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U.S.S. Endeavour

Updated: Apr 21, 2023


Odyssey Class Star Cruiser

Starfleet Registry

NCC 98500







Star Cruiser





1,046.38 metres


414.22 metres


150.58 metres




7,410,500 Metric Tons


500,000 Tons









Type 9 Class Shuttles

  • Marton

  • St Cuthbert

  • Staithes

  • Whitby

  • Wapping

Type 10 Class Shuttles

  • Freelove

  • Friendship

  • Cruizer

  • Solebay

  • Pembroke

Type 11 Class Shuttles

  • Cape Horn

  • Brush Island

  • Kurnell

  • Possession

  • Batavia

1 x ARGO

  • USS Cook NCC 98831

Captain's Yacht

  • USS Lancaster NCC 98808

Aquarius Light Escort

  • USS Bark NCC 99872



Replicating Symmetrical Subspace Graviton Field (Regenerative Shield Technology)

(20 grids (40) - Power Output: 10 Gigawatts (20 gigawatts))


21 Mark XIV Phaser Beam Arrays: 11 Fore, 10 Aft


6 Variable Payload Torpedo Launchers: 3 Fore, 3 Aft


Duranium-Tritanium Composite Double Hull

Micro-Fiber Reinforced Hull with Ablative Armour



Yoyodyne 47B M/ARC Warp Core

Output - 1,000 Petawatts


Warp 8


Warp 9.99+



6 DYN-90 Multi-band Linear Sensor Suites

1 Omniwave Passive Sensor Matrix

2 SENTINEL Omni-Directional Targeting Arrays


Type: Molybdenum & Duranium Mesh

Power: 10 Graviton Polarity Generators

Output: 700 Gigawatts

Field Strength: 800 Millicochranes



The USS Endeavour is the first of the Endeavour class line of ships. Like the U.S.S. Sojourner, the U.S.S. Endeavour (NCC-98500) is almost entirely new construction built on top of an Odyssey space-frame that was in very early stages of assembly. Her speciality is tactical readiness, and her design was heavily informed by the success of the much smaller Avenger and Arbiter-class battlecruisers.

Compared to the other Block-II variants, the Endeavour specializes in firepower, with a robust electro-plasma conduit network. Starfleet planners anticipate many engineers on the Endeavour and her sister ships will make full use of this power system to install modifications that will enhance their weapon power throughput even further than "stock".

ASDB engineers designed the Endeavour's saucer section so that her auxiliary impulse engines can be utilized while the saucer is docked, slightly improving speed and manoeuvrability compared to other Star Cruiser variants.

Her saucer section also features a pair of extra torpedo launchers in the bow and two dedicated space superiority targeting arrays, one ventral fore and one dorsal aft.

Besides her considerable combat prowess, Starfleet engineers have not forgotten Endeavour's role as a fleet flagship. She comes equipped with state-of-the-art communications systems and a brand-new JYNZ Systems Flagship Tactical Computer Core, which greatly facilitates the coordination of squadrons and fleets, improving the whole element's combat performance through precise threat assessment and fire control.

As with the other Block II designs, the Endeavour is capable of launching an Aquarius-class destroyer from an external docking slip in her aft hull. Additionally, (and also like her sister ships and many other Starfleet cruisers), the Endeavour may separate her saucer section should the need arise.

This level of flexibility yields a powerful addition to Starfleet's order of battle, though like any Federation ship of the line the Endeavour is host to dozens of scientific laboratories and a variety of specialized instrumentation. It's the hope of many in Starfleet that these scientific tools will be more useful to the Endeavour's crew in the near future than all of her tactical systems, advanced as they may be.

Built in the Laikan Starfleet Shipyards on Andor and launched on Stardate 92084.9, the Endeavour completed her shakedown cruise under the command of Admiral Sebastian Bishop, but was forced to return to drydock soon after due to an overwhelming suite of technical errors. The Concorde-class Endeavour remained in service while the newer vessel was made ready for deployment. When she was finally released from drydock, she was given to Captain Samuel Bishop in 2417.

After initial growing pains, the Endeavour participated in the Battle of DS13, and though she survived intact, she did require significant repair. With a tentative ceasefire between the Azedi and the Federation, the Endeavour transitioned from an offensive duty to exploratory one. As of 2419, the Endeavour still places focus on tactical and engineering operations, with the scientific and medical departments playing a secondary role in ship duty.

In late 2419, Captain Bishop was reassigned to the Executive Officer of the 38th Fleet, and a few months later, Captain Mirazuni Ayesha was placed in command.



HMS Bark Endeavour

Status: Scuttled (1764-1778) History: Commanding Officers:

  • Captain James Cook


Endeavour (OV 105)

Space Shuttle

Status: Retired (1992-2011)


Commanding Officers:

  • Alexis Harriet Bishop

  • Lewis Alexis Bishop


USS Endeavour (NX 06)

Cruiser - NX Class

Status: Refitted (2156-2160)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Winchester (2156)

  • Commander Shea (2156)

  • Lieutenant Commander Stephen Raynard (2156 - 2157)

  • Captain Henry David Bishop (2157 - 2160)


USS Endeavour (NCC 06)

Cruiser - Colombia Class

Status: Decomissioned (2160-2240)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain T'Pol (2160 - 2183)

  • Captain Lucia Francis Bishop (2183 - 2200)

  • Captain Domenic Macbeth (2200 - 2210)

  • Commander Layla Mirazuni (2210-2216)

  • Captain Layla Mirazuni (2217 - 2224)

  • Commodore Lucia Francis Bishop (2224 - 2230)

  • Captain Benjamin Michael Bishop (2230 - 2238)

  • Admiral Michael Lucia Bishop (2238 - 2240)


USS Endeavour (NCC 1895)

Cruiser - Constitution Class

Status: Decommisoned (2245- 2332)


Commanding Officers:

  • Commodore George Stuart Bishop (2245 - 2250)

  • Captain Mary-Anne Rice (2251 - 2260)

  • Captain Zhao Sheng (2260 - 2265)

  • Captain Atish Khatami (2265 - 2270)

  • Commodore Robert George Bishop (2270 - 2289)

  • Commodore Atish Khatami (2290 - 2298)

  • Captain Luciano Torres (2298 - 2303)

  • Captain Zaynab Bianchi (2303 - 2310)

  • Captain Sorren (2310 - 2315)

  • Captain Thomas Robert Bishop (2315 - 2320)

  • Captain Kenozila Arliwa (2320 - 2325)

  • Captain Michael Thomas Bishop (2325 - 2332)


USS Endeavour (NCC 39272)

Support Cruiser - Ambassador Class

Status: Decommisoned (2340 - 2365)


Commanding Officers:

  • Commander Alexander Michael Bishop (2340 - 2341)

  • Captain Alexander Michael Bishop (2341 - 2347)

  • Captain Bahrass Ch'toveth (2347 - 2348)

  • Commander Judru Priid (Acting 2348)

  • Captain Laarnu Tera (2348 - 2353)

  • Captain Judru Priid (2353 - 2357)

  • Commodore Alexander Michael Bishop (2357 - 2360)

  • Captain Cosmo Genovese (2360 - 2365)


USS Endeavour (NCC 71805)

Advanced Research Vessel - Nebula Class

Status: Decommisoned (2365 - 2384)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Joseph Amasov (2365 - 2370)

  • Captain Nikolas Kyprios (2370 - 2375)

  • Commodore Nikolas Kyprios (2375 - 2382)

  • Commander Rani Patel (2382 - 2384)


USS Endeavour (NCC 74024)

Heavy Escort - Akira Class

Status: Destroyed (2384 - 2385)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Rani Patel (2383 - 2384)


USS Endeavour (NCC 79343)

Exploration Cruiser - Galaxy Class

Status: Decommisoned (2386 - 2407)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Sebastian Alexander Bishop (2386 - 2390)

  • Captain Lusitannia Merrimack (2390 - 2392)

  • Captain Attakulla Ovesen (2392 - 2394)

  • Captain Erwin Khan (2394 - 2398)

  • Captain Muhammad Abu-Surayra Sudozai (2398 - 2400)

  • Captain Frederick Hopps (2400 - 2407)


USS Endeavour (NCC 79343 - A)

Assault Cruiser - Sovereign Class

Status: Destroyed (2407 - c. 2409)

Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Fredrick Hopps (2407 - 2409)


The Endeavour had a short stint in service before being destroyed by the Borg. The Endeavour NCC 71805 was nearing the end of its service and was ready to be decommissioned. This, however, was wildly protested against by the then captain of the Endeavour, Frederick Hopps. Hopps was one of Starfleet's finest officers, having turned down many promotions to Admiral and had been in charge of many important starships. His favourite had been the Endeavour. Although he put up a long, hard-fought battle, the Endeavour was finally decommissioned and Hopps was offered the Endeavour. Ready to turn down the posting, he eventually accepted when he learnt that if he turned the offer down, the command would be offered to his rival, Captain Teliah Zh'ivinnan.

Throughout the first year of his command, it was no secret that Hopps loathed his command. His logs and reports back to Starfleet about the Endeavour were conflicted and unproductive and this hindered the development of the Sovereign Class. Not being able to relieve him of command; he was too good, Starfleet assigned him to a deep space mission, one that would take years to complete. Given Starfleet's fear of the Borg, and the original Endeavour having survived both the Battle of Wolf 359 and Battle of Sector 001, the Endeavour was assigned to a deep space reconnaissance mission to try and scout out the Borg, hopefully, to gain a deeper knowledge about the deadly foe.

The Endeavour remained in complete radio silence for two years. Finally, on a routine trading mission, a trade ship came across some wreckage that belonged to a starship. The print on the wreckage said "USS Endeavour (71805-A). One of the only surviving pieces of wreckage were the Captains Logs, somehow still intact. The last entry is given below;

This is Captain Frederick Hopps of the USS Endeavour. This ship...has performed above and beyond expectations. It has looked after the crew...and myself, with such diligence and care that no other ship could. It has become a friend of the crew...and to me... like family. It gives me no greater pleasure than to go down with this ship, her hallowed halls my final resting place. Hopps out.

USS Endeavour (NCC 1777)

Operations Command Battlecruiser - Concorde Class

Status: Decommissioned (2412 - 2417)


Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Jennifer Cartwright (2412 - 2414)

  • Captain Samuel Alexander Bishop (acting 2414 - 2415), (2415-2417)


USS Endeavour (NCC 98500)

Flagship Star Cruiser - Endeavour Class

Status: In Service (2415 - present)


Commanding Officers:

  • Fleet Admiral Sebastian Alexander Bishop (2415)

  • Captain Samuel Alexander Bishop (2417 - present)

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