the Branded Lady's organization during the Federation-Klingon War are far in between and impossible to confirm.

  • Stardate 87845.4 | Suliban refugees allege that they were questioned by a 'pirate queen' about their species' exploits with genetic engineering. They describe her as a Romulanoid female with strange tattoos on her body.

  • Stardate 92742.9 | Pirate vessels raid the SS Coelacanth carrying medical and scientific supplies as well as a research team from the Vulcan Science Academy. A Starfleet task force led by the USS Hyperion repels the attack, but most of the crew and cargo of the freighter are lost. Intercepted transmission during combat identifies the ships as part of the Branded Lady's organization.

  • Stardate 93421.6 | The Branded Lady openly attacks the Orion Space Navy's (OSN) shipbuilding facility on Narris II. The attacking vessels are destroyed by the Klingon Defence Force and the Space Navy, but the shipyards are lost.

  • Stardate 93823.1 | The Branded Lady's pirate ships attempt to seize a Klingon convoy escorted by Ferengi company DPS. A joint Federation-Klingon-Romulan effort thwarts the raid and two of the enemy ships are captured. Questioning of recovered prisoners yields intelligence concerning the Branded Lady's use of clones.

  • Stardate 94015.1 | A Scryer Network ship lures the USS Valley Forge into a trap where it was subsequently ambushed by several Colonial Fleet vessels. During the fighting, a modified enemy freighter made use of a deflector array identified as being of EereE design. The Valley Forge survives the encounter and communicates with the individual leading the attack who claims to be the Branded Lady.

  • Stardate 94139.9 | A joint Starfleet-KDF operation captures one of the Branded Lady's outposts. Further intelligence on their cloning technology is gathered. The organization's self-identification as the Colonial Fleet is discovered. The outpost and nearby resource colony is later given to the OSN by the Alliance in compensation for losses suffered at Narris II.

  • Stardate 94309.6 | The Colonial Fleet attempts to capture the OSN flagship SNV Thana Vaneri but are repelled by KDF forces.

  • Stardate 94517.4 | The Scryer Network, a criminal network of information brokers assisting the Branded Lady, supposedly betrays the Colonial Fleet. Scryer Network ships attack the OSN's recently acquired resource colony but are stopped by a combination of Starfleet, KDF, OSN and Colonial Fleet forces. Federation ambassador Enelya Vix is killed by a Network cell leader. Identity of the Branded Lady is revealed. A temporary ceasefire is made between the Colonial Fleet and Alliance members.

  • Stardate 94689.2 | The Colonial Fleet returns the USS Brisbane, a salvaged Starfleet ship refit by the Arshai, to the Federation as a gesture of non-hostility. Vora-Orion claims that the raiding fleet has been disbanded and will no longer attack Federation vessels.

  • Stardate 94783.7 | Captain Keelah Se'Lai of the Valley Forge meets with Vora-Orion on Narris II. The meeting yields much of what is currently known about the Colonial Fleet and the New World. An alliance between the New World and the OSN is formed, and a desire for further talks with the Federation is expressed.

  • Stardate 94862.6 | Two Colonial Fleet vessels visit Deep Space K-7 in the wake of the Battle of Deep Space 13. The ships deliver medical supplies to the recuperating 38th Fleet as reparations for the Colonial Fleet's raids on the Federation. The two vessels leave for the New World with Mana, an Arshai refugee from the EereE Order previously under Federation protection, on board.


The Colonial Fleet's operations in known (Alliance) space primarily consisted of pirate-style raids. According to Vora, this was a specific branch of their fleet meant to pass as pirates in order to raid other factions for resources anonymously. After their allegiance was discovered, the Colonial Fleet claims to have disbanded this raiding fleet and since then no further attacks have been connected to the Branded Lady.


Without data on their precise numbers, it is difficult to judge the strength of the Colonial Fleet. The group does appear to be capable of recuperating quickly from losses, which either means a sizable force or the possession of facilities to construct and repair vessels of their own.

The Colonial Fleet utilizes a variety of starships, many of them salvaged, purchased or stolen from other groups. The majority of their ships encountered have been of Orion, Nausicaan, Cardassian, Rigellian and Ferengi origin, though the Federation has primarily dealt with their raiding fleet. They are also known to make use of Dominion and EereE technology on their starships. At least one original design has been seen, identified as a 'Baseship' and possessing capabilities able to match a modern Starfleet cruiser.

This dossier will be updated as Starfleet Intelligence gathers more information on the subject.

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