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"What Happens on Shore Leave, Doesn't Stay on Shore Leave... Ep. 7"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Keelah stood at the replicator in her quarters, licking her lips as a glass of clear liquid materialized. She takes the glass to her couch where she promptly lays back very casually and stretches her legs out. She flicks the side of the glass and marvels as the clear liquid swirls in a rainbow of colours before settling into a much more tropical looking liquid.

"Computer: Begin entry, personal log 92654.1; Keelah Se'lai recording..."

"So we - T'Rara, T'Mona, Vyzoh and myself - have returned from shore leave on Earth. I am uncertain if I have the words to do justice to my feelings about this trip, but I will try. I knew before our shuttle was even halfway to Earth that this vacation would prove... interesting. The time alone and free of distraction afforded T'Rara and I considerable opportunity to talk, and share, and grow unexpectedly close."

She sips the Samarian Sunset and smiles fondly with the memory of when she first realized T'Rara's feeling for her, and that she herself shared those feelings.

"Our first port of call was the Academy since I was eager to conclude my business there and allow my travelling companions to start enjoying their vacation. With a little encouragement from T'Rara as we sat reminiscing about our time here as we watched the cadets scurry about the place - and some help from old Boothby, it did not take long for me to track down Kayleigh - if only that had been the hard part"

"To say she was not impressed to see me again after all this time would be an understatement. Nonetheless, she agreed to hear my words and I proceeded to explain to her the circumstances of my recent mission to track the fate of the Legacy. She is clearly still very angry with me, I just hope that in time she will come to terms with what has transpired and understand that I only told her everything as I did for her own benefit; had I not, she would have surely heard rumors sooner or later and likely drawn an inaccurate conclusion. Now that would have been a challenging scenario to face!"

"I shall continue to follow her progress through the Academy... distantly, all that's said and done I still cherish her like the little sister I never had and hold hopes for that relationship to one day be restored."

She sips some more of her Samarian Sunset with an expression on her face that is one of pure contentment.

"...And the more time we spent together, the more my feelings for her grew. Never had I expected to care so fondly for someone ever again, let alone another woman - but I could not deny what my heart was telling me, I was falling for her."

"Oh, note to self: next time do not let T'Mona loose with the holocamera - It seems like every image we captured featured T'Rara and I in the same hand holding pose... let alone that unfortunate close shot of me in my bikini on that beach in Hawaii!"

She empties her glass of the Samarian Sunset.

"I do not yet know where this newfound companionship will lead, T'Rara and I have spoken some on the subject but I honestly think neither of us truly knows what she expects of our future together. However she appears as content as I to simply enjoy the bond we now share for what it is. I've no doubt this will lead to a few raised eyebrows from our friends and colleagues, my only wish is that they will be happy for us. Computer: End log"

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