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Ularen Mercenary Grand Champion Haradrol

An advanced society of bipedal lifeforms believed to reside predominately within their home system, the Ularens possess many similar features to Nausicaans, but it is unknown whether this is an example of evolution taking similar paths or if the two species share a common ancestry.

The Ularens are distinguished by two notable traits. Instead of hair, Ularens sprout tendrils which move independently of one another and are sensory organs that detect disturbances in any medium where molecules are present, including air or liquid but not vacuum. This grants the Ularens superior sensory capabilities which manifest outwardly as extreme reaction speeds. The actual speed at which Ularen neural signals travel is quite ordinary compared to other species; they are simply able to detect things much faster and thus have more time to react to them. As a result of reliance on these tendrils, Ularen eyesight is quite poor.

The other significant trait of the Ularens is their extreme sexual dimorphism. Ularen males are large by bipedal standards, with the average above 2 metres in height. Ularen females, however, average at about 1.6 metres in height and displays a completely different facial structure, including a distinct lack of mandibles. In addition to the outward differences, males and females have a different number of bones (including fingers), different muscle and brain structure and even a variation in non-reproductive organs. The one visible similarity shared by both male and female Ularens, and the distinguishing feature of the species, is the presence of sensory tendrils.

As a result of the differences between Ularen genders, males and females live apart in separate cities, typically only meeting together for the purposes of mating. They also serve varying roles in society, with all males involved in military service while females pursue intellectual functions. This divergence in mentality can be observed in their cities, with the male cities described as rough and utilitarian while the female cities have a focus on aesthetics and comfort.

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