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Zakuul Paladins

Informally referred to sometimes as the 'Shadow Collector's; little is known of this seldom seen sub-sect of the Zakuulan military; save for the generally accepted theory they ascended to replaced Emperor Arcann's Honour Guard when he was replaced by his younger sister - Vaylin - who's first action was eliminate all of her brothers remaining Honour Guard, and thusly they became re-imagined as the Horizon Guard.

Whilst encounters with the Paladins are rare at best; the few reports from survivors and witnesses all confirm them to be at least as strong in their connection with the Force as the Zakuul Knights - if not stronger, judging by their elevated position within the order. Though in contrast to this - as many would believe - they are never reported to wield the traditional lightsaber pikes of the Zakuul, but rather pure bladed and almost ceremonial looking staves.

Scattered among these reported encounters are also conflicting stories of their conduct; with some claiming to witness a Paladin cut down an entire crowd of protesters in defense of their fellow knights, while others claim to have seen a Paladin tear through an entire of battalion of Knights in defense of the innocent during a misconstrued military action. Though even the Scions do not dare to comment on the conduct of the Paladins, this variety in reported behavior has led some scholars to speculate that the paladins in fact operate outside the laws enforced by the Zakuul Knights; instead operating in a manner which may suggest they serve a higher purpose than the law of the land; but justice and righteousness at their very core. Though of course, this is pure speculation as none have ever got close enough to this elusive sect that they may establish the facts.

Perhaps most disturbingly of all news pertaining to this group; is that of recent sightings in the Outer Rim of a mysterious staff wielding figure who recently disembarked a transport shuttle clad in a distinguishable - albeit not recognized - set of black, white and gold ceremonial armour...

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